Oprainfall’s Top TEN Hyperdimension Neptunia Girls plus Giveaway!

Friday, March 4th, 2016

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Hey everyone! We here at oprainfall have fought each other for weeks in order to get you our official top ten list of Hyperdimension Neptunia Girls! But the fun doesn’t stop there – we are asking our readers to tell us who their favorite Neptunia character is and why for a chance to win a copy of Megadimension Neptunia V-II* for the PlayStation 4!** So please check out our list and comment below!

10. Rom

rom megmet

Despite her small size, Rom is a very powerful magic user. Taking after her big sister’s calmer side she is less mischievous than her sister, but her quiet nature and shyness have their own charm.

9. Histoire


Histoire, or as Neptune likes to call her “Histy”, is the oracle of Planptune. She is also the tome of Gameindustri possessing all knowledge of its past. She can likely help you out with any problems you encounter, but it’ll probably take about 3 days.

8. Ram

ram coupytwo

Ram is much more outgoing than the much more reserved Rom. She is also much more mischievous, and loves to play pranks on people, especially Blanc. Her personality is more like Blanc than her sister’s, having an attitude and a short fuse. Then again, who doesn’t love a mean girl?

7. Blanc


Blanc may have a short fuse and quite a temper when she is angry, but she is also very sweet. I just wouldn’t mention her chest size in front of her or you may not live to see another day.

6. Nepgear


Nepgear acts much more mature than her older sister and is usually helping her out of a bind. Having some confidence issues, Nepgear is always working hard to make herself stronger and always willing to help out a friend. Just try and keep her away from machines or you may lose her a for a while.

5. Plutia


Plutia is the definition of laid back in human form. Preferring to take naps rather than do actual work, she may come off as a very lazy goddess. However, when push comes to shove, she will always be there to help a friend, and it would be very bad if you made her angry… or would it?

4. Noire


Noire is the classic tsundere. She may seem unapproachable at first, but she is actually a very nice person. She is very dedicated to Lastation and takes her work very seriously. She loves her country and citizens more than almost anything. She also secretly enjoys cosplaying.

3. Vert


All of the Goddesses are huge gamers, but Vert may be the biggest one of all. She is also very calm and mature, and loves showing off her chest size much to the dismay of Blanc. Usually putting the needs of others before her own, Vert’s kindness can only be matched by her beauty.

2. Uni


Uni is a lot like her big sister in many ways but she is less of a tsundere, which makes her a little more approachable. Uni is very close with the other candidates, especially Nepgear, who she considers her rival. Uni has all of Noire’s qualities in what some would say is a cuter package.

1. Neptune

Neptune | Cute

Neptune would probably say something like “Of course the protagonist would win.” She is often very laid back and would prefer to lay around gaming rather than do any work, but when push comes to shove she is always there to save the day. Always willing to go that extra mile to help her friends and being positive in the darkest of times are two qualities I think we all aspire to have, and is why she tops our list.

*Contest ends March 6 11:59pm PST winner will be chosen at random.
**Must live in the United States in order to win (sorry shipping rates are kinda crazy).

  • VLX

    Toss up between Vert and Noire for me. No PS4 here so don’t worry about me :p

  • Ark

    Histoire well always be my favorite since she knows how work hard despite it takes 3 days

  • Liam Phoenix

    Does Iffy count?

    If not then Blanc.

  • Julia Jurichu Zimmermann

    Plutia/Iris Heart all the way! xp

  • Joe Hodgson

    Noire hands down. I love her so much!!!!

  • Whichi

    Agreed Only NEPTUNE could top this list.. Afterall she is the protagonist of all protagonists. My favorite of course Neptune is officially the best out of all of the neptune character there is NO ARGUEMENT. Red and other Neptune share second place x)

    • azariosays

      Hi, you’re the winner!!! please send an email to alopez@oprainfall.com to claim your price ^_^ you’ll have a couple days to respond to this message.

      please make sure you qualify! we can not ship out of country 🙁

  • Ariel Herrera Morera

    For me, the top 7 are:

    1. Neptune
    2. Nepgear
    3. Vert
    4. Plutia

    And the rest are very cute.

