More Bravely Second Changes Reported – Side Quests Always Give Good Ending

Monday, February 29th, 2016

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Bravely Second: End Layer

If you always want a good ending the European version of Bravely Second might be the game for you. In the Japanese version with side quests players pick a side and watch what happens be it good or bad. In the European version players seem to always get a good ending.

User  Dark_Felix  stated the following in a forum recently.

I’ve finished the Japanese version and something felt off about the outcomes of the side quests in the english version, I just finished the side quest with Ominas and Artemia and they made a pretty big change with how the outcome works. Hard to explain in more detail without going into major spoilers but i’ll try to keep it major spoiler free, read on at your own risk.


So basically instead of picking a side and seeing the consequences of your decision being played out you’re given a “good” ending regardless, i just went back and checked the events again and this applied to all the ones i’ve done so far. Can’t say i’m a fan of this change as part of the appeal of picking a side was actually seeing the consequences of your choice and then further down the line without going into spoilers “stuff” happens.


You can read more about it here  but beware of spoilers.


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  • Archer

    Before everybody hops on the hate train over this, I think it would be beneficial to read an article that was sent my way earlier.

    I’m very much against censorship, and this article is a very, very long read, but it brought up all sorts of interesting points that I hadn’t really fully considered before. If nothing else, I think it’s a good discussion piece that can tie in with articles such as this one, instead of seeing it devolve into a bunch of circular arguments that get us nowhere.

    • SullenSamurai

      There’s far too much false equivalency — some of it sarcastic, but that’s hardly an excuse (sarcasm isn’t always the lowest form of wit, but it’s also not always the highest form of intelligence either, especially when tossed around so carelessly) — and tenuous logic in that piece for my tastes.

      Likening the actions of Nintendo of America to great artists during the Bonfire of the Vanities, metaphorically offering up some of their lesser works so as to save their greater ones (read: censoring/altering certain content in their games so as to be allowed to release them westward and/or not incur the wrath of the hypothetical horde)? That implies that NoA makes these changes against their own better judgment, that they wish they could release these games intact, but simply can’t. It completely discounts the very real (and, honestly, more likely) possibility that they make these changes exactly because they agree with them.

      If Nintendo of America is fighting off two mobs at the same time, attempting to weather both of them, they will fail. One can be weathered, but in the same way that a human can weather its own mortality (which is to say, put up with it until it stops being relevant). This is the first mob — the one composed of non-consumers that never intended to buy their products, regardless if said products were altered for their approval. They will always exist, but they won’t always be interested in what you’re doing, so just be willing to put up with them because, well, you don’t really have a choice and they do let up occasionally, if only briefly.

      And then there’s the other mob — the one of their own creation, the one pissed off at shoddy localization work. This group is growing larger and more disgruntled by the day, and it doesn’t really let up. I suppose you could try to weather this group until it stops being relevant as well, but seeing as this group is composed of would-be consumers, the outcome involves them completely jumping ship, in which case you as a business have already lost.

      I really do sometimes think NoA believes the internet and social media are fads that will soon lose relevance, and then things can return to the way they were in the good ol’ days, when changes made during localization weren’t so heavily publicized and, hence, so open to criticism. Except that’s not going to happen.

    • Archer

      I can agree with you for sure that the comparisons weren’t always the best, and there was at times a flair for the dramatic. I was mostly looking at ideas behind those comparisons – being seen as a mob, the frequent double standards and even outright hypocrisy (on all sides), the fact that media is frequently biased and only makes the problem worse. If you sift through the bulk of it, I believe there are some legitimately good points to discuss.

      Regarding the comparison to the Bonfire, I do agree. Mostly. I don’t really think that Nintendo believes or agrees with the politically correct movement. I think that’s definitely the image that they’re projecting, though. It’s just my opinion, but I’m starting to think that maybe, like so many businesses do these days, they err on the side of caution, by trying to be as least offensive as they possibly can. In doing so, they definitely are upsetting their customer base. For the time being, the politically correct movement is the side of caution – they project an image of being “family friendly” and they’re of the “think of the children!” persuasion.

      And then you have a community of gamers with so many grievances, Nintendo may not even begin to understand where to untangle them. You have the extremists who think that Nintendo and everything they do is nothing short of the most vile evil the world has ever seen, and they all deserve to be doxed and swatted and fired (definitely the outlier). You have the group that calls you incompetent and doesn’t want your product to begin with, but will continually pass judgement (I’m talking about people who legitimately just have no interest in Nintendo and never really have). You have a group that does want the game, and does want the experience to be as close to the original experience as possible, and a subset of that group that wants the game in that state, but will not buy until it is released as such. And more.

