Xenosaga HD Collection a Possibility?

Friday, September 7th, 2012

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Before you get up and do a victory dance, I must stress this; it was not a Namco employee who said this. I will get into that.

Recently on a PlayStation.Blog post that was about collections, with the multi-platform ‘Borderlands’ being front and center with the game’s sequel release date being ever so close. The question was risen from a user asking about a possible Xenosaga HD Collection being released:

I know this is a bit of a long shot, and I am not counting on u guys to respond to this, but for PS2 Classics, can u re-release the Xenosaga series, i have had soooo many up votes on my idea for a re-release of the series on PS3. It would please so many fans and give u guys some extra pocket money. I don’t care if i have to pay $20 for a digital download for each episode. It’s been on my mind lately especially since I have the OST on my iPod.

And the response from Playstation Community Platforms Community Manager, Morgan Haro, was this:

Make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums to have the best possible chance to see this through. They’d need to sign off on it, but there are technical considerations as well (like will it work with the PS3 firmware to emulate this PS2 title)

This gave some fans hope and they followed through with this on the Community Board on Namco Bandai’s site located here. Already making topics related to the subject above, fans are already making it clear they REALLY want this to happen, even going as far as joining the forum just to share their voice. Convincing Namco Bandai is key to the objective here, and there is already a group campaign that sprang up on the forums, aptly named Operation Xeno which you can find in the link and “Like” the page and “Share” the posts, which is another good way to show Namco Bandai your enthusiasm.

Like you all know, these don’t always work and nothing is a guarantee, but hey there’s no harm in trying right? Morgan Haro brought up a good point. Sony has no issue in having HD Collections being made, it’s all up to the original publisher in the end. Many gamers missed out on the original PS2 releases, and if the collection is done as a good job like for example: The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, God of War Collection, Tomb Raider Trilogy, and the Devil May Cry HD Collection; this would help introduce this epic trilogy to a new audience while letting old fans experience the greatness they fell in love with all those years ago without having to go through hoops and bounds since they would be on consoles most gamers own like the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3.

About David Fernandes

(Community Manager) David is an assistant admin and community manager at oprainfall. He joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign at the beginning, and became one of the staff as the first wave of new volunteers were needed back in mid June. He is an avid video game collector, and lover of most game genres. David spends much of his time in a futile effort in clearing out his ever growing video game backlog.

  • Fingers crossed; I’ve never played a Xenosaga game so this would be perfect for me! And PAL regions never got Xenosaga I or III either, so this would be brilliant.

    • Wait, PAL regions got Episode II, but not I or III?  How does that work?

    •  Well, according to Wikipedia, the PAL version Xenosaga II included a DVD with cutscenes and details about Xenosaga I’s story.

    • No idea, it made me go “o.O” when I found out. Hopefully this will end up being one less thing I need to import; I was going to import these games after I got a job and my PS2 chipped, as well as Chrono Cross and Xenosaga. 

      But if this gets released, it’ll be two less games I need to get from overseas!

  • Would they need Monolith Soft to make the collection? I don’t see Nintendo allowing their own studio to make a game for the competition.

    • No, Namco Bandai owns the rights for the games.

    • Unless there’s something about the game code that would make emulation excessively difficult without the involvement of the original programmers, Namco Bandai could easily farm those duties out to another developer to handle the porting.  Other companies have done the same for their own games.

    • It’s up to the *publisher*, not the developer. Namco Bandai was the publisher.

    •  So, developers have no right to make sequels to games they’ve already made without the publisher’s permission?

    •  Only if the publisher is the company that retains the rights to the IP.  If the developer holds the rights, they’re free to do as they wish with it.  However, because Namco Bandai holds the rights to Xenosaga, Monolithsoft has no such control.

  • It might be nice to see a proper, updated Xenosaga collection on the Wii U with the full participation of MonolithSoft.  I probably wouldn’t buy “Xenosaga HD Collection” it if it’s simplay an up-rezzed port of the originals though.

