>Nintendo of America’s recent announcement of no localization plans has fueled the fire of Operation Rainfall.  Do not be fooled by a lack of blogging, we are still here and we have been very busy.  Our Facebook and Twitter followers have increased at a staggering rate while getting quality submissions to our YouTube Page.  We have managed to tie up Nintendo of America’s phone lines with requests for these and other games over the weekend.  We have established our own forums, and continue to work hard to build ideas from our followers into our campaign.

But there has also been a lot of coverage from other sources.  With it being a holiday weekend in the USA, some of the updates could be easy to miss.  Below is a list of some of the outstanding coverage we have received since Nintendo’s big tweet to finish out June. 
We have received some questions about who the leadership of the movement is, and what our plans are going forward.  We are fortunate to have many people working in the background who are dedicated to building a grass roots following.  But if you are interested in the thoughts of some of the founding members of Operation Rainfall, the links below are right up your alley:
VGChartz: Interview: Chris Ward of Operation Rainfall
This interview discusses the start of the Operation Rainfall movement and our initial reaction to Nintendo’s localization announcement.
The ? Block: Mide D (EvilTw1n) from Operation Rainfall
Another interview cataloging the beginnings of Operation Rainfall and our direction going forward.
Nintendojo: Interview: Operation Rainfall
Similar to above, plus Ward’s hypothetical “If you had Reggie here in front of you, what would you say?” response.
My Video Game News: Operation Rainfall Interview
Similar to above, plus Mike D’s “If you had Reggie here in front of you, what would you say?” response.
Editorials & Opinions
Many a pixel has been spilled since Nintendo’s announcement.  Some of it negative towards Nintendo.  Some of it negative towards Operation Rainfall.  Although the debate might be polarizing, it has also gotten many Nintendo gamers thinking about where Nintendo stands now and where they might be going in the future with the 3DS and WiiU.  Below is a selection
Zach Kaplan, nintendolife, Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation Rainfall,
Kaplan does a great job of discussing the plight of the Wii in its current state while also outlining Nintendo’s possible point of view and Operation Rainfall’s future challenges.
John Lindemann, Nintendo World Report, Nintendo’s Tipping Point?
Lindemann looks to past failings of Airwalk, a popular American shoe brand in the mid 90’s, and wonders if Nintendo is making a similar, potentially crippling mistake.
Richard George, IGN, Nintendo’s Fans: Alone in the Dark
In light of a deluge of reader responses, George evaluates how Nintendo’s failure to communicate with its most die-hard fans could have long reaching repercussions.
Zero, Negative World, An Open Letter to Nintendo
The site owner of Negative World gives an impassioned take on what it means to be a Nintendo gamer and why Nintendo needs to change its localization policy.
Gaming Bus Blog, A Different Take on Operation Rainfall
The Gaming Bus takes a step back and turns a critical eye to how Nintendo & Operation Rainfall seem to have different definitions of “core” gamers.
Nintendo Lee, That’s why you can’t have nice things,
Lee addresses two problems: the fact that many other “core” games on the Wii sold poorly and the steep up-hill battle Operation Rainfall faces given Nintendo’s localization history in Europe.
MuddBstrd, DToid Community, The Cracks in the Dam: Operation Rainfall & Nintendo’s Neglected Fanbase
This blog has probably one of the best “one-liners” from the week: “When was the last time you heard a Nintendo fan lament about a new Zelda game?”
And what would a quick view into this week’s web coverage of Operation: Rainfall be without a glance at some podcasts that discuss the campaign itself along with issues both Nintendo and Operation: Rainfall face.  A lot of people have been talking about Nintendo’s localization decision, but some people would rather listen than read about it.
Radio Free Nintendo #249: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My head
GoNintendo Podcast Webisodes #306 & #307
Nintendo Voice Chat: The Missing Wii Games
RolePlayer’s Realm VIII: Operation Rainfall and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Negative World Podcast 012 – Operation Rainfall
Still Stuck on an Idea for Writing a Letter?
We here at Operation Rainfall really want you to send your own original writing to Nintendo.  But if you are stuck for a place to start, read through some of the above materials for some inspiration.  This weekend has shown many things.  One of them is that there is plenty to talk about!
If you would like your work featured here and we missed it, feel free to contact us as [email protected].  Thanks again for all of your help and  support. We hope you enjoyed reading, and make sure to get Xenoblade letters ready to send to Nintendo!
Operation Rainfall Contributor
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