Genei Ibun Roku #FE Gets Renamed to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for the West

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

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Nintendo has new release information on Wii U exclusive Genei Ibun Roku #FE, now renamed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. As we know, it’s a RPG based in modern Japan, with a theme based on the Japanese pop idol scene. The original Japanese voiceover has been kept, with English subtitles. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will be released on June 24th in North America and Europe.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE 3


Source: Nintendo Direct

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A university student who loves niche games and desires for them to be more fairly represented in the world. Favourite games include Persona 4 Golden, Super Mario Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts II and IA/VT Colorful. Hopes that one day a Japanese publisher will take the risk and make a Yaoi ecchi game. Think Valkyrie Drive with guys and you're on the right lines.

  • Archer

    Super stoked for this game.

  • David S

    It’s Nintendo, so it should come as no surprise it’s been censored.

    • PanurgeJr

      It’s Operation Rainfall, so it should come as no surprise a commenter has no clue what censorship actually is.

      I swear it’s like the Gamergaters got together and tried to figure out what nonexistent problem their reactionary agenda could latch onto.

      And please unironically tell me to shut up. It will make me laugh.

    • Mr0303

      “Censorship is the suppression of speech,
      public communication or other information which may be considered
      objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient
      as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other
      groups or institutions.”

    • L.K.N.

      Feel free to make a fool of yourself and talk all you want.

      See, there’s a distinct difference between censorship and violations of the first amendment. It’s only the latter if the government is doing the censorship.But if a group of Christian conservatives protested and used political and social pressure to remove gay marriages from a video game, and the company caved into it, it would be censorship just the same, wouldn’t it? So why is it not censorship when that pressure comes from the left, or anywhere else?

    • Hogtree Octovish

      It’s an OpRainfall article where someone mentioned the dreaded C-word, so it should come as no surprise Panurge Jr. is here to spout their pro-censorship apologia. 😛
      (I’m guessing True Wii Master isn’t far behind.)

      And, yes, that’s the literally the point of GamerGate.
      To point out that shitty censorship is shitty.

      But no, please continue speaking out of your arse.
      It amuses me.

    • David S

      I still don’t know nor care about gamergate, but if being anit-censorship gets you lumped in with them, that doesn’t really make their opponents look too good.

    • Dgnfly

      Gamergates idea was honorable it just got hijacked and twisted by Feminists. now it has a different picture but the true meaning was against corruption in gaming journalism.

    • Paychi

      Hahaha there you go with that “agenda” thing again. We just don’t want censorship. That’s it. Freedom of speech dawg.

    • David S

      I’m surprised. This is the first time I’ve been called a gamergater. Never been a part of that little microcosm of idiocy since I could never figure it out. And no, that is not a call for anyone to try to explain it to me. I really don’t care.

      And I do understand what censorship is. Do you? or are you one of those that still thinks is not censorship if it isn’t done by the government, or because they call it localization?

    • Speed12345

      It’s PanurgeJr, no surprise if him starts to defends Nintendo or denies obvious censorship due his fanboy blindness.

    • Neckto

      Some of the just can’t handle the truth. Lmfao!

    • TeLin特林


      Words have multiple definitions…..much like censorship is more that just “forced by governments.”

    • Hogtree Octovish

      Let’s hope not.
      But given Ninty’s recent track record, it seems likely.

    • Paychi

      I think Nintendo of America is aware of the small, very vocal group that’s calling them out on their horseshit. That’s probably why it’s subtitled with Japanese audio. Still, with how they are now, who the hell knows if those subs are translated properly? Also, it’s not like the Japanese audio will make up for what they’ve already done, will continue to do, and probably will do to this game.

    • Hogtree Octovish

      I mean if anything, I’d personally prefer it to just have Japanese voice acting with English subtitles then have NoA muck up the dub.
      At least there’s less risk of them erasing massive chunks of the dialogue like they did with Fates.

    • David S

      I saw it while looking through the Torentialdownpur twitter tag after the direct yesterday. If people are finding things this early, it doesn’t bode well to me. Then again, Nintendo has made it easy to believe these sorts of things are real.

  • Ragunaxl

    This is kind of wussy. It’s like a barbie game from japan only if you weren’t familiar with barbie. One of the characters is trying to take the j-pop world by storm… with his fashion. There are probably 2 rpg fans outside there that have been dying for a game like this. I am genuinely happy for you. I’ll hold out for my usual amnesiac melodramatic teen chosen-one cliche.

  • Superr Mann

    Don’t you mean Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was renamed?

  • PanurgeJr

    “Reacting to that small, shrill group is censorship. Reacting to my small, shrill group isn’t.”–Operation Rainfall commenters.

