Imageepoch’s Tokitowa Dated for Japan

Some new information regarding Imageepoch’s new RPG, Tokitowa, was revealed in this week’s Famitsu.

The game’s main theme, Rewind, will be performed by Japanese pop singer May Hashimoto, better known as ‘May J.’

The game will be sold for ¥7,980. Additionally, Tokitowa will be getting a limited edition in Japan. It will include a special CD with a copy of the soundtrack and a voiced drama. There will also be a 48-page artbook, DLC for 11 custom themes and a special box. The contents of this box are still unknown.

The game opens with a wedding between the main character and a woman named Toki, which is rudely interrupted by an attack. This brings out Toki’s meaner alter ego, Towa. After an undisclosed series of events, Toki finds herself flitting back and forth through the passage of time.

Two new characters have been introduced. Makimono is a fortune teller who predicted the attack on the main character’s wedding, as shown in the opening of Tokitowa. Bikodo is the head of the assassin’s guild, who is introduced in a fight scene.

An in-game screenshot of Tokitowa, taken mid-battle. If you spot a circle above your enemy’s head,press the circle button with good timing to land an FBA, or Final Blow and Attack.


Tokitowa has been given a release date of October 11, and will be on the PS3. There is no word on a Western release as of yet.

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