  • ray

    0/10 list, no Compa anywhere.

  • JC

    Well, for me, Noire is the best girl

  • Shawn

    Blanc without a doubt.

    Really like her design and who can beat you when you’re voiced by Asumi Kana?

  • TGamer64

    Gotta give it up to Noire, I’m biased towards tsundere characters, as my profile picture should easily tell you, and the fact that she loves cosplay makes her all the better.

  • Poe Barks

    Noire is my favorite hands down!
    Worst girl in my opinion would be Nepgear. For some reason i just could not bring myself to like her. Also, no Compa on the list?! That is madness!

  • Ragnawind

    My personal favorite is Noire, mostly due to the Tsundere personality, but still being a good leader.

  • Paddi

    Plutia best Girl in my Opinion. Don´t make her angry you know what happens^^

  • Chaoticlysm

    Neptune is by far the best character to me. She is funny, likable, and really silly. While the other characters are entertaining too, Neptune is what makes the game fun and entertaining to play.

  • a posing fedora

    My favourite is MAGES., I simply love the way she interacts with the rest of the cast.

  • Mr0303

    My top 10 will be

    10. Ram
    9. Vert
    8. Nepgear
    7. Neptune
    6. Compa
    5. Histoire
    4. Iffy
    3. Plutia
    2. Noire
    1. Uni

    Uni is my favorite, because she has a genuine little sister feel, always trying to live up to Noire. She is charming and her guns are awesome.

    I already have Megadimension, so exclude me from the contest.

  • Cruxics

    IF. she is in my opinion a mature character and also because she was the first character i grew fond off

  • Fire.fire.kun

    Vert is my favorite CPU, after switching from Noire. She’s nice, mature, gets along everyone, and is the most hardcore game. Uni is my favorite CPU candidate because she’s more relatable than Noire and Nepgear. Neptune isn’t the strongest waifu candidate imho, but she as the lead sets the tone for a fun entertaining story. Thus, I pretty much agree with this ranking. 😀

  • Zoozbuh

    Noire is my favourite <3 I have a thing for adorable tsunderes.
    ~~ Love you Idea Factory International, please pick me~~

    • azariosays

      Hi, you’re the winner!!! please send an email to alopez@oprainfall.com to claim your price ^_^ you’ll have a couple days to respond to this message.

  • SquidBuster

    Pururut (Plutia). Cute as hell, best VA, has the best interactions with Neptune in the series, is a godlike mage type in combat, and Iris Heart got me like ???

  • RPG_fanboy

    My vote goes to Noire, since the first game she was always my favorite, she loves games, cosplay and is overall cute, when you get past the first tsundere barrier

  • Spidermang

    Why just a few weeks ago I wrote a blog on why Nep-nep is the best Nep (if you don’t believe its my blog I can verify on it’s comment section)! In short she’s super cute, super lazy like me and has the ability to turn into a kick-ass busty goddess!
    But for my full reasons/affection see: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Immortallix/waifu-wars-nep-nep-best-nep–338512.phtml
    But seriously, how can you not love her?

  • ilikeswords

    Nepgear is my favorite character. Both her English and Japanese voices match her character completely and I feel like she’s a really strong lead when it comes to the plot in this series. Neptune is a strong lead when it comes to the humor based portions, but I feel she wouldn’t have done well in the setting from Mk2/RB2. Her good nature and trying to be mature while still being a bit innocent is perfect as a character, and I feel like she’s received the most development in the series. Not to mention she likes robots a lot, which happens to be my field of study, though I liked her before that was ever tagged on to her person in Victory.

  • gigglebunneis


  • nLEcho

    I would have to say Uni for me, I love how she acts with the cast, especially Nepgear!

  • dark-kyon

    Good Top ten. agree with uds even when i prefer noire and uni. vert especially is underrated.