      I appreciate you at least discussing some of these issues. That’s really all I was aiming for. I’m not looking for firestorm debates or endless arguments of “I agree!” or “I disagree!” I mostly just want to talk about these issues, about these games. We used to be able to talk about all of this stuff, but these days… well, look no further than the comments sections of many publications.

    • SullenSamurai

      Very understandable, and I apologize if I came off as attacking you; that was never my intent, and if that was the message I conveyed then I failed.

      Just voicing my somewhat heated opinion on the linked article. It’s certainly not without merit, but it disappointed me greatly, mostly because the author of it clearly isn’t an idiot, yet made some logical leaps and fallacious comparisons that I would expect of one. Those articles are the ones that typically rustle my jimmies the hardest, because if you don’t look closely enough (or you just don’t know better), you’ll happily gulp down a bowl of fallacy chowder simply because it looked good and the chef seemed to be on-the-level.

    • Archer

      I didn’t get that impression at all, I promise. I honestly thought you were sharing your thoughts, opinions and ideas, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

      I think it’s always wise to sift through articles of any source. Just because something has a pretty wrapper doesn’t mean it’s not total crap below. That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately – ignore all the leaps and comparisons and the “buzzwords” to see what’s of actual merit.

      Anywho, thank you again! You’ve given me some interesting things to think about!

    • Figuratively Shaking

      A proper analysis of that article’s problems would take more time than it actually deserves so allow me to sum up that wall of masturbation that just wasted a not insignificant portion of my life. “I’m so goddamn moderate and everyone with any actual opinion on anything is just an extremist that is currently ruining everything.”

      To call such a thing a discussion piece is an insult. It doesn’t exist to create any discussion. It is “everyone is stupid except me” stretched to novella length with false equivalencies and sarcasm filling in for any actual points.

    • Archer

      My intent wasn’t insult. My intent truly was to try and further discussion. I wasn’t analyzing his prose, his comparisons. I was looking at some of the themes, some of his ideas, and thought it might be beneficial to discuss them.

      Frequently we deal in black and white, in absolutes. We place the blame of censorship on Nintendo, and toss any thought of what led to such censorship out the window. We boil it down to “SJW propaganda” or some other boogeyman that we can rail against. Even if there is “SJW propaganda” or an actual boogeyman, we’re not rallying against them. We’re rallying against Nintendo. We’re fighting one another over semantics.

      We frequently claim to love the developer, to hold their work as true, as the holy grail. Yet we’re also willing to hold them hostage, to even potentially damage them to send a message. Couldn’t we talk about this approach?

      Can’t we talk about being seen as a mob? Is it possible that we’re not being differentiated from the same people who are creating petitions to have Reggie fired, who are clamoring for Alison Rapp to lose her job? Can we talk about why that might be a problem?

      I thought we could discuss issues such as these that came up in that article, and more. Our current methods of trying to enact change clearly aren’t working. If we only deal in absolutes, I feel we’ve lost before we’ve even begun.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      “Frequently we deal in black and white, in absolutes.”

      There it is. The one absolute claim that you’re allowed to make. All others are inherent signs that you’re an extremist, or at least a fool, but that one somehow remains true throughout. You’re allowed to make such an incredibly broad claim about not only what is actually happening but what the people involved have ever even thought.

      It’s astounding that you can’t see that this is exactly what stops discussion.

    • Archer

      My first thought was, “Great. Another asshat that wants to pick a single line apart and blast me for a poor choice of wording.”

      My second thought was, “Fine. You don’t want to have a discussion. God. CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I’M TRYING TO TALK ABOUT THE PROBLEMS?!?!?”

      My fingers were already at the keyboard before I stopped. And then I read your statement again. And then I read it a third time, more slowly. And then I walked away from the computer, made a cup of coffee, and thought for a few minutes.

      I thought about what it was that I was trying to accomplish. My main goal is to educate myself, to talk about the issues surrounding our gaming community, to gain a deeper understanding of the problems on all sides of the fence. How could I educate myself if I wasn’t going to listen to what you had to say, whether or not I agreed with it?

      And so I read it again. And realized that what I thought was not a broad statement is indeed a very broad one, unfairly applied to people that I don’t even know. I’ve become jaded over the months, frequently faced with no more discussion than, “It’s censorship. End of discussion. You’re with me or you’re against me.” And I allowed that to color my own judgements and perceptions – and words. I wasn’t trying to label people as extremists with that statement, or fools, but I had to consider that perhaps that’s how it may come across. Applying an absolute statement while protesting the people who deal in absolutes is patently absurd, in retrospect.

      So, thank you. If nothing else, I learned something today, and that came from this discussion. 🙂

      (P.S. I couldn’t decide if that smiley came off as sarcastic or not. I’m trying to convey that my words are sincere – in a text based medium, things come off as sarcastic to me all the time.)