    • grover

      Yeah namco needs to put something for nintendo much more, heck there helping on smash bros!
      I hope Xenosaga HD on wii U.
      Stuff that namco should do:
      1.Release Gamecube version soul caliber updated hd like the the one that is announced
      2.Release tales of symphonia on the wii u make it special version. If they want llyod in they must do this otherwise pac-man or other namco rep would be chosen.
      3.add free tekken version to wii u(this would be great).
      4. localize digimon 3ds people want this
      5. epic namco crossover, or bring over mario kart arcade that has epic pacman in it

    • grover

      I agree monolith soft is a great wonderful amazing company, after they joined nintendo, they did wonderful things that helped nintendo and made some great games. Pretty surprise they help in zelda skyword sword, animal crossing 3ds and smash bros brawl. So tdlr: I second this!!!

  • If games like Splinter Cell got them so should Xenosaga, I never got to play this series and would like to broaden even further my JRPG list

  • Dan

    I want this.

  • I’m trying to get the core Xeno community behind this in full force. Please, post on the forum. Even if you’re only interested in playing the games and haven’t actually played them, it will be worth your time. I promise.

    I’d also be really nice if we could get some Japanese fans in on this, but I have no idea how to do that. Anyone speak Japanese or have Japanese friends?

  • Hopefully, in the event that anything like this becomes a reality, Namco Bandai goes back and uncensors the content that was left out of the NTSC version.  The deleted blood on walls in an Episode III cutscene was particularly absurd, since the scene hinged on their actually being blood on the walls.

  • I would love to see this for the PS3 or Vita, preferably the Vita (though that’s the $350 I just spent the other day ON a Vita speaking)

  • I would definitely be interested in an HD trilogy.  Especially considering Sony took PS2 compatibility away from the PS3.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’d be more interested in getting this ported to a Nintendo platform by Monolith Soft themselves (unless that would interrupt their next masterpiece).  As I recall there was some sort of DS version in the works in the past.  A 3DS version would be even better, since it’s capable of playing PS2 level games pretty easily.  I haven’t played it yet, but it certainly looks like a kind of game that would be awesome in 3D.  Actually, a Wii U version would be awesome as well.  They could even give the option to clean up the screen by putting the battle controls on the touch screen.  I thought that worked really well for Chrono Trigger DS.  Hmmm… On second thought, I’d really love an HD remake of Baten Kaitos too (still one of my favorite RPGs ever)…

    • but it is namco bandai who owns the game and has final say, keeping it on the PS system will help it get re released sooner as most of the code for it to be on the PS is right there. and the DS port, it was episodes 1 and 2 and it doesnt look very good at all. it looks like if a PS2 game was downgraded to looking like a PS1 game.

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but neither the original question nor Namco’s reply said anything about an HD collection. Rather the question was about a downloadable PS2 version, and Namco’s reply specifically mentioned to see whether the PS3’s PS2 emulation can handle it.

    • First of all it wasn’t a Namco employee which I stated before and after the introductory paragraph, and second the user asked for any type of re-release which HD Collection sorta falls in line. Besides the question lead people to ask for an HD Collection on the forums and made a group campaign specifically for an HD re-release. That’s the point.

  • Article name looks like bait for hits, since this is basically just “Oh hey, people want an HD Collection and started another “Operation” movement to try and get one” and really has nothing to do with it being a possibilitiy.

    Tell it like it is “Operation Xeno calls for HD re-release of Xenosaga”.

    • Wasn’t my intention, and you should read articles before getting your hopes up. Not a misleading title, since it was a question that brought about this, not just a crazy fan thought that popped in the head one day.

    • Richard Ross

      We were actually trying to figure out if that headline sounded too deceiving.  Ultimately we kepted it hoping that people would notice the question mark at the end showing that it isn’t a confirmation.  As a group that started out campaigning for video games I think it would be sort of hypocritical of us NOT to report on something like this….especially since the games have something incommon with one of ours.

  • John Ellis

    I would buy it

  • I so want these games.

  • Motochika

    I would love for this to happen. but also released for the 360 and PsVita