Localization Change in Akiba’s Beat Leads to Tom Lipschultz to Remove Himself from Credits

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

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XSEED Games Tom Lipschultz is pretty well known by fans for being a strong advocate against censoring content in their games.  It appears he has decided to remove his name from the credits of all future localizations because of change made to the upcoming release of Akiba’s Beat. Below is a post he made in the XSEED Games forums detailing other minor changes to the game and the issue that lead him to this decision.

With the release of Akiba’s Beat imminent, I felt it was only fair to publicly document some of the changes from the Japanese to English versions of the game that have been made during the localization process, along with the reasons for these changes. I’d previously stated to you guys, before many of these changes had been made, that the game would be released uncensored in English, and I think by most definitions, that statement remains true — but a few of these changes are definitely borderline (one in particular), so full disclosure seemed warranted here.

Also, as one final disclaimer: these may not be all the changes that were made during localization, they’re just all the changes I specifically remember. Any other changes made were likely very minor and completely in keeping with normal localization practices, meaning they were made solely to convey the meaning of the Japanese more clearly to English-speakers (things like correcting grammar or spelling on phrases or names that were already in English, or fully translating a name that was originally Japanese written out in English lettering in order to aid comprehension during key story scenes).

So, without further ado:
Character Names

“Miké Nyanda” –> “Miké Musumeda”
“Hisayoshi Otoda” –> “Hisayoshi Onda”
Both of these name changes were unfortunate victims of working on a game while it was still in development. For the majority of the localization process, including when voice-recording began, we had only ever seen the game’s text without hearing any of it spoken in Japanese. In most cases, this was fine… but in these two cases, our readings of the kanji were off, and we had absolutely no idea until after we’d already recorded English voiceover of numerous characters speaking these names aloud. In Miké’s case in particular, too, I don’t think we really COULD have known, since her last name is 娘田, which cannot possibly be read as “Nyanda” under ordinary circumstances — it’s just because she’s a cat-girl maid that “Musume” (daughter) is apparently read as “Nyan” (meow). 😉 We tried to keep good humor about this, though, parodying it a few times in system text, including in one of the trophy names (the trophy for completing Miké’s side quest is called “Nyanda tte?!” in our version of the game, which might get a chuckle — or a groan — out of any Japanese speakers reading this). It’s also worth noting that this change only applies to the English — if you play with Japanese voices, all characters will of course still say “Nyanda” and “Otoda,” even if the accompanying dialogue box reads “Musumeda” and “Onda.”

“Futoshi Futoi” –> “Chunk Widebody”
“Hosomi Hosogawa” –> “Twiggy Slims”
These are minor NPCs who help advance the story during chapter 2, and come up here and there during side missions as well. They’re depicted as pop idol otaku obsessed with character Riyu Momose, and their Japanese names are utterly ridiculous — basically the equivalents of “Fatty McFat” and “Thinny Thinsworth.” You can kind of guess what they look like! Because their names themselves were such obvious jokes, we reluctantly decided it would be best to preserve that in the English, and after some office-wide discussion, we came up with the English monikers “Chunk Widebody” and “Twiggy Slims.” Both of which are, IMHO, pretty glorious (which I say without egotism, since I wasn’t the one who came up with either of them, but major props to my coworkers who did!).

“Rippyon” –> “Mippity Mop” (generally abbreviated to just “Mippity” after the first few times it’s spoken)
Pop idol character Riyu Momose is often referred to as “Rippyon” by her fans, which is a portmanteau of her first name “Riyu” and the onomatopoeia of rabbits jumping, which is “pyon-pyon.” The only equivalent onomatopoeia that exists in English is “hippity-hop,” and “Rippity Rop” didn’t quite sound right (it sounds like Scooby Doo saying “hippity-hop”!), so we combined that sound with her last name “Momose” instead to form the nickname “Mippity Mop.”

Graphical Sign Text

Unlike with Akiba’s Trip, Acquire did not obtain the license to depict most Akihabara businesses by name in Akiba’s Beat, instead opting for parody names (Go Go Curry –> Goo Goo Curry, Gamers –> GameMarz, Animate –> Animart, Card Kingdom –> Card Queendom, etc.). The vast majority of these have been kept as-is, though a few have had grammar mistakes corrected, and a small handful have had English translations added to them (there’s a key location in the story called Violet Eden, for example, which is marked with a sign that initially only displayed Japanese; it now displays both Japanese and English).