  • Vincent Argo

    Nepgear for me! It is a hard choice, each girl is awesome in their own way. 🙂

  • Bryan Schofield

    Its a tie between Plutia and Neptune for me

  • heavenlyclassic

    hands down,overall,has to be Blanc.i love the strong aggressive yet caring type

  • Tv’s Draco

    Neptune sorta auto-wins with the power of the protagonist. MAGES. would be favorite non-Neptune character. She should be the one getting spinoffs really.

  • lighthawk

    For me, Noire is top of the tops. Not a bad list though its always a surprise to see someone who likes Ram more than Rom.

  • Riley Borg

    it’s a tough call between Nepu & Noire. they both very awesome, sweet & lovable characters with admirable traits.

  • Sarah

    Plutia and Iris Heart, since Plutia’s really cute and Iris is a very interesting dichotomy to have with such a sweet-hearted character

  • Resha

    Vert is my favorite for sure. Though Noire is a very close second fav for me.

  • Jndj

    Noire is my favorite, her haughty tsundere personality is extremely cute! I love how in some Neptunia games she laughs almost maniacally, as if she’s a psychopathic lunatic drunk with otherworldly power. Her otaku hobbies are what makes her even more adorable than she already is, but what Anonydeath did to Noire when he exposes her love for cosplay to her friends was hilariously cute! Also, I especially love her HDD form & Next form.

  • Yet, there’s no IF. The one character that gets the group to actually do things in a timely smart manner.

    That’s fine, she probably likes the background more than the spotlight. But we know who the real hero is, the chosen one.

  • The_Truth_in_the_Dark

    Definitely gotta be Nep Jr aka Nepgear… sometimes makes you wonder who is the younger sister between them the way their personalities are… Second is Plutia… because well the extreme in the personality switching between normal and HDD….

  • Coolta

    Compa! I just love her girlyness and ditzy personality ^^ However my choice from the list above would have to be Vert, she’s just so damn classy and a hardcore gamer like me 😉

  • David S

    Noire, any day of the week.

  • Mato Kuroi

    Lady Tsundere heart all the way!!!

  • Stephy Southwell

    I love Compa – she’s very nurturing, motherly, and compassionate.

    Think about it: She didn’t even know Neptunia in the original game or Re;birth1 and brought her into her house, then nursed her to health. She stuck with her throughout the entire game, dedicated to helping her discover her memories. Even if there was nothing in it for me.

    This means she’s very loyal and will help you if you’re in need. Having a girl like that around would be lovely.

  • Kage David Cheng

    My favorite for a long time has been Blanc <3 She seems like she would b amazingly fun to mess with even if she does get angry often XD

  • Ruby Kyoko Bran

    My personal favorite is between Uni and Plutia.
    Uni is just so adorable and a bad*** girl all in one and Shes a “Uni”que character with how she fights and her Personality some.

    As for Plutia I love her Plutieness and her Crazy Iris side. Shes a character whome i commect well with who loves cute things and making her friends happy and protects them, but above all else, loves to “have fun” and see others be as cute as possible, even if its in “Unfriendly” ways.

  • TexuNyan

    Vert or Neptune, maybe a mixture of both

  • Kiley Luna

    I’d have to say Vert Noire Plutia Neptune Histoire IF Gust, even she’s non more. Even though all the characters in Neptunia are just great…. Mostly

    • azariosays

      Hi, you’re the winner!!! please send an email to alopez@oprainfall.com to claim your price ^_^ you’ll have a couple days to respond to this message.

  • dig785

    Nepgear is best grill

  • Rob


  • 「Resonance」

    「Of course this list would be filled with nothing but NORMIE AND PLEBEIAN taste. I say that Rei Ryghts is best character, not only because she is kawaii as FUCK, but because she has genuine character development despite being a villain!」

    • Sylveria Shini

      Back when IF did a poll for who you’d like to see have their own game, I was all over it being Rei. I’d love to see the story of her being the first CPU, her rise to power, and the tragic end that lead her to where she was in Neptunia 3.

