Bandai Namco Responds To Tales of Berseria’s Censorship Allegation

Friday, December 9th, 2016

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Tales of Berseria

Recently, Bandai Namco uploaded a new trailer for the latest entry of the Tales of franchise, Tales of Berseria demonstrating some of the dub work in the beginning of the game. People were quick to note that one of the pivotal scenes in the prologue was altered and toned down. Bandai Namco has come out and responded to the censorship allegations with a Facebook post today, which you can read here.

The interview in question.

Essentially, they claim it boils down to age rating as the original scene would deem it not possible to have an age rating of PEGI 16 which in a business sense they would want to avoid. They also refer to the original interview with the game’s producer that claims the game would come over uncensored but instead it was referring to Velvet’s outfit — which will remain the same. Finally, this will be the only scene altered from the original Japanese version of Tales of Berseria as stated in the response.

When asked on their twitter about other regions being affected, they confirmed both North American and European version will have the same edit, as well as the Steam version. Another question was the possibility of a DLC patch for the Steam version to return the scene to its original form, in response they said “We will consider it; no promise“.

So its nice that they were transparent about this, how do you feel about the change now? Do you think it was justified or are you still on the fence? Please share with us your thoughts on the matter below.

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  • Brad Donald

    The change is terrible because the emotional impact of it is drastically affected by the change. The original Scene has much more impact. Also the hamfisted CHANGE that affects multiple regions to please one is BALONEY.

    Then there is the fact it undermines the claim that its an adult medium by changing the vision to placate a ratings board. At least offer us a DLC patch for the unedited version.


      The DLC patch would cause the whole game to have to be re-rated, therefore it dosen’t actually solve the problem the publisher has.

  • Miles

    Understandable for the fans who hate the censorship and changes but In my perception and opinion for thought. I thinks its fine. Aesthetics and Cosmetics changes doesn’t bother me as much as the next person and it doesn’t make the game for me so I think its fine. As long as the story and the gameplay are still good thats pretty much all I need. Like Senran Kagura; I could care less with the boobs/butt jiggle physics as long as it is fun. Oh Hikage for the win. I caught interested in SK because the gameplay was very similar to Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors and to my surprise it was WAY better than them. (Sorry KoeiTecmo).
    Oh, this is what I think a game should be so If you disagree cool. Agreed, thats cool too. As long as you have an opinion and not attack for no reason its all good to me. Just don’t make a riot off of this.

    • So you’re an indirect censorship apologist, okay.

      Not attacking nor criticizing you, just saying.

  • Migi

    Simple solution, Just make sure you sub the Japanese version and then if there is DLC make it region free. Cause i’m sure as hell not buying a censored game in any form.

  • Panpopo

    Seems ok to me. Glad they responded at all (some companies don’t). There is nothing worse than ignoring the issue.

    • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

      yes it was awesome of them to have responeded

    • 1) Namco originally announced that they wouldn’t censor the game
      2) They censor a scene for that elusive board rating (so they claim)
      3) Wait for the pre-orders to go through first
      4) Then release trailer and get found out
      5) Heavy backlash ensues from the fans
      6) Namco responds for damage control

      Yeah, aren’t they awesome.

    • Migi

      Fanboys will always defend any excuse an company throws at them.

    • Migi

      They kind have too. If you look at the PR nightmare they had when they lied about Tales of Zestiria and the backlash they kinda are killing the Tales games with their decisions.

    • neptuniafan

      I totally agreed. Nintendo of America never bothered to answer or even trying to give an honest answer to their censorship of their games. Usually they only give vague or some excuse that are really BS that you could see it a mile away.

      I am glad that Bandai Namco actually responded to the backlash despite having the possibility of getting even more backlash. The answer they gave may not be honest, but at least they do make sense of it plus they said that they only change that scene and the rest are left the way it is or they try to keep the game as close as to the original content as possible. I applaud them for that.

  • Mr0303

    This censorship is idiotic. I’m sick and tired of the rating excuse. Most gamers are adults and
    even if they are not there are ways they could get the game. What’s
    going on with Bamco? They should’ve learned from the God Eater
    Resurrection backlash. It seems that their recent policy is “fuck swords”.

  • Firion Hope

    I’m not a fan at all but at least they weren’t condescending and for once gave a seemingly honest answer that didn’t have anything to do with morals. Still kind of lazy for them not to just make a separate pegi version

    • Panpopo

      I agree on the attitude they had. Regardless of one’s opinion, there is nothing worse than being looked down upon or being ignored by a company (which has happened in the past by other companies or media outlets). They took the response seriously and timely answered, which means everything imo.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I feel what they’ve said is misleading in regards to other changes, but we will see how this pans out.

    • Zeonis

      I am not sure what you mean. They clearly said that one scene would be the only change.

    • Kazkari

      Its purely about money, nothing more nothing less. In a statement they gave to Censored Gaming they said they effectively cut it because it would stop their advertising to a degree. Money, money money.

  • Lord Ackercocke

    As an adult gamer i’m extremely sick and tired of hearing the word “censorship” in the gaming industry. U know what, i’ll stop now cause i’m getting annoyed…….

    • Nicholas Perry

      It is censorship. Self censorship, and it doesn’t have to come from a governing body.

  • Zeonis

    I wish they hadn’t changed it but I will still be buying the Collector’s Edition.

  • MusouTensei

    Uncensored english asia version is my last hope.


      Don’t expect it The SEA English releases appear to follow a similar pattern to the West unless they are region exclusives like the Gundam games. We didn’t get a physical ver of God Eater Resurrection over there despite requests.

    • MusouTensei

      That sucks, used PAL copy it is then.

  • Paychi

    Tales games have gone so overboard with DLC it feels like it should be a parody, but it’s not. I like Bandai Namco a lot, but screw modern Tales games.

  • Nicholas Perry

    An age restriction would basically hurt no one. No one would not buy this game, because of an M rating. The audience is not a bunch of babies. Also, ESRB argument again, awfully convenient. Fuck those guys.

    • Cats736

      PEGI, not the ESRB. Fuck Namco for self-censoring just to target a specific rating.

  • PanurgeJr

    Never change, Operation Rainfall readers. Never change.

  • senritsu

    Ok, but Velvet’s outfit is terrible.

    • Is that codeword for “I want her covered up”?

      Don’t worry, I’m joking. She looks great in my opinion. 😛

    • senritsu

      No it’s not. It’s a terrible design.

  • Kazkari

    Yep and yet STEAM does not require any rating, companies CHOOSE to censor.