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Hey everyone, J.T. of Operation Zero here. Trust me when I say we’re still very much alive and kickin’ over here. So sorry it’s been rather silent as of late on our front as I’ve not had much time to get to a computer of late, hence why I’ve not been able to write much.

Operation Zero has announced that we’re going to begin contacting and possibly bridging things with Tecmo-Koei America, considering they were the original publishers of the franchise before Nintendo bought a stake in it, and still hold a say in how things go over here in North America, it’s only right and fair that they know there is very much a fanbase for the Fatal Frame franchise too.

The details are being worked out on how we’re going to handle matters with Tecmo-Koei, it will be very similar to how we’ve been with Nintendo of America themselves, polite, but also firm and to the point. If we can ge tthem to back us up regarding the franchise, I am sure it will open the door for this Fatal Frame 2 remake and future installments to come to North America.

For those whom want to help get the ball rolling and open up this path, you are more than welcome to use their address as printed on their website.

Tecmo-Koei Corp.
1818 Gilbreth Rd. Ste#235
Burlingame, CA 94010

And those whom want to come join us on Facebook can still find us. Submit Button

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