A few others have been changed altogether for one reason or another, however. These are the ones I can specifically confirm have been changed:

“Maidears” –> “Maidiators”
This maid cafe name was translated as “Maidiators” back when we’d only seen it written in Japanese, and as it was included in voice-recorded lines by a number of actors before we were shown the English sign text that read “Maidears,” we were forced to keep the localized name “Maidiators” in the final build. Yet another casualty of working on a game while it’s still in development! (I like our name, though! It has character! Heheh)

“Nutar Kebab” –> “Star Kebab”
To be honest, I don’t actually remember why this change was made. I know it was brought up that the original name sounded an awful lot like the word “neuter,” but as I was the lead editor on this project, I would’ve never accepted a graphic text change for that specific reason. I think there’s some wordplay during a quest in which a pun or reference is made based upon this shop name, and the name change was made to accommodate the English localization of that wordplay — but I haven’t been able to locate the line in question, so it’s possible I’m misremembering this. As it stands, this is a change I can’t quite pin down the reason for anymore, and I offer my personal apologies if anyone is taken aback by it.

“KKK witches” –> “ACQ witches”
This is the most egregious change IMHO, and is one that I kind of turned into Senran Kagura censorship debate: the sequel. The original was a parody of “NKK switches,” a Japanese light switch manufacturer based out of Akihabara. I personally felt “KKK witches” was pretty funny for its shock value, but when I mentioned it to my coworkers, they… were not as amused. For various reasons (some of which do include legitimate localization concerns, but most of which involved personal offense, worries over offending others, or worries over stores not carrying the game due to this “controversial” inclusion), they were insistent upon the name being changed. And of course, I fought this as best as I could, since I saw the forceful change of this as an act of censorship (minor though it be, and even understandable though it be). In the end, however, it was Acquire themselves who voluntarily changed it to “ACQ witches”… sort of. We only ever got as far as emailing them to let them know that the KKK is a well-known abbreviation for a hate group in America, and asking them if the name “KKK witches” had any specific meaning in Akiba’s Beat, and the conversation never progressed beyond that point before Acquire simply changed the sign text and sent us a new build. Because of this, calling this an “act of censorship” is indeed rather questionable — though not unwarranted, I feel, since (1) we would’ve asked them to change it if they hadn’t done so voluntarily, (2) our email did not directly ask them to change it, but… I mean, how else were they supposed to interpret us asking about it at all? And (3) the Japanese version still retains the “KKK witches” moniker, with the change only made to all English versions. It is due to this change, and specifically due to my initial misconception that we’d directly asked the devs to change it, that I asked to have my name removed from the credits of Akiba’s Beat, and thus — in accordance with company policy, which I was well advised of beforehand — removed from XSEED’s company credits altogether, meaning I will not be appearing in the credits of any future XSEED title. Ken was willing to let me post about this publicly, as with my previous grievance regarding the removal of character ages in Senran Kagura, but he insisted I cite the policy in question so you guys know exactly why my name will not be appearing in XSEED titles from here on out:

Since the whole XSEED team is credited on each project by our official company title rather than anybody’s specific role on an individual game (such as “Localization Editor” in all credits regardless of if the person did any editing on that particular game or not), we cannot be selective about which games people are credited in. If someone is ashamed to be associated with one of our games, then they are ashamed to be associated with the company as a whole and won’t be credited in future games either.

It’s a bit of a shame, but I feel it’s a good symbolic gesture on my part, showing my commitment to my principles on this matter. And honestly… I’m perfectly fine with being the “ninja localizer” of XSEED, fighting the good anti-censorship fight from the shadows. ;)​

If I come across any other notable changes in localization before release, I’ll post them here in a reply. As you can see, most of these are basically nitpicks, but I just… didn’t feel like I’d be doing right by the anti-censorship fanbase if I didn’t at least let you guys know in advance that some changes had been made (particularly that last one). Whether or not you count any of these as censorship yourself, and what you do with that information, is up to you! But I hope you’ll still support us, as this game has been an absolute behemoth to localize, and we’d love to see our many months of work appreciated by the fanbase. We did the very best we could to make sure the English text and voices in Akiba’s Beat are the best they possibly can be, and we’d love to hear what you guys think if and when you play it.

