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Another year has come to a close, this time without the looming fear of a Mayan apocalypse. It’s fascinating to contemplate everything that’s happened in the industry throughout 2013. So many fantastic titles were localized. RPG fans have been inundated with so many high quality titles, I can barely keep count. All three next gen consoles were revealed, then hyped…and now they’re all out in the wild. And all three promise to bring greatness/jump ahead of the competition next year. This isn’t to say that all of our lists feature exclusives to the Wii U, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One either! There’s more variety than I was expecting. Turns out when you give folks some creative freedom, they go wild.

The oprainfall Staff will bring you all kinds of “Game(s) of the Year” coverage and look backs at 2013 throughout the months of December and January (led by Editorial Head Jeff Neuenschwander), but it’s my honor to usher in our Most Anticipated Games of 2014.

Be sure to check out everyone’s lists! It’s fascinating to look back at last year’s to see how everything panned out, too. But don’t worry; there are plenty of new faces showing off the games they’re most excited for. Without further ado, here they are:

oprainfall Staff's Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Jonathan Higgins | Co-Owner

Charlotte Buckingham | Editorial Head

Jeff Neuenschwander | Editorial Head

David Fernandes |  Community Manager

Josh Speer | Review Manager

Will Whitehurst | Translation Team Leader

Eric Chetkauskas | Editor

Tyler Lubben | Editor/Assistant Review Manager

Hailee Kenney | Writer

Kyle Emch | Staff Writer

Brodie Dayton-Mills | Graphics Team Submit Button

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Jonathan joined the oprainfall Staff a few months before the US release of Xenoblade Chronicles. He began as a dedicated editorial writer for the site, but over time was recognized for so much more than just that. He is now a co-owner of the oprainfall website, helping to maintain the site itself, as well as ensure its content is given proper quality control. Motivated primarily by philosophy and “knowing his roots” as a gamer, Jonathan spends his time playing games for their stories or creating his own.