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Website Updates

This Page Lists Any Major Updates or Changes Made to the Website

Changes Made By Date

08/15/2013: Sorry for the lack of updates, I keep forgetting to update this page.

Recent Updates: Add LAI box on right side of page with link to the polls. Added both LAI polls to the main page. Added subheading under the oprainfall logo on the header. Changed XBone to XB1. This was a staff voted decision. Added to new campaigns to the drop down menu of the campaign menu and made some changes to the campaign hub main page. Moved E32013 category under the NEWS category. Moved the Twitch Menu to the main page. I think that’s about it.

06/09/2013: Updated the Collector Case Live Feed with a new update.

06/09/2013: Made some changes in preperation for E3. Mostly to make more room for E3 related content. Changes will likely be for this week only. Changed the Amazon ad to a smaller version. Removed the Play-Asia ad. Changed the “Highlighted Articles” feature to “E3 2013 Featured Articles” and it now includes 6 articles instead of 4.

06/08/2013: Changed Xbox1 menu to XBone. Reasons.

06/03/2103: E3 Menu updated and moved next to home menu. Turned into drop-menu. Some E3 menu options will lead to an error page until we actually get content for that option.

05/29/2013: Added E3 Menu. Work in progress.

05/23/2013: Added some new drop-down menu choices under news and editorials.

05/23/2013: Added XBox1 to channels replacing 360.

05/23/2013: Added Drop-down menus for Wii under Wii U, PS3 under PS4, and Xbox 360 under XBone.

05/20/2013: Review Drop-down Menu for Platform Specific Reviews. This update should make it easier for readers to navigate through reviews.

05/20/2013: News Drop-down Menu for Japan and Europe News. This update should make it easier for readers to locate news for specific regions.

Upcoming Changes

E3 Drop menu.


Page Created 05/18/2013