    • Hogtree Octovish

      If Group 1 is calling for censorship of already existing products, and Group 2 is calling for said products to remain intact, then, yes, it seems like the most logical position (at least in my opinion) is to ally with Group 2.

      And you post on this site all the time.
      If you don’t like it here, just leave.

      (Not to say you have to. You can stay as long as you want.
      I literally don’t care either way.
      And, as I said this morning, you amuse me.)

    • Dgnfly

      Some ppl in this world don’t run on logic they run on magic pixy dust.
      ”in other words bullshit”.

    • PanurgeJr

      Do you know why I don’t leave? Admittedly because it amuses me, but primarily because I want as many games to come west as possible, and the louder and more unreasonable the neoGamergater everything-is-censorship crowd becomes, the riskier localization becomes, and the less we get of it. You seem to want it to be very difficult for Nintendo to do business; I’m trying to see that you don’t get your wish.

      I’m sure you won’t see it that way, and I don’t care. You aren’t my target; Operation Rainfall is. At some point I’m hoping they’ll see the advantages of curating their audience and the disadvantages of allowing misinformation and hyperreaction to fester and reinforce themselves.

    • David S

      so you see it as a quantity > quality.
      I prefer quality over quantity. I would rather have fewer titles released in a properly localized fashion than have all titles release in various states of butchery. I personally don’t see much value in a localized game who’s only resemblance to the original is the name.

    • PanurgeJr

      I see it as I want a healthy market. And I want to fight proper localization being labeled “censorship” by a shrill group that demands to be pandered to, which believes a narrative because it’s a narrative they believe.

    • David S

      Well, if your concern is about ‘proper’ localization, then your issue isn’t with the people calling Nintendo out, but with Nintendo, who has done is best to turn the term localization into a dirty word. Seriously, where is your head at? you care about a healthy market, but the quality of the product doesn’t matter? That like saying as long as the restaurant market is healthy, you don’t care that your only choice is fast-food.

      And I’m not really sure what your last line was supposed to even mean. “which believes a narrative because it’s a narrative they believe”. Yeah, people tend to believe the narrative they believe? Though you haven’t really been clear on what narrative you seem to think I believe.

    • PanurgeJr

      My issue is most certainly not with Nintendo, which has been attempting to produce the most apolitical localizations they can only to find themselves the targets of people who don’t even understand why they’re targeting people. And the quality of the product very much matters; but I choose not to deny a product’s quality in the name of righteous indignation.

      As for my last line, it was an intentionality vacuous tautology intended to reflect the equally vacuous, and indeed nonexistent, reasoning I’ve seen. Seriously, I was told that localization is censorship because Nintendo has offices. And that making changes during development is perfectly okay, but changes during localization are censorship. And so on.

      Lastly, asking where my head is at because I don’t agree with what seems obvious to you is arrogant. Feel free to ascribe the trait to me in return; it will be true. But what is also true is that everyone who can point out exactly where my flaws and blindnesses lay might want to ask where theirs are, for we all have them, and whether what they believe isn’t quite as true or certain as they think.

    • David S

      I have never claimed localization is censorship, but I have said that localization has become synonymous with censorship due to how it is currently used. That is largely Nintendos fault with the current swath of games and their long history of the practice. It’s simply come to a head because of how drastic and brazen it’s been in such a short period of time.

      Now I was going to address the rest of your lengthy comment, when I realized it was nothing more than a long winded deflection attempting to shift the discussion away from censorship in games to some sort of self introspection. Congrats, you almost got me.

      What you seem to not have noticed is that you pointed out exactly what my complaint is about without even realizing it. Producing an apolitical localization from source material that was not is the issue. If I want a particular game, I am looking for that game, not the shell of that game stuffed with something more bland and (supposedly) less offensive. It’s boring and sterile and not true to the original in any way. And the quality of JRPGS, which are largely dependent upon the story and characters, is directly affected when those aspects tampered with.

      One thing I will touch on is the difference in changes during development vs localization. When a game is in development, it is not available to anyone, so no matter what is done, no one has the game to begin with. You can’t make comparisons to a product not available. Localization occurs after a game has been released, and you can compare how equitable different regions games are and you can determine just how faithfully your version is to the originals.

    • PanurgeJr

      “Localization isn’t censorship, it’s just synonymous with it.” An excellent example of everything I’ve talked about.

      And your reply was long enough that you can’t claim I didn’t get you. I wasn’t going to claim I did get you, but you brought it up.

    • David S

      ah, I see. Now i understand why everyone else was mocking you while I made the mistake of trying to have a conversation. You’re arguing from a place of intellectual dishonesty, and looking only to agitate, which also explains why you have yet to make a cogent argument despite what you seem to think. So disappointing.

