The World Ends With You iOS Port Announced

Square Enix have had a website up and running for the past week with a countdown timer and a distinct The World Ends with You theme. Now, they have just announced that The World Ends with You will be ported to iOS. It may not be what we were hoping for, but yay for iOS users!

The combo attacks with your partner has changed to suit the single screen. For Shiki, you’re given a group of ESP Cards, only a few of which match a symbol you are told to find. It works like a small game of memory; tap the cards which have the correct symbols for bonuses.

Joshua’s is pretty straight forward; tap the Mantic Cards in numerical order as they appear on-screen, but be sure NOT to touch anything that has its number written backwards!

Beat’s special move will bring up a whole string of Kinesis Cards. Tap a card to remove it from the screen. The aim of this is to have as many pairs as possible touching; the more pairs you get, the more powerful the attack!

A full soundtrack will come with the game, including tracks not only found in the original DS version of The World Ends with You but some new tracks and remixes of old ones.

All art for this port has been redrawn specifically for it, and will all be available in HD.

Personally, I think this is one step closer to getting a sequel; why else would Square Enix suddenly revive this game? We can only hope.


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