83 Things to Know About Xenoblade Chronicles

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

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53. Town Building. There is some town building in Xenoblade Chronicles. For those that don’t know what that is, town building involves building or rebuilding a town by providing money or materials. Those that rebuilt the town of Luin in Tales of Symphonia would have an idea of what town building is. You are rewarded quite nicely for the town building in Xenoblade. To avoid any game spoilers, we’ll just leave it at that.

52. Enemy Reactions. Enemies have different reactions when you get in their range. Some enemies will attack you on sight as long as they are close to your level or a higher level than your party. Some enemies are nuetral and only attack if attacked first. Some enemies will attack even if neutral if you attack another enemy of its kind. There are also some enemies that are blind and you have to sneak by because they attack by sound. There is a symbol on each enemy’s nameplate that indicates their reaction. In the image, you can see an eye symbol which means if the enemy is in your level range, it will attack you when it sees you.

51. No Invisible Walls. Unlike in most JRPGs, and most games in general really, there are no “invisible walls” in Xenoblade Chronicles. You can, and WILL, fall off a ledge if you aren’t careful. If you can see it, in all likeliness you can get to it. It makes traveling around the world in Xenoblade Chronicles exciting, and at times, a bit dangerous.

50. Treasure Chests. Every enemy defeated in Xenoblade Chronicles will drop a chest. It could be one of three types, regular, silver, or gold. Regular is common, silver is less common, and gold is rare. You never know what you may find in a chest so it makes defeating enemies that much more enjoyable.

Xenoblade Fiora

49. Fiora Character Profile. Fiora is Shulk’s childhood friend, and also Dunban’s younger sister. After the Battle of Sword Valley, she is reluctant to let her brother use the Monado again, as using the Monado has caused Dunban much harm. Fiora has a soft spot for Shulk and often cooks for him. She is kind and gentle, a true friend to those around her. Fiora uses dual knives in battle.

48. Norio Wakamoto (Japanese Voice Actor). In the Japanese voice work, the first boss you face has a very popular voice actor for it, Norio Wakamoto who is a Seiyū(voice actor in japanese) who has done many famous characters. Some of his most famous work ranges from anime, OVA, video games, and even dubbing for english animations(several super hero cartoons, teenage mutant ninja turtles, thunder cats, transformers). He even did the dubbing for Lando in Star Wars episode 5 and 6.

47. Choose Your Experience. Xenoblade Chronicles gives you the option to choose your gaming experience because nearly everything is optional, other than leveling your characters and moving along the story. You can choose to just play the game, leveling as you need to in order to defeat the enemies ahead of you to continue the story, or you can explore all the game has to offer such as quests, gem crafting, and world exploring. Either way is just perfectly fine. The game doesn’t force much on you if you prefer a simple play-through.

46. Chain Attacks. Chain Attacks can be used after the Chain Attack gauge, shown at the top left of the screen as a bar, is full. The gauge fills after dealing damage or taking damage. When you initiate a Chain Attack, each character gets to use any one ability they have, for a party total of 3 attacks. However, it is possible to continue a chain attack, adding on more attacks.

45. Bonus Party Chain Attacks. Continuing from yesterday, after the 3 initial attacks of the chain are completed, you may get the chance to trigger another attack to add to the chain. These attacks are trigger based meaning you have to press a button at the right time. If you have good affinity (relationships) between characters, the chance for adding attacks to the chain increases. It is possible to have multiple bonus attacks per chain attack.

44. Affinty. In Xenoblade Chronicles, the relationships between characters are very important. Affinity levels affect effectiveness in battle, gem crafting, skills, and unlocking the heart-to-heart moments.You can build better relationships between characters by placing them in battle together. You can also raise affinity by completing quests with the characters you want to raise affinity with in your main party. Heart-to-heart moments also raise affinity.

43. Additional Quest Dialogue. When you accept or turn in a quest, there is a chance for additional conversation to occur. One of the two other members of your party might decide to add something to the conversation. This depends on affinity levels between your characters. This will always add a boost to affinity levels between the characters invovled with the conversation.

42. Art Cooldown. You will not find mana in Xenoblade Chronicles. All Arts are on a cooldown system in which you have to wait a certain amount of time before the ability becomes available again. Depending on the art, this could be a few seconds to over a minute.

41. More on the Break/Toppled/Dazed Combo System. Once an enemy is Toppled/Dazed they are knocked down and can no longer attack. Unless Toppled/Dazed again, they will only be down for a few seconds. It is possible to stack/chain Topple and Daze attacks to increase the length of the down status. There are certain gems that boost Break/Topple/ Daze effects which can increase activation rates and the damage done while using the system.

40. Aggression. Enemies will attack party members causing the most damage or that are using specific Art types. This raises the aggression of the enemy causing them to switch their target. There are certain arts, skills, and gems that lower aggression for party members not equipped for taking damage, or raise aggression for party members equipped to take the damage. Handling enemy aggression in a battle can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Xenoblade Reyn

39. Reyn Character Profile. Reyn is an 18-year-old soldier from Colony 9’s Defense Force, and is a childhood friend of Shulk and Fiora. Despite his position as a soldier, Reyn is the stereotypical fun-loving joker of the group, and is often seen with his friends. He uses an oversized shield-gunlance, which can switch from shield mode into gun or lance mode. Most who use Reyn will use him as a tank as he has great defense potential, great defense skills, and high HP.

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