83 Things to Know About Xenoblade Chronicles

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

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Xenoblade Gem Crafting Relation

10. Gem Crafting 101 Part 3. Now comes the crucial part: any enhancement values under 100 will be up for Cylindration. This is where the Cylinder Gauge comes into play. Depending upon the Cylinder number on top, you can select just as many enhancement values. Each selected value will be ‘recycled’ into a Cylinder, to be used as a future material in a different crafting session. Once your Cylinder amount is empty, all remaining enhancement values will be lost.

This is why you should aim for 3 to 4 enhancement values while selecting materials as mentioned earlier. If you go overboard with 5-7 values, you might lose materials in the end as they cannot be Cylindrized. Of course, you can still hit an unlucky crafting streak and only generate 2 Cylinders even with a great character couple, but that’s the luck of the draw. What works best in terms of the amount of values chosen is wholly dependent upon the characters’ ability as a Shooter or Engineer and their Affinity.

Once you’ve selected all values for Cylindration, the game will hand you the resulting Cylinders and Gems to put into your inventory. As space is limited, be sure you have enough space left before starting the process. You’ll then be asked to continue for another session or quit crafting.

These are the basics of Gem Crafting, there is so much to this mechanic that we can’t even keep it all in parts. We hope this info was beneficial to you, and help’s you all on your adventure in the world of Xenoblade.

09. Beyond the Sky Song. Xenoblade’s Beyond the Sky was sung by Sarah Alainn, also known as Sarah Lim. She helped to write the lyrics to Shackles of Night, the theme song for the Otakon convention in 2010. Alainn also performed some songs for Makai Senki Disgaea 4 and Chaos Ring Omega.

08. The Nopon Race. The Nopon is a race that live all over the Bionis as travelling merchants, but they are originally native to Makna Forest. The Nopon is a friendly race that like to meet new people, but they have very little knowledge about modern technology compared to other races; although there are some Nopon scientists and even doctors. Instead of metal and iron, Nopon instead uses material made out of the forest to make their home and “machines”. They even receive their material from other races, which shows that the Nopon have made a functioning trading economy.

The Nopon speech is also a very unusual one; they speak their words in a way that doesn’t fit well together to make a sentence. Even the more intelligent Nopon speak the same way. Their speech might be part of an old language, because the Nopon has an ancient language that they no longer use; only a few Nopon can read it, so that likely explains their unusual vocabulary.

07. Controllers. Xenoblade can be played with either the classic controller or the combination of the wiimote and nunchuck. However, there are no motion controls in Xenoblade. Both control options work perfectly fine, but most seem to prefer the class controller pro when playing the game, but not everybody has this option. Those that use the Wiimote combo say that it’s easier to select Arts from the Battle Palette during battle, but it is a little more difficult on the Wiimote to change the camera angles.

06. Sharla’s Voice Actress (English). Kellie Bright, the voice of Sharla, has voice acted before! The British Actress was last heard in Dragon Age II where she played several characters including Grace, Idunna, and Ginnis. Also has been on several dozen TV series to TV movies since her career started back in the late 1980’s.

05. Manami Kiyota. Manami Kiyota one of the composers of Xenoblade Chronicles, songs on soundtrack composed by her are The Awakening of the Giant, Sator, Phosphorescent Land Day/Night, Where the Ancestors Sleep, and Xanthe just to name a few. She has also done her fair sure of work outside of just composing for official game soundtracks, like participating in doing arrangements for Final Fantasy music, working alongside with others including the famed “The Black Mages”, one of songs which is “Eye’s on Me” which is sung by her. Works even going towards Japanese TV & radio program “Minna no Uta” on NHK, to a collaboration with many composers for an Indie CD, to an arrangement CD of Castlevania with other famed composers.

04. Enemy Drops Don’t Disappear. An interesting little addition to Xenoblade Chronicles is that when you defeat an enemy and it drops a chest, the chest will remain on the ground. You can leave the area and come back hours later and it will still be there. There seems to be a limit to how many chests the game will remember for you, somewhere along the line of 50-100 chests. The reason that this an advantage for the player’s, because now don’t have to worry about a chest disappearing on you because you are too busy fighting more enemies on the screen to collect it.

03. The High Entia Race. The High Entia are an ancient race that live long lives. They have built a vast civilization on the head of Bionis. Other than that, little is known about them as they choose to remain isolated from the other races of the Bionis. Melia, is of this race.

02. Load Times. In Xenoblade Chronicles load times seem like a thing of the past. The only time you will have to deal with load times at all is when you enter a completely new area or right after you teleport. Otherwise, each area is completely seamless. In the circumstances you do have a load time, expect a wait no longer than just a couple of seconds.

Xenoblade eryth-sea

01. Eryth Sea. Eryth Sea is located near the head of the Bionis. It is a vast sea with scattered islands that hover high above the sea in the sky. Eryth Sea was featured in the reversible coverart shown below that didn’t win the competition.

00. Xenoblade Chronicles Releases April 06th, 2012. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, “what’s wrong with you?’.

Pre-order HERE :Xenoblade Icon


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