And if you have any comments or questions about these changes, please don’t hold back! As long as you’re respectful of the opinions of those who disagree with you, I say let us have it! 😉


Personally, I think this change is pretty minor, but I have nothing but respect for Tom.  I Hope he continues his fight to keep the games they localize as close to source as possible and censorship free.


About Steve Baltimore

Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.

  • Firion Hope

    The name changes bother me more than the kkk witches thing lol

  • >“Futoshi Futoi” –> “Chunk Widebody”
    >“Hosomi Hosogawa” –> “Twiggy Slims”
    >“Rippyon” –> “Mippity Mop”

    This is some 4kids level shit right here… ¬_¬

    • Zoozbuh

      And yet somehow, it’s a TINY SIGN saying “KKK” he had a problem with, which even the original developers didn’t give a shit about

    • Akira Rei

      Well the KKK is a useful Boogeyman for certain groups and even with the current group having no real power and is a shadow of its former self,we are programmed to treat them as a legitimate threat because of their history and not so much their current standing in society.

  • Etherblaze

    I kinda understand why they changed the names but I think they could’ve done better with them lol. Like really… Chunk Widebody? Twiggy Slims?


  • Visci

    I’m not sure what to think about this. It seems awfully overblown. Not to mention that removing him from all future credits makes it unclear when he’s involved and when not, him therefore “innocent” from any changes and opens the gate for more censorship (since he’s not “responsible” for it, unless he comes out and says that he’s involved).

    • Zoozbuh

      There’s that and also the fact that he basically said he’s “ashamed” to associate himself with XSeed now, and any of their future projects. What a jerk, over something so trivial

  • Zoozbuh

    This is so stupid. What a massive over-exaggeration. It was such a minor, inconsequential change that Acquire (the original developers) literally changed it THEMSELVES. And out of all this, that’s the reason he is “ashamed” to be associated with their works? He just comes across as whiney IMO.

    • Panpopo

      I believe that “ashamed” is too strong of a word. He stated that he is sticking to his principles.
      Internal conflicts in companies happen all the time. If he was truly ashamed of XSeed, he would not have, and the company would not allow, him to make this localization statement officially at all. They did, however, remove his name from future credits due to company policy, which is one of the main reasons for this statement in the first place.

    • MusouTensei

      It’s still KKK Witches in the japanese version.

  • Steve Baltimore

    This is something pretty minor to have such a big post about, but what if next time it is something bigger than a simple storefront sign. Once you think it is OK to change one thing it always leads to something bigger and bigger. While I think it is unfortunate Tom went so far as to have his name removed for their work I cannot help but have respect for the man for standing for what he believes in. There are few people in this world today that have any conviction at all. so I cannot help but respect that.

    • bomblord
    • Steve Baltimore

      OK then lets look at NOA over the past year and half.

      1st. You had Fatal Frame 6 (minor costume edits)
      2nd. You had Xenoblade X ( Costumes edits, religious referances toned down, slider removed)
      3rd. Now we have Bravely Second (Most of the costumes edited, story content toned down)
      4th. Tokyo Mirage Sessions (too many changes to count)
      5th. FE Fates (head pats are bad, text was toned and on and on)

      that seems like slope to me.

    • bomblord

      None of those changes with the exception of Tokyo Mirage Session were significantly more egregious than your other examples.

      And the majority of them were the removal of pedophilic content and sexual depictions of underage girls.

    • Steve Baltimore

      If you say so, but censorship is censorship no matter how you slice it. Once you change one thing it becomes much easier to do it again and again.

    • bomblord

      Definition of censorship

      1a : the institution, system, or practice of censoring the actions or practices of censors; especially : censorial control exercised repressively

      Censorship is not and never will be voluntary localization changes by a company bringing a product to another region.

      If we want to talk about if a localization change is positive or negative we have to move away from the mindset that any change = censorship and that this fake censorship is an irredeemable evil that can shoot down any counter argument just by invoking the word.

      Instead we have to look at each change and decide whether or not the change is positive or negative to the overall work, whether or not the new depictions make sense given the context, and the purpose each change has. We should not just assume that any change is bad even if the actual change has no negative effect to the work. Many changes can actually enhance the understanding for the new audience. A simple example would be changing up obscure pop culture or puns to something understandable by the new audience.

    • Steve Baltimore


      A censor is anyone that removes materials that they see as harmful. It doesn’t have to be the government.

      The localization teams are the censors, The Nintendo Treehouse is the institution that creates the censorship.

