Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t be Happening…At Least Anytime Soon

Monday, June 25th, 2012

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Not too long ago, there were rumors surrounding Final Fantasy VII in some related form or another, which turned out it will most likely be appearing on Steam with achievements and all. Not really shocking since it was ported to the PC right around the time the PlayStation 1 version was released.

While we’re on the discussion of Final Fantasy 7 we got some pretty big news regarding the game’s remake, or supposedly, it’s happening under a specific term or unusual circumstance that many would find daunting.  Yoichi Wada was asked, at Square Enix’s Q&A session of the company’s annual shareholder’s briefing, the expected question about the much wanted remake. Basically what it comes down to, if the remake is to be made, is that the original must be topped in quality(And probably world wide sales).

So the man pretty much admits the current team hasn’t been on the ball lately when it comes to quality Final Fantasy titles(With continuously tapering sales, I might add), which the majority seem to agree with. Then Wada ended his answer with, “If they were to release a 7 remake right now, the FF franchise would be done with.” Then with the following he adds this final bit, “While the staff would happily make a FFVII remake, this is something that if they decided to do, they’d have to give it their full effort.


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  • He pretty much is conceiding that his developement team (the current FF team atleast) doesn’t have the talent to make a VII remake… Its sad how much talent really has left Square so its not surprising that he would say something like this honestly. The only team left at Square that is capable really is the KH team.

  • Not necessarily. Just that they wouldn’t be able to Top it. I mean really, how do you top that? Something that many consider to be one of the best games of all time.(Settle down, I know some of you FFVI fanbois out there are raging at just the thought of someone saying FFVII is anywhere near good)

    It could also be referring to stuff like how spread out their internal teams are, or how it’s all organized(or disorganized) They’ve got a lot of stuff in development right now probably. They just can’t drop all that to work on a Remake. Plus Another thing is how would they even approach it? There is a LOT of toes that could be stepped on here if they do even 1 small thing wrong in a remake. Not to mention do they use the old Text bubbles/overhead scheme or go for modern 3D?
    What about a chooseable system where you can play through the game in either way, with toggleable voice acting for the Classic mode? New updated menu portraits AND old ones? New arranged music and Old music?

    Also Tapering sales? You can only keep re-releasing FF I-IV so many damn times!

    And last I checked XIII sold well, and to say it’s a bad game is so not
    true. FFXIII is a damn great game. Fuck the naysayers imo.

    FFXIII was one of the most enjoyable games i’ve ever played(Not to
    mention the battle system is my favorite of the entire series including
    spinoffs). There is hardly an area where I can fault it other than when
    you get to pulse and you can do whatever. Because it sort of breaks the
    pacing of the story in some ways.

    Oh what? You says “Oh lol you’re wrong it’s full of whinny emo characters”

    Well excuse fucking me, how would you react if you were in there shoes?
    With some of the shit that happens , how they react and act is
    completely understandable and it’s very easy to feel for the characters.
    (for me anyways, if you lack empathy and/or think every video game
    character should just be a bad ass with no emotions. You may think

    But whatever

    Apples to Oranges /shrug

  • I think that this is a wise statement from a company whose efforts at “revolutionizing” Final Fantasy and “bringing it into the future” have resulted in some of the worst games, ever (I specifically refer to Final Fantasy XIII – great if you love your games heavy on “pretty,” but light on “substance”). They have consistently failed to create characters about whom players can actually care, the sole exception being Final Fantasy X, because it had a great storyline that was worth following.

    I understand there’s this trend in Japanese gaming cultures to simultaneously appease their Japanese gamers while wooing in the American crowd, but in doing so, we get innovative, but horrible battle systems (FF XIII, again), and MMORPGs that appeal only to those who want to take their gaming experience online.

    Perhaps the best way to focus on getting American audiences to enjoy their products would be to localize them in conjunction with functional marketing campaigns. Dragon Quest VIII was a great example of this:

    Dragon Warrior VII went virtually unnoticed, save for those who already knew about the series. DQ VIII, on the other hand, had television commercials, store displays, magazine ads, and constant write ups to get gamers interested in what turned out to be a engrossing and fantastic game that sold far better than its predecessor.

    And then to turn around and treat DQ IX with such disdain that Nintendo had to step in and localize the title for them is just an embarrassment. Square-Enix clearly has no interest in further localizing the Dragon Quest series in the U.S., which leaves Nintendo with the onerous task of doing their jobs for them, while they continue to pump out remake after remake of Final Fantasies I-IV.

    Yes, these are classic games, and IV is arguably my favorite in the series, but I would love the opportunity to get to play some of the great titles that never get exported to the U.S. without having to learn Japanese.

    Ultimately, if they want to release a game that lives up to the standard set by FF VII, they need to go back to the formula that worked so well for them for nearly two decades, even if it means scrapping “innovative” battle systems, going back to world maps and towns that are searchable, focusing more on creating characters who are so freaking annoying (Hope) that you would likely punch them if you ever met them in real life, and backing off a bit from developing games that are visually stunning, but wholly lacking in content and substance.