Fire Emblem Fates Sells Over 300K Copies In The First Three Days

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

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Since the game’s launch last Friday, Fire Emblem Fates has succeeded its predecessor Fire Emblem Awakening in having the best launch for the series in the US, selling five times more in the same time span. With the Birthright path leading the charge, with the Conquest path following closely behind it.

Its no surprise it did so well, considering the heavier marketing push like inserting Corrin in Smash for the Wii U as DLC, and in general the series having more of a presence after Awakening’s success. The controversy over localization probably had a helping hand in small quantities in giving the game more exposure as well. Fire Emblem Fates is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and is now available, with a release date for Europe still up in the air.


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  • How did the special edition do? I can’t find it anywhere since it sold-out almost immediately after announcement. Are there any plans for more special editions, or at least another single-cart release (even without the bonuses).

  • Dgnfly

    This truly shows that the fans are beyond retarded for buying a butchered game with a made up translation that has no meaning towards the actual content that was in it.

    Sure shows how retarded ppl are becoming cause you could sell em a piece off shit and they’d buy it as long as it has a good wrapper.

    • Guest

      Yes, because fans of Fire Emblem play the franchise not for the in-depth tactical gameplay or the compelling themes, but because they want a visual novel and skinship simulator, am I right?

      Oh, wait, I think I got that backwards. Silly me.

    • Paychi

      Actually some people like to read the support conversations and further immerse themselves in the world and get closer to the characters they’re experiencing. The “visual novel” support aspect has always been a part of Fire Emblem. All of that goes out the window with the translation that Treehouse did. You don’t even have to look at the censorship to see how shit on this game was. Oh excuse me, you ignorant people prefer the term “localization”. “Localization aside, the translation is god awful and not much of the original product remained in tact outside of the gameplay.

      How can you possibly defend this?

    • PanurgeJr

      Acknowledging localization for what it is is not ignorance. And nothing was censored. But by all means, deprive yourself of a quality title because it doesn’t goose step to your reactionary political agenda.

    • Sylveria Shini

      “Your opinion is different than mine, SO YOU’RE AS BAD AS THE NAZIS” I’m sorry, up above I gave you the benefit of the doubt. That was my error. Glad to see what we’re really dealing with. What was that you said to the other person about “your comment speaking volumes about you.”?

    • PanurgeJr

      I usually don’t go full Nazi so early, but I once had someone on this site tell me that my Aryan overlord was commanding me to shut up, so I figured what the hell. It is not that I saw an opinion different than mine, it is that oprainfall is fostering a very vocal, very irate, very reactionary community that I’ve come to very much enjoy trolling. Let’s see how well I did. I’m setting the over/under on how many times I get called a SJW at 4 1/2.

    • Paychi


      Simple Definition of censor
      : a person who
      examines books, movies, letters, etc., and removes things that are
      considered to be offensive, immoral, harmful to society, etc.

      You can’t say “nothing was censored” that’s a blatant lie and even you know it, sir. Political agenda lolwut?

    • PanurgeJr

      This simple definition refers to 3rd party government officials, not agents of the publisher, who bought the rights to make alterations when they funded the project. lol who has the political agenda now lol wait what

    • Paychi

      I’m not allowed to express myself without having a supposed controversial political agenda. You’ve already lost any kind of credibility when you keep saying things like that.

    • Dgnfly

      Ppl with no brain can defend anything even things that don’t need defend like fictional characters. its all SJW and Feminist political agenda and seems Nintendo is full of it.

    • VanFinale

      Haha any of the people interested in a deep tactical game have been stopped playing this fire emblem since before awakening. Why do you think awakening was supposed to be the death of the series? The games were failing because they ceased being mechanically deep and became stale. So for awakening they tried a new thing and made it like all those anime games that are so popular in Japan., while minimizing on the challenge and depth of the strategy gameplay. It was a huge success with completely different people. So they doubled down on all those elements in if/ fates of course they then cut out all of that stuff for the American release. So there Western release got a game that is a simple mediocre strategy game compared to what it used to be while also cutting out all of the new features that were heavily advertised in Japan.

    • Sylveria Shini

      Always love guest comments. Can come in, be snooty, then scamper off in to the void never to be held accountable.