  • Gabriel Ng

    My favourite is Nepgear, her personality and adorable voice (Yui Horie ftw) just hit home for me. She’s also the only one among the girls who’s a mechanic, and who doesn’t love a girl who can fix any electronic you have? She can also cook really well, and that’s just waifu material right there. The best and most admirable part about her is her attitude, she’s the only girl in the series who’s been at the bitter end of multiple jokes, even to the point of being depressed for a while. Yet, despite this, she still loves everyone and doesn’t hold a grudge. All these come together to make her, in my opinion, the best and my favourite girl in the series.

    On another note, what’s with this shitty top 10? The descriptions and almost non-existant explanation given for each of the girls don’t justify their placings. A little bit more elaboration, a little bit more support for why you think these girls would be at their placings on the list would have been appreciated. As it stands, this list is a throwaway excuse just to have a giveaway. Which in that case, why not just host a giveaway?!

    • azariosays

      pssst. i had written out why they were chosen, but they were changed to just explanations of the girls. though what was written here would have been a great add on to my explanations, i didn’t know what i had written would be completely changed. I feel you on this -__-

    • Gabriel Ng

      If that is true, then you might want to find out who changed your post without your knowledge and confront them about it. It is really rude to edit someone else’s content without informing them after all.

    • azariosays

      Ha it was my boss 🙂 I don’t mind I told him to this morning. Honestly, I just didn’t know my stuff was completely taken out. So I get you, but I like what he wrote in 🙂

  • Thien Do

    My favorite Hyperdimension Neptunia character has to be RED. She is cute, funny, energetic, and very unique in her silly goofball. It is not only her personality that I like the most about her, but it also how i can relate with her the most; being FORGOTTEN. She first appeared in Hyperdimension Neptunia, and never came back until years later with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 2: Sisters Generation. Many of the new fans to the series, Re;birth series, will never know they she was forgotten. RED is the one character I love and will never forget.

  • Paul

    I would definitely put MAGES. somewhere since I love the way she is based on Steins;Gate. Either way this list is pretty solid.

  • Nepgear is my favorite. The first game in the series I played was MK 2 and Nepgear grew on me instantly.

  • Andres Sanchez

    Neptune bby! She is most likely the best. She is funny, cute, and can relate with anyone.

  • Bianca Ann Saracino

    Nepgear is my favorite girl <3
    1) she's voiced by my favorite english voice actress Christine Cabanos (just hearing her makes me melt :3 )
    2) she is absolutely adorable with her pretty long hair and adorable outfit ^_^
    3) I love her personality, she may lack confidence in herself buy she tries her best and is always looking out/caring for others ^_^

  • Nero Hellscythe Kinoshita

    Nepgear all the way!!!!!!!!!!
    Algo totally agreed on Uni.

  • Timothy Ketterling

    It’s a toss up between Rom, Nep, and Plutie. They’re all just so adorable and cute, you can’t help but love them. Also Rom has the personality that just makes you want to protect and love her with all your being.

  • Steve Baltimore

    We’re likely gonna do a list for the maker characters later since none of them made it onto this list 😀

  • Sylveria Shini

    Oh Vert all the way. In V-II she’s presented with the option to make any wish she wants and he response is to have all the collectors editions of all the games in the whole world. How could you not want her after that.

  • Michael Mont Marquette

    Noire has been my favorite for awhile, but it’s always been a toss up between her and Nep-Nep.

  • Brittany Young

    Blanc is my favorite. She’s a big reader like me and she is so cute with Ram & Rom.

  • ♠ Suicide Bunny ♠

    Noire, uni and plutia for me ❤️

  • Roberto González Landa

    I have a soft sport for Nepgear. She was very charming with her good girl attitude and her “what the goodness” catchphrase. But then came Victory when she became the butt of all the jokes, and that made her even more likeable to me. Poor thing, always being bullied for being boring and bland, makes one want to hug her and tell her everything will be fine, and that she is not as bad as everyone says.

  • Erron Luo

    Uni and Noire FTW !!
    A Citizen of Lastation here ..

  • Sawada

    All Hail the best Tank B L A N C !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Wisdom Ming

    Neptune’s the girl for me. My first Neptunia game was PP and her storyline was my favorite. She’s just so sweet.

  • azariosays

    I love the comments section here! you are all amazing!