    • bomblord

      Now add the ship https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/censorship

      These are multi-national entities making changes to their own content. The original teams are contacted and worked with directly on the changes and in many cases as pointed out in the above article are the ones that actually make the changes without any issues (the sign). This is not destruction of author intent or a moral guide snuffing out opposing viewpoints.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Right in this case I agree, this is very minor. All I’m saying is once your willing to change one thing, it becomes easier to change something else down the line.

    • bomblord

      I agree that it can be easier I don’t agree that it is an inevitability though.

    • MusouTensei

      Did you even see all the shit that was removed and changed in Fire Emblem Fates? Compared to that the TMS censorship was mild, and that was already horribly butchered.

    • bomblord

      Tokyo Mirage Session redid a large section of the game to remove any mentions of gravure modeling. This included complete change of the scenario, dialogue, redoing of multiple outfits, textures, and character positioning in scenes along with completely removing free DLC.

    • OneTrueKing

      Bro you got curb stomped.

    • Panpopo

      There is no need for insults.

    • Mr0303

      That wasn’t an insult.

    • MusouTensei

      I know that, but Fire Emblem removed an entire gameplay aspect + had a horrible localization, changed some amazon type woman (forgot name, Effie?) from a gentle person into a cunt (basically a femtard), and don’t forget the pickles. I said that TMS was already butchered badly (and often without rhyme or reason), but Fates was simply worse.

    • Panpopo

      I understand your points, but ultimately this situation is a mountain made out of a molehill. I think there are really two main points to take away from this:

      -Tom is really passionate about his work. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t write such detailed explanations regarding the localization choices. The company policy is a bit much though – there should be credit for hard work done, especially on future projects. There are also no hard feelings between him and the company, otherwise why mention this long explanation, and state why he was removed. It would never have been reported at all if there was a problem.

      -The changes altogether are pretty minimal for this game, and make sense as part of the localization process. The KKK change passes the eye test, and can be reasonably explained.

    • Narmy

      >this situation is a mountain made out of a molehill
      That’s how discussion about censorship should always be. Zero tolerance.

    • Akira Rei

      What constitutes pedophilic content?

      Unless it is a very apparent sexual attraction towards children like with how certain groups of people think that pedophiles are not monsters would also ironically be more vocal in their support for said content removal.

      I think these terms have become as nebulous as “hate speech” has become to push an agenda cause the mere act of petting is somehow seen as sick and twisted in the eyes of some people in the West yet they are sympathetic to one of the worst versions of the Ahbramic Cults whose leader was an actual pedophile and their laws and teachings reflect such facts.

      I prefer it if people were not so sanctimonious in their judgments or at the least be more consistent in their judgements cause really all these changes are reflections of the dying socio-political climate that has been overtaken by what was once called a counter-culture.

    • bomblord

      Physically underage characters in sexually suggestive clothing and or situations.

    • Dogi

      1. There’s nothing pedophilic about teenagers. The term is ephebophilia.

      2. They are fictional characters, and most of the ones affected in the games he listed are “over 18” anyway

      3. Lets get real here, the character models would be the same if they were 15 or 50.

      Video games are video games, real life is real life. When you start making real life excuses for stupid shit done in video games you’re making a fundamental mistake that takes away from what video games are. Why not go get pissed off at the Lolita book?

    • bomblord

      Call it what you want they are still considered minors. Just changing the number doesn’t change the character.

      And yes there are real life consequences of pedophilia even in a fictional setting. Read up about digital consumption of it and escalation. It does do real harm to real children in the long run by normalizing a behavior and thought pattern.

    • bomblord

      And no the character models and associated portraits would not be the same if they were 15 or 50 there’s older characters in every listed game you could look at for comparison. Calling someone with the physical development of a 15 year old 50 doesn’t make them 50.

    • Alistair

      8 days late but must be said. Oh please tell me you didnt say that.

      I could say the same thing about murdering of NPCs in call of duty, kill whores in GTA, that is iilegal in reality so should censorship have to be done in those games too.

      I do not see adults in games i see them as NPCs not real as fictional characters are ageless, the argument put is one sided a cherry pick over the other.

      Eg. Violence is ok sexual themes isnt. Censorship is Censorship even if it a slight minor edit.

    • bomblord

      If someone reacted the same way to fictional violence as they did to it happening in real life they would have serious mental health problems that would need addressed.