    • PanurgeJr

      What is intellectually dishonest about quoting someone? Or pointing out the absurdity of a lengthy reply that literally says “I’m not replying”?

      And the mockery is in the stead of conversation. If you don’t see the difference don’t worry. Few do. Sadly.

    • David S

      I think the fact that you have to ask what’s intellectually dishonest about summarizing someone else’s words (incorrectly I might add) and then claiming them as a quote speaks for itself.

    • PanurgeJr

      TL;DR. BVB-Bayern is on soon. Everything-is-censorship idiocy will have to wait.

    • David S


    • Hogtree Octovish

      Yes, apolitical localisations where they remove stuff due to naughty bits.

      And, no, we’re calling it “censorship” because they’re actually removing content from the original versions.
      I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself (at least once a month, I guess) before it gets into your thick blind fanboy skull.

      As I said, I LOVE Nintendo games, but I’m still going to call them out on their bullshit (like the whole “let’s lock out game content by making our fans buy 10-15 quid figurines” Amiibo crap *cough*Twilight Princess WiiU*cough*).

      Being a fan means you have to dole out criticism as well as praise, in my opinion.
      And the consumers are going to find out eventually, anyway, so it’s probably better to come from a friendly source.

    • PanurgeJr

      You can repeat yourself as much as you want, but that will never convince me you know what you’re talking about. It’s not thickness, blindness, or fanboyness (fanboyism? fanboyocity? fanboyigistics?) that is behind my rejection of your conclusions.

    • Hogtree Octovish

      LOL, no.
      I fucking LOVE Nintendo games and want as many of their games to be released in Europe (and North America, I guess) as possible, but the problem is something they created themselves by letting the likes of Treehouse localise their games.

      Okay, let’s not call it censorship (even though it is), but why else would they get rid of stuff like the breast adjuster in XenoCross or the Waifu-Amie minigame from FE Fates?
      (And with Fates, I’ve heard rumours that they even removed parts of the actual dialogue.)
      It might seem like small stuff to you, but it all adds up to a feeling that NoA (and NoE by association) don’t really care about their consumer base enough to give them a fully intact game.

      I’m not saying that still buying the game makes you a bad person (I mean I caved in and bought XenoCross (on launch day, as that)), but consumers need to know what they’re buying and not be ripped off by what they may or may not view as shoddy localisations.

    • PanurgeJr

      You’ve heard rumors. That the vast majority of condemnation I’ve see is based on rumor and not one iota more is precisely the problem I choose to confront.

    • Call it censorship or pandering… Either way; it is distasteful and unnecessary. Some would argue the same, about the original product; but if that’s the case, they weren’t really interested in it in the first place. So just who, exactly, are they catering to? Certainly not their fans.

    • Vanadise

      “Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups.” — the American Civil Liberties Union, which is far more of an expert on censorship that you could hope to be:

  • MusouTensei

    I used to be super excited for this, but I will wait till it’s out for a few weeks to see if news about censorship, sorry, I mean “localization to make it more appealing to people who don’t play games” pop up. If it’s actually uncensored, I’ll buy it, if not, fuck it.

  • I was originally bummed about it being a sub-only release but, after thinking about it for a moment, it kind of makes sense. Since the story largely revolves around idols; it would have been hard for them to find a bunch of singers to do a proper dub. Now they could have just dubbed the talking segments of the game but that can be off-putting, when the singing and talking don’t match.

  • Josh S.

    Even the English version of the name is gibberish lol. Still, looks pretty cool.

  • DariusQ

    Well, the dialogue isn’t going to change so I guess its time to start learning Japanese. At least the menus will be in English so I don’t have to learn reading & writing.

  • Paychi

    “If you’re not going to buy it because one or two things changed then you weren’t fan enough and you weren’t that interested in the first place.”

    That’s apologist mentality. People who are turning away from these games chose to support basic rights like freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Which are easily more important than any video game, comic, or tv show/anime/movie. Buying the game (in this case any censored game, I’m not being specific) means you’re okay with censorship.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m not going to use the breast size slider. It doesn’t matter if I don’t care about petting waifus with my 3DS stylus or putting a bathing suit on a wyver riding axe wielding tittylord. It’s the principle.

    • She’sLump

      I’ll agree that your quote shows a narrow mindset, but you can’t lump everybody together like that. Buying a game does not outright make you a supporter of censorship. You can protest in more ways than just your wallet. Some people buy it to support the developer and the artists who worked hard.

    • Paychi

      Yeah when I said “Buying the game means you’re okay with censorship” I was generalizing too much. You’re right there’s other ways to protest. Apologies for that.

      Otherwise though point still stands.