  • OC. Cruz

    Due to starting with Victory and the anime, my vote goes for Rei Ryghts, cause dang it, she’s adorable with that personality!

    …Also, she wasn’t such a problem to deal with at the beginning as I was just starting to learn the game, unlike the other CPUs I had to fight…

  • Mabase

    No makers? No Chika? Histoire not even in the top 3? C’mon now.

    Anyway, my favorite’s easily Histoire. Cutest and most hardworking of the whole bunch. Hands down the most interesting character in HDN1 too since she was so mysterious. Mini-Histy’s the icing on the cake.

  • Domino D

    Vert and Compa. Wheres Compa?

  • DazzAntoni


    But in seriousness (though I do love that guy)

    My #1 favorite changes by the game, but currently it’s Uni. She is the most empathetic out of all of the cast, to where she can even relate to her enemies and show them kindness. That she’s now had two “villains” fall for her says a lot about what that can do.

    She only barely beats out Falcom, my normal #1–love that adventurous spirit, and her shipwreck-and-lose-all-my-gear pattern. I want a game series starring her.

    Have the game already, so you can take me out of the contest.

  • Pamela

    Noire, because her personality is most like mine. Loved the goddess black heart game too.

  • SushiniLuxray

    Personally speaking i love Vert for many reasons but the main reason is due to her gamer side, i give her alot of credit for being able to keep playing all those games AND run a nation day in and day out. As for her personality, her kindness and maturity is some what of a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other Goddesses, she can be goofy her and there but she plays the straight man more than not and that alone is funny to me. <3 i do love Vert, she is to me the more lovable goddess.

  • Keith Chan

    *Spoilers ahead if you haven’t played mk2, Victory, Re;birth 2, and Re;Birth 3*

    Nepgear for me. She’s often on the receiving end of the jokes (e.g. her “affinities” in V and R;B3), and is a lot of fun to tease because of her innocence. But I think what captivated me the most was the Conquest Ending in mk2 and R;B2. She brought herself to do what no one else could (and what no HDN fan would ever expect from this series), and shouldered the aftermath all alone. While definitely not canon, this still presented a new outlook on life for me. The basic gist of it is that the world would be doomed exactly because it is unified under a single ruler, meaning that everything, the game and even the real world itself, is only beautiful and progressive because of the diversity present, and that humanity can only advance because there is conflict (competition, to be exact). To be put into more relatable context, the reason why anyone can love the character of their choice is because there is no “Best Girl”.

    That, and she’s cute.

  • OuchThatHurt-Phil G

    No Irisheart GTFO

  • Daverost

    Nep in first and Uni right behind her? I like the way you guys think.

  • Eduardo Jauregui

    rom is best

  • Bexard Esnic

    I’d like to name a big list about my top ten
    But seems it’s only one character you most like

    I’ll vote Neptune

  • Roy Crownguard

    HOW IS COMPA NOT IN THIS LIST? She’s pure waifu material! She’s optimistic and you can always count on her help! Also how can you not love that hair of hers

  • acesofthesky

    Noire, she needs friends.
    Also strict enough to make me actually write my thesis instead of lurking the interwebs

  • Cater

    Vert best girl!

  • Matthew O’Brien

    My favorite 2 characters are Neptune,because of her laid back yet fun attitude and Iff because she looks really cool with her calm and collected personality and i love the lines she say when she starts getting mad or fired up And she always gets thing done through her networks.

  • Marc

    Noire is The way to go <3

  • Jonathan Gabriel

    I say Vert is the best because she’s the spitting image of Neptunia lovers. Hardcore gamers and anime lovers who would rather play games than do work.

  • artemisthemp

    Noire since, she only does everything 🙂

  • Lindaspass

    Plutia, of course, is best girl.

  • Francesco Jdm


  • Peace Boy

    My favourites are Noire, Nepgear, Uni and Neptune.
    But I probably need more time to decide on the candidates as I’ve still only got Rebirth 1, they’re both excellent in battle though and I love their personalities.
    Noire’s hilarious because the way she reacts to Neptune’s jokes and teases and when she gets called a loner, ha ha. XD
    Neptune’s also hilarious seeing as she breaks the 4th wall a lot and makes loads of references.