  • antithesis

    I’ve cancelled my CE preorder early today. Not worth giving NoA money when the game is getting butcher left and right.

  • Vanadise

    I’ve got a suggestion for anybody who is upset about this but still wants to buy it: cancel your pre-order and just buy it after it comes out. Wait until after the first week, if you can.

    Game companies pay very close attention to pre-order numbers to determine how popular a game is, and they will notice if there’s a big dip in pre-orders before the release.

    • David S

      I have to agree. I’m not one to advocate for boycotts, I just voice my decisions and let others do as they please. But this is way beyond anything even remotely tolerable.

    • MusouTensei

      Just buy it used if you really want to play it and sell it afterwards if you want.

    • Ratchet

      I was actually going to say this exactly. Buy it used. You get to experience the game, but you’re not supporting the practices. If you are on the side of “I see that this is an issue, but I just want to enjoy the game”, you still get to enjoy the game, and you’re still voting with your wallet. And on top of that, you get the game a bit cheaper as well. Winning across the board, it’s what I’m intending to do.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    That’s very weird. Why would they change that? And is this only in the European version?

    • David S

      You’re kidding, right? NoA and Noe have been skimping by sharing the vast majority of their localizations lately. If it in the European version, it’ll be the same in NA. Probably worse, since we’ll have the added bonus of having proper dialogue replace by outdate meme’s. At least the EU releases seem to have less of those.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I know they share translations, but the article was very specific about this being the European version, with no mention of the American version. I was wondering if there’s any confirmation one way or the other.

    • antithesis

      There is no way to confirm until release. One of the things I hate about Nintendo is they always keep their lips right when it comes to things changed and removed, and too late for anyone to change their mind.

  • Steve Baltimore

    I really hope this turns out to be some strange bug and they really didn’t do this.

    • David S

      I think the fact that this is so easily believable, regardless of truth, speaks worlds about how Noa/E are perceived these days.

    • Steve Baltimore

      True and this could be on Square as well.

    • David S

      Oh, it definitely is. Even if NoA made the suggestions, SE had to say yes. It makes them seem extremely out of touch with the fans to think this would go over anything but badly.

  • MusouTensei

    I don’t even want this game used at this point, why even bother?

    • Paychi

      Pretty much. I was going to buy Chronicles X used, so Nintendo wouldn’t get my money, but now I just don’t give a damn either way. I’m jumping ship. Grabbing a Vita and focusing on supporting decent publishers.

    • Joey

      Good choice! Idea Factory, Marvelous, Atlus and other ncihe publishers have been pumping out (mostly) uncensored games for the Vita lately. Moe Chronicle is also worth an import to supported uncensored goodness.

    • David S

      Yea, all this nonsense going on with Nintendo has not only made me skip the offending titles, but also others just because they were published by NoA. I’m now skipping FF Explorers as well due to whats happening to BS. (Even if NoA did the localization, SE had to approve these changes, and are equally guilty). I can’t even imagine what going to happen to Star Ocean and FFXV… or the FFVII remake (screwing that up will basically end SE)

    • Klaxynd

      Actually SE was more than likely strong armed into this with Nintendo providing the funding and all. SE probably had very little choice.

  • Stilzkin

    People will defend this.

    Absolutely disgusting.

    • Infophile

      People may defend that Nintendo has the right to change it, but I doubt you’ll see very many people defending it as a good idea. Honestly, this is such a bad idea I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be a bug.

    • Stilzkin

      You’d be surprised. Nintendobabies take every criticism of Nintendo as a personal attack on their childhood

    • James McEneely

      While I’m personally a big fan of a lot of Nintendo titles, I’m also incredibly frustrated and annoyed by all the censorship.

    • Kionashi

      well I can take the “Nintendobabies” as a personal attack =_=

    • Frostrich

      People already are. It’s sickening.

      It mostly boils down to “wah wah I don’t want to get a bad ending”.

  • Mr0303

    But of course. Odin forbid games actually have consequences for player actions. We don’t want to hurt the fragile westerners with a bad ending.

  • tBanzai

    I’m reading from twitter that Binari Sonari did the localization for Bravely Second but we don’t know who was supervising. That might be a line you’d want to trace.

    • Steve Baltimore

      They did the first game, but I dunno if they did this one or not.

  • Timekeeper402

    I wish NOA had a direct email. I want them to know why I am cancelling my collector’s edition preorder. If enough people tell them why they are losing sales maybe they will stop doing this.

    • Jason Ryer

      I just chose not to order, Bought TMS though cause I was going to anyway. Too many good games coming for stupid stuff like this.