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Living in Australia, I had finished Xenoblade Chronicles before it was even announced for an NTSC release. In the November of 2011, just after I completed the game, I realised that this was the type of game that only came around once a console generation. It inspired me so much, I decided I wanted to write about it. And so, this Xenoblade novelisation was born. I originally hosted it on fanfiction.net, and while that version is still there, my main focus now has been to putting it here, on oprainfall. I hope you all enjoy it, and if you have any questions, concerns, constructive criticism and so on, feel free to let me know!

Xenoblade Novelisation

Chapter 1: The Battle of Sword Valley

Chapter 2: HometownXenoblade Novelisation - Colony 9

Chapter 3: Eternal Bond

Chapter 4: The Mysterious Monado

Chapter 5: Tephra Cave

Chapter 6: Attack on Colony 9

Chapter 7: Citizen Soldiers

Chapter 8: It’s Shulk’s Turn

Chapter 9: The Art of BreakingXenoblade Novelisation - Tephra Cave

Chapter 10: The Call

Chapter 11: The Journey Begins

Chapter 12: Do You Wish to Change It?

Chapter 13: Saving Private Reyn

Chapter 14: The Bionis’ Leg

Chapter 15: Stupid Kid!

Chapter 16: Spiral Valley

Chapter 17: A New Face

Chapter 18: Promises

Chapter 19: Into the Ether Mines

Chapter 20: Impatience

Xenoblade Novelisation - Bionis' Leg

Xenoblade Abridged (Chapters 1 – 13): Behold the Power of the Banado!

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About the Author

G'day there! I'm Charlotte, a Head Editor here at Oprainfall living in Australia. I'm always happy to answer questions about the site, so just ask! In terms of games, I love anything with an element of fantasy that has either an open world, depth in characters or lore, or that promotes exploration. JRPG or WRPG, it makes no difference so long as they have these qualities.