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Record of Agarest War Series Bundle is available on PSN for the PlayStation 3 for $49.99 Included in this bundle are Record of Agarest War, Record of Agarest War 2, and Record of Agarest War Zero. These games are brought to us by COMPILE HEART/RED and Aksys Games. I’ll list the features and a bit about the game below for those unfamiliar with the game. On a side note, I am working on a review of Agarest: Generations of War for the PC (Ed. Note: Agarest: Generations of War is what the first game is known as in Europe). Look for that in the coming weeks!

About Record of Agarest War: ( Description taken from the Sony Store (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/games/record-of-agarest-war/cid=UP1024-NPUB30142_00-AGARESTWARVER100?CMP=soc_us__pn_psblog_dotcomplus_12_23_13) )

Leonhardt, a young military officer, must sacrifice his life, his soul, and his future to seal the pillars of the gods on each of Agarest’s five continents. Will his children—who suffer the same fate—find a world of light, or one of darkness, at the end of their long battle? Only the future will tell…

In each of game’s five chapters, you will control a new hero and troops, to explore a new continent over the course of their lives. Each chapter concludes with the hero choosing a wife and giving birth to the protagonist of the next generation.

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