      Fictional sexuality on the other hand whether that is through pornography or other comparatively tame methods has proven similarities to the physiological and psychological responses of real sexuality. This also has proven connections to escalation and changes in behavioral patterns. I would like to obviously point out these are general trends not hard and fast rules that apply to anyone that experiences it. The existence of outliers is not proof it doesn’t happen.

      If you really feel depictions of fictional violence are just as bad you should be fighting it. Something else being “just as bad” does not excuse the problem behavior from stopping. And for the record I would have absolutely no issue if the violent content of a game was altered for a region that doesn’t have the same cultural acceptance of fictional violence as the Western World. I understand the reasoning behind it and the purpose of the localization process. If they wanted to remove an inadvertent symbol that would cause issues in another region like KKK Witches I would be fine with that too.

      Finally, on your comments on censorship. It’s not censorship and it will never be censorship when a developer makes a voluntary change to their own product during the development process. And regarding the process of localization changes can be made to a product for the better and not be a boogeyman or all encompassing evil called censorship. As I said before each change must be evaluated on a case by case basis and looked at for what it is. Example Tokyo Mirage Session is pretty much without argument bad it changes a scenario, removes characterization, and story motivations to makes it look worse all around. Removing KKK Witches is good as it was never the intent of the developer to upset a group of people by inadvertently referencing a hate group instead of it just being a lighthearted pun based on a popular electronics group.


    • Steve Baltimore

      If people watching porn changed their behavior there would be millions of pornhub viewers going ape shit all the time LOL. Yea I don’t buy that for second, I’m sure it has effects on some folks just like violence or anything else in media but I doubt it is to any greater extent.

      And even if a developer voluntary changes something, its still self censorship which is in fact still censorship.

    • Miqubi

      jeez the day Maggot Baits will be released better stay safe at home, just in case every reader becomes a guro psycho.

    • Alistair

      What utter rot, there been study after study that video games violence or sexual themes in games doesn’t cause. Problems. As history events has shown.

      Pornographic does not cause. Stroke or heart attack but unhealthy eating does. It regression saying bad crap about games as general. And Xseed self censored the game not because it cause offensive to people but for the devs themselves as tom pointed that out.

      I do not care one bit if a game is offensive to me because it does not, the rating boards see the sexual themes and they okay with it that good enough for me.

    • bomblord

      You also fail to address how this proves name changes by Xseed lead to something worse.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I never said it did, I said it could.

    • bomblord

      Doesn’t matter if it could.

    • ProfessorFluffy

      I’d have to agree with you on this. As a company I think they’ve been having more and more of a censorship friendly ideology lately…

      Something that isn’t really brought up is how selective XSeed has been on which Marvelous games they’ve been localizing lately. They’ve passed on localizing Valkyrie Drive- Bhikkhuni, and they seem to have passed over Net High and Uppers as well. I kind of wonder if they passed over them just to avoid the controversies they thought the games would have caused or the censorship needed to avoid it. If the Senran Kagura series didn’t end up being such a big hit, I kind of doubt they would still be localizing the series.

      For the games they do localize, Tom is our shining light against the darkness of censorship. I just hope Tom removing his name from the credits isn’t an ill omen that leads to him leaving the company completely in a few months when the current titles he’s working on are done.

    • Mr0303

      They gave an explanation for Net High – the game revolved around Japanese puns, which made it nigh impossible to localise. Not picking up Valkyrie Drive and Uppers (they could still do that one) may have been a business decision, since they didn’t know how much they’ll sell. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. We’ll see how they handle Peach Beach Splash.

    • ProfessorFluffy

      I am skeptical over the explanation they gave for Net High. Being heavy in Japanese puns makes a game harder to localize, but it doesn’t make it impossible. Considering the premise of the story, blaming the puns was likely the less damning excuse.

      “NET HIGH is an adventure game about uncovering “lies” of those with fulfilling lives—revealing truth and nuisance about people who seek social status and fame.” – the description from the Singapore PSN store.

    • Mr0303

      I don’t think that the game is that controversial. I tend to believe them that it would take more work to transform it into English, which may not be justified in terms of sales.

    • ProfessorFluffy

      Now a days, a fart could start up a major controversy. ;P

    • Mr0303

      True that.


      They could have ported it to PC, PS4 or Switch as well, therefore opening up a new market for it in terms of potential reach.

