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Nihom Falcom have just announced that all three games in their The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky games will be getting a re-release!

The Trails in the Sky games will be available for Japanese PCs from April 12th onwards. Nihom Falcom claims that even laptops lacking good specs (such as mine) will be able to run the game smoothly and with little issue.

Nihom Falcom also released some images from each of the games to celebrate their PC debut. Here are some from the first game, which has already seen a PSP release in America:

Here are some images for the second game in the trilogy, which XSEED are currently in the process of localising:

Trails in the Sky - Second Game Boss

Trails in the Sky - Second Game Ship

Finally, some images for the third game, which XSEED also own the rights to and will presumably get to work on when they finish the previous title in the series:

Trails in the Sky - Third Game

Trails in the Sky - Third Game Chatting Trails in the Sky - Third Game Game Show

Trails in the Sky - Third Game Boss

Each of the three games will be priced at 3,990 yen each, which equates to around $43 USD.

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