  • Stefano Gironi

    I think Blanc deserve a higher position, 7 is too low for her.

  • Marki

    My favorite character is Uni… I have always loved her design, even more when she goes in HDD form and her gun. When she goes HDD form her boobs gets small, but I don’t care about that because she has her own charms that I like better and I like both of the voices (Japanese & English ). Thats a few things that I like about her, there’s still more, but I think this is enough to say why.

  • Iris heart is great because she does a really great job of representing the painful relationship between Sega and fans in the last decade or so. The line that always sticks in my head was something like “The only reason I do anything nice is to see how much it hurts you later” which very much sums up how I feel when I play Valkyria then get the disappointing Valkyria 2, when I fall in love with Yakuza and they say they dont want to localize it anymore etc

  • Zers

    mine would have to be Red because, she protects her wifey with her lifey.

  • Ilya Kassano

    Damn, I can’t choose, I love all of them.

  • Mai Shibari

    Noire for me. She is the only (comparatively) new tsundere character that I don’t hate, the only tsundere that I can love without being annoyed by her every 10 seconds.

  • MusouTensei

    I live in the EU so don’t put me in the raffle, I have the game already anyway.

    PLUTIA!!!! Mainly though because she can transform into Iris Heart, and she exactly knows how it changes her and loves it.

  • Nepgear Ho

    As my profile picture suggest, my favorite Hyperdimension Neptunia girl is… NEPGEAR!<3
    Why?: Well, I fell in love with her because of multiple reason. 1. We both share a strong mind when it comes to technology, I absolutely love technology, she is crazy in love with technology. Nepgear is super cute, and caring of others, sometime putting her life on the line, At first, she was very unconfident in her ability, but when push comes to shove, she immediately discarded her thoughts and rushed to aid her friends. For a person who was such a crybaby at first, evolving to a strong-willed person. Moved me very much.

  • Bexard Esnic

    Neptune no doubt
    Always nep nep

  • Alice

    Oh my, Neppy strikes again!! She would always be my favorite~

  • Wilthar

    Noire will always be top 1 in my heart. No matter what.

  • An Tran

    Blanc-sama of course.
    She packs a massive wallop hidden inside an extremely cute package. She doesn’t even try to be cutesy, but when she does it always ends up being jarring and awkward considering her usual mannerisms which is cute in of itself. She’s the quiet type, but has absolutely no problem speaking her mind and blowing up if someone wrongs her in any way. Lastly, she’s extremely caring about her people and her friends. Just…don’t mess with her.

  • Dean Whisenant

    Peashy is the best CPU by far.

  • Henry Huynh

    My favorite is Nisa, because she is the vanguard of JUSTICE! Also I’m upset that she and Gust are no longer in the series, but I had fond(?) memories of the very first Hyperdimension Neptunia.

  • Penny Brown

    Plutia! Why because her change is much like my mood swings.

  • jarrod

    It’s close between IF and Blanc, but I have to choose IF as my favorite. I just love everything about her!

  • BurgerUnit

    Gotta go with Neptune. Her dream sequence in Megadimension V-II was so sweet.

  • PoeyJoey

    Nepgear is bestgear. I enjoy her tinkering personality along with her serious personality to move the story along.

  • Brandon Zammit

    Blanc is my favourite!

  • Shadow


  • Mike Nieto

    >No Vert in #1

  • ZeroShade

    Plutia mainly because she is just all around win.Who doesn’t love someone who enjoys naps beats things up with a stuffed animal *in the games*,has sadistic tendencies,and has amazing sewing skills.

  • Vert! Vert! Vert!

    I love blondes and I love long hair. She’s kind and really enjoys having a fun time. She’s naughty and also very elegant and beautiful! I love those long sexy legs of hers. She makes me laugh a lot too. She’ll always be my most favorite character ever. She really needs her own game and a couple of figures would be nice too!

    • Blondes are best babes and i agree on dem legs department too:3