Making It Rainfall Week 11: Mega Man’s Legacy

Monday, February 29th, 2016

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The entire time Making It Rainfall has been around, we’ve avoided doing one thing – specific video game tributes. While I’ve seen a LOT of them online, these require a ton of research, time, effort and love. I wanted to make sure we were all committed before we did our first one. Now with Mega Man Legacy Collection hitting the 3DS last week, it seemed like a perfect time to do a tribute to everybody’s favorite Blue Bomber, Mega Man! Since Legacy Collection covers 6 Mega Man titles, I thought it fitting that we had 6 different tribute levels this week. There is a tremendous range expressed here, and a lot of creativity. You’ll be able to tell immediately that the Mega Man love is strong here at oprainfall. As always, I have personally tried out every stage, and can attest that they are well made and not unbeatable in the slightest, though a couple are tricky. We hope you enjoy them!

Josh’s Levels

Level 1 – Cut Man’s Buzzsaw-ectomy
Upload Code: 50EE-0000-01CF-3CB0

Making It Rainfall | Cut Man's Buzzsaw-ectomy

Let’s face it – Cut Man doesn’t exactly have the sexiest weapon of the Robot Masters. I mean, what self respecting robot would be intimidated by a pair of giant scissors? That sort of thing is bound to make him self conscious, so Cut Man went and “borrowed” some of Metal Man’s buzzsaws. Problem is, they weren’t programmed to work with him, so he had a bad reaction and was turned into a frozen giant. Thus, it’s your job to fix him by jumping inside his cannon and deleting the viral reaction from the inside out. Be warned though, as the buzzsaws are still very active, and his own anti viral software is ready to delete you. Take a trip through this buzzsaw hell and help get Cut Man back to normal!

Level 2 – Dr. Wily’s Air Base
Upload Code: E553-0000-01CE-4F74

Making It Rainfall | Dr. Wily's Air Base

Dr. Wily is sick and tired of getting his ass handed to him by Mega Man, so he decides to invade the Mushroom Kingdom! He tinkers with his castle, and makes an airborne fortress with which to lay siege to the poor inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. Only Mario can stop Wily, but he has his work cut out for him. Wily has placed tons of devious traps throughout the aerial gauntlet, including the Yellow Devil itself! And be wary at the end of the level, as Bowser Jr. has decided to help out Wily, and is protected by a couple of moving cannons! Help Mario teach Wily he invaded the wrong kingdom!

Level 3 – Heat Man’s Furnace
Upload Code: 3822-0000-01CE-71D9

Making It Rainfall | Heat Man's Furnace

This level is inspired by Heat Man’s stage. While I couldn’t exactly make disappearing platforms, I could make a moving stage full of flames and other traps. This level is short and sweet, and shouldn’t be too hard to beat. Just be careful not to get singed as you race through this stage!

Michael’s Levels

Level 4 – Mega Man 2 Adventure
Upload Code: E719-0000-01DE-E6E1

Making It Rainfall | Mega Man 2 Adventure

Mega Man 2 was my first Mega Man game when I was just a little kid. So for this week’s Making It Rainfall I spent awhile and looked at maps of levels from that game on I decided two worlds I could best represent in my level would be Cloud Man’s level and Heat Man’s level. Sadly, I don’t have reddish bricks for the Heatman portion of my level, so they just had to be gray. I put a few hidden mushrooms around as usual, too. I feel like the level may have turned out a touch too easy, but I decided to leave it as it is because it is very easy to make your level harder than you meant to (because you keep getting better at it as you keep playtesting it). A new player doesn’t have any previous knowledge coming into the stage for the first time, which can make life harder for them. So I decided not to add more obstacles and such. I hope you have fun playing this homage to Mega Man 2!

Phil’s Levels

Level 5 – Heat Genblem Returns…? (MMZ4)
Upload Code: CF5B-0000-01D2-5C68

Making It Rainfall | Heat Genblem Returns

Phil does a tribute to a stage from Mega Man Zero 4, where you fought against the infernal tortoise, Heat Genblem! This stage is split between powerup sections where you can pick either Yoshi or a Fire Flower, and long sections full of fiery traps. It also has a couple boss fights, including one against Heat Genblem himself… or at least Bowser Jr. doing his best Heat Genblem impression in a Fire Clown Car.

Tyler’s Levels

Level 6 – Super Mario X2
Upload Code: C722-0000-01E1-11D6

Making It Rainfall | Super Mario X2

Tyler based this level on the very first level found in Mega Man X2, and it has lots of sections where you need to be equipped with a Fire Flower to get past. Hordes of enemies await you, as does a giant Bowser boss fight that is reminiscent of the battle against the giant robot mini boss in Mega Man X2. Be patient, and fight your way through this robotic havoc.

That’s it for this week! Please join us next time for more levels, and feel free to comment on themes you want to see in future installments.

About Josh Speer

Josh is a passionate gamer, finding time to clock in around 30-40 hours of gaming a week. He discovered Operation Rainfall while avidly following the localization of the Big 3 Wii RPGs. He enjoys SHMUPS, Platformers, RPGs, Roguelikes and the occasional Fighter. He’s also an unashamedly giant Mega Man fan, having played the series since he was eight. As Head Editor and Review Manager, he spends far too much time editing reviews and random articles. In his limited spare time he devours indies whole and anticipates the release of quirky, unpredictable and innovative games.