      Perhaps people are fans of the series for both? I had never played a FE game till Awakening and social interactions in the game were a major part of what drew me in. The combat was very compelling as well, as was the fun of combining jobs and traits to find the most broken stuff I could.

      My point being is I got interested in the game because of a combination of things, and the ones you seem to disregard so completely were largely influential on the series getting its heat back, especially in its country of origin. Don’t forget that the FE franchise was all but dead. Awakening was to be the swan-song. So those “fans” you speak of so reverently were not substantial in number.

    • Dgnfly

      Those kinda ppl really have no valid point and are barely gamers who buy these games butchered if you want a full read off how nintendo makes up their translation read this.

    • Lord Ackercocke

      Agreed. I was always about the gameplay.

    • MJ F

      these people love the fact that Fire Emblem was (as they say) censored. It gives them the opportunity to get into comment battles. I love how they just blindly repeat what they’ve been told.
      And how sensitive they are to trivial modifications to an outstanding video game.
      Like, ok – why don’t you just swipe your screen while they are boosting affinity? Nothing is stopping you from swiping your screen. Go Nuts.
      And please, tell me how the translation has changed. And be specific – otherwise, I’m just gonna assume you’re being too sensitive.
      These soft people that are mad about a video game. It amazes me how they want to inject their myopia into other peoples’ lives.
      Like, we all don’t subscribe to such a lunatic thought process – in our video games.
      What, they got rid of a creepy and uncomfortable and tedious task in a game? Awesome! And the translation is way better than the one they did for Awakening – so if people liked Awakening, they’ll love Fates. And really, most people playing Fates will have slogged through the poor writing in Awakening. So they’re really just barking up the wrong tree here and showing off how simple minded they are.

    • Dgnfly

      If you had a brain and looked at the other comments like this.

      and not just that also this.

      If you diden’t like those aspect in the game that don’t buy the damn game and demand a butchered version which we are all stuck with.

      Thank god for piracy cause that’s what nintendo will be getting a lot more.

    • MJ F

      so that’s the best you got then? Cool – nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Just a bunch of over-sensitive neck-beards.

    • Guest

      Mmmm… I wouldn’t go so far as to call them retarded. Honestly, most people don’t really do that much research into the game they’re buying, so I’m willing to bet that plenty of people who bought the game were blissfully unaware of any issues.

      That being said, at the end of the day, people want to play a game and have fun. That’s probably the strongest selling point of them all.

    • Joey

      You read my mind. The “R” word is offensive and deogitry. Though I normally see him on Niche Gamer, where these kind of remarks are common, so that’s something to bare in mind.

    • Sylveria Shini

      Do you need to go to a safe space now? Maybe do a little coloring and a hug from a matronly African american woman?

    • Dgnfly

      When ppl like you can’t think logical and demand things censored or altered makes ppl like you retarded and normal ppl with a brain takes something as it is meant to be not something you want it to be. Maybe you’ll be needing a safespace and or a cave and never come out off it so you can feel safe from these words.

    • Guest

      Uhhhhh… wha? I said the bulk of people who made up those sales figures probably had no clue about all the censorship/localization issues. Not sure why I’d need a safe zone from that?

    • Joey

      Just ignore him. He’s not worth your time.

    • Dgnfly

      Cause those kinda ppl support this kinda butchering and are now forcing it on more games unless everybody stand for something true instead off something fake nothing will change.

      And i find the Reason for calling them retarded for not doing the research kinda proves why this kinda thing keeps happening. cause its the non gamer like the casual and SJW nutjobs with Feminist that make this kinda crap happen and ppl who excuse it are nothing more then drones.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Yes, people who buy games that they want to buy, despite other people telling them to boycott them for reasons they don’t care about, are drones (sarcasm, in case that wasn’t clear).

    • Dgnfly

      So pointing out that ppl would buy just for the sake it might disappear is a bullshit argument they always make but then again nintendo is full off SJW and feminist that can’t handle any real content and that’s the whole reason it got butchered.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      People buy it because it’s good. If it wasn’t good enough to buy, it would probably end up disappearing. That’s typically how the free market works.

      Actually, I’ve seen very few people who really supported the changes in Fire Emblem. Most people who comment seem to be against it, or just don’t care, like me. Among the general gamer populace, I think most people are in the “don’t care” camp, hence the great sales Fates is getting.