      XSEED copped out on Net High, which is a damn shame as the title looked to be one of the most creative things Marvelous have put out recently.

    • Mr0303

      Yeah, Net High didn’t look like my type of game, but I would’ve definitely bought it for the creativity alone.

    • Miqubi

      I still think we’ll get net high given reading steiner tweets, I mean…


    • Panpopo

      That sounds like great news! I really hope he is not trolling lol


      They should have localised all three of those games you’ve mentioned. And Luminous Arc Infinity too. I don’t think it was because of censorship reasons though, note that they have stopped bringing over Vita exclusives altogether.

      Only one that gets a pass is IA/VT -COLORFUL- was because of that title’s licensing issues.

    • Alistair

      Yes the slippery slope syndrome, what could be Next.

      Besides xseed is turning into a regression SJW the reason i said that is the Devs themselves find the KKK witches offensive and self censored Themselves.

      And tom removed from the credits is a foreshadow, because Xseed now and more forever will be closely look at with their next game.

  • bomblord

    This is what we call censorship today Sigh

  • Panpopo

    The company policy of removing credit from FUTURE titles is a bit harsh to me, but company rules is law. Hopefully, Tom will stick with XSeed.

    I understand XSeed’s position, and Tom’s is well known as well. Thankfully, it was a sensible change and not something insane. I would have preferred Fatty McFat and Thinny Thinsworth myself though lol.

    • Narmy

      >Hopefully, Tom will stick with XSeed.
      Ideally he should find a better publisher to work with, or start his own. He is too good for them.

    • Panpopo

      Where would he go, though? And a startup is never easy, unless he is able able to secure capital from investors.

      I would prefer he stayed to keep XSeed as XSeed. Internal conflicts happen all the time in workplaces – there is give and take no matter where you go. Also it would be disappointing if they turned into something else, which they can’t afford to do simply for the sake of goodwill with their customers. They are not a large company that can take hits to reputation.

    • Narmy

      Good question. I guess there really are no good localization companies he could join.

  • RepeatingDigits

    I don’t really mind any of those changes for any of those reasons, since they’re well explained and transparent. The name changes are questionable, but they’re not on the “Esty Dee” level, not even close. At least they mean similar things in japanese. Fuck you NISA, never a bad time to say that.
    Besides, If I were deep in development and caught wind that a kanji was mistranslated i’d just keep whatever was recorded too. Remember that Acquire/XSEED aren’t big companies; re-recording & re-writing would take time and money.
    And to be honest, Akiba’s Beat won’t make much of the latter because it isn’t Akiba’s Trip 3. The real life shops aren’t even licensed, what the hell.
    KKK witches are funny, but eh, better safe than sorry.

  • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

    Give Tom props, that man completely sticks to his guns.

  • MusouTensei

    The KKK change is borderline but it won’t make me cancel my pre-order, what it does though is that I simply cannot trust Xseed as blindly as I used to do anymore, no more pre-orders.

  • Mr0303

    Tom is great and he’s in the right not wanting to alter the names, but I don’t think his move was strategically correct. By removing himself from the credits for something so minor he opens the door for potential future censorship issues. Usually XSEED are very open about the changes, but what if a game where Tom is not involved has something censored and people just assume that it has his approval?

    I think he should’ve chosen a more major issue to make a stand.

    • Panpopo

      I agree with your last statement. While Tom’s position is well known, and his passion for his work is clear, this just devalues any future localization problem that would come up that would be considered more major. Not kidding when I say this is a mountain made out of a mole hill.

    • Mr0303

      My suspicion is that there was more of an internal conflict. Perhaps somebody wanted to email the devs about the KKK thing and got into argument with Tom and XSEED ended up doing it against Tom’s objections. For a such a principled guy like him this could’ve felt like a major betrayal from the company he gave so much to. All of this is just my speculation, but it makes sense to me – it was more about XSEED’s actions rather than the change itself.

  • Go2hell66

    for once the changes werent sex related at least

  • I for one am frankly disgusted by XSEED here. I placed a gigantic amount of trust in them, and now as a result of this self-censorship, I not only won’t be buying this game, but I will seriously reconsider every future XSEED purchase from this point forward.

  • Souledge94

    eh this stuff doesint really bug me.

  • Zeroroute(進路 の 零度)

    As much as I respect that he sticks to his word, he’s become a beehive kicker.

  • DJPlace

    meh i don’t care.