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Super Smash Bros. - Rosalina and Luma | oprainfall

Josh Speer is gonna have a lot of fun this Smashing Saturday.

Last night, Super Smash Bros. producer Masahiro Sakurai tweeted about the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Given the history of developers tweeting before the Nintendo Direct where their game makes an appearance, we knew to expect something pretty big. And what we got was pretty big — and pretty epic in its execution. Take a look in the trailer below (Keep in mind that the Smash Bros. Logo didn’t appear in the Nintendo Direct).

So, after Sakurai trolled us with the possibility of Kirby joining the Mario crew for Mario Kart 8 — which still isn’t out of the realm of possibility; it just isn’t happening yet — he shows us his big announcement. Rosalina, accompanied by the supportive Luma, will be coming to the next Super Smash Bros. game as a playable character.

From the looks of things, the combination seems to be similar to that of the Ice Climbers from previous games. Luma appears to take on a supporting role attacking and defending as the player controls Rosalina. Although from Rosalina’s movements, it could be a mix of Ice Climbers and Princess Peach, which seems like an interesting combination.

Super Smash Bros. - Rosalina, Luma, and Friends | oprainfall

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