    • Dgnfly

      Most likely the casual bought it without knowing or caring what it was meant to be cause nowadays there is an army off SJW in the gaming industry who marketed the their butchered game.

      And also the 3DS has nothing but crap games for the most part only games that remotely sell are nintendo games cause there is barely any real choice cause they can barely get third party support so most bought it cause they need to justify buying a crap handheld. most 3DS are used to pirate games.

      Still show how retarded ppl that don’t care are just for the sake like i said it might disappear instead off actually doing soemthing about it and making a stand ppl like you DRONES make gaming a more horrible and less creative place by letting censorship run free. not just that most off those ppl are the reason the world is a more shitier place so you can be proud off being lazy and selfish as a person cause you obviously coulden’t care if they overcharged you for half the game.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Fire Emblem really isn’t a casual franchise, and the game is still very similar to the Japanese version. The changes are very minor. Also, I’ve never seen anyone say you should support Fates because it was SJW-friendly. I think that would turn away more people than the changes Nintendo made.

      There are a ton of great games on the 3DS, including a ton of 3rd party games. Atlus in particular has put a lot of games on the system, but it also has major games from Capcom and Square.

      People like me support great games, which encourages more great games. People like you pirate great games, using whatever excuse you can think of to defend your piracy, and hurt the gaming industry in so doing. If anyone is discouraging creativity and quality, it’s you, not me.

    • Dgnfly

      The changes aren’t minor there is a whole list its only minor to you cause like your name suggest your a Nintendo fanboy so you’d defend them regardless off how butchered the game is.

      If you read the article i posted on one angry you would see nintendo whole localization is full off SJW and Feminist not just that but they admit they don’t do any real translation and make things up just so it suits them.

      3DS is a joke i almost bought it glad i diden’t considering how nintendo treats its hardcore with half assed games and full price i sure hope the rumor is true and that nintendo NX won’t be getting any third party support again like with WiiU.

      People like you buy like drones just so you can feel you did a great job supporting butchered games instead off supporting the Devs that made the game differently. and butchured games isen’t great games. majority games nintendo released are butchered like Xenoblade the last fire emblem now this one and most likely now all their future games with the nutjobs that do their localization.

      Your really a joke with the comment ( If anyone is discouraging creativity and quality, it’s you, not me)

      Considering i want the game as it was meant to be as the creator meant it to be and you would buy a butchered version that kills anything that was put into the game not for the sake off how the creator meant it to be but for the sake off your seflish views off as long as i can feel happy about it.
      delusion cause in the end any form off censorship kills the original vision off the actually creator or developer.

      I feel piracy is a legal means to protest butchered games and against selfish ppl like you that made this censorship happen by being the mindless drones instead off making a stand.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I do love Nintendo, but that has nothing to do with this. I just don’t care about the minor (yes, minor) changes made to Fates. Based on the sales Fates is getting, I’m not alone.

      That’s unfortunate if it’s true, but if a game’s good, I’ll still get it.

      The 3DS is the best selling current hardware, and has a ton of great games, 1st and 3rd party. As for the NX, I’ve never heard that rumor. Every rumor I hear is about 3rd party support happening, from developers like Square and EA, or about 3rd party engines, like Unreal and Unity, being supported.

      I’ve never heard of anyone buying a game because it was butchered, and that certainly goes for Fates too. The game is great, regardless of how you feel about the changes, and people are buying it because of that, not because of the changes.

      If you want to support the original version, buy the original version. I’ve heard of people doing that and then patching it (or downloading a fan-translated version) so that they can support and play the original. While piracy is still illegal in this case, at least these people are supporting the game, putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. If you encourage/practice piracy without buying the game in any way, you’re hurting the developer, and the franchise, while claiming it’s for a righteous cause. It isn’t, and you aren’t a “hardcore fan”.

      Piracy is illegal in all cases, and therefore not a legal means. If you really wanted to support the game while protesting the localization, you’d import it. Otherwise, you’re just hurting the developer, the franchise, and the industry, and clearly showing that you don’t actually care about the games or those who make them.

    • Dgnfly

      Keep deluding yourself you actually helping the industry by buying butchered games and then saying you support creativity that needed cut content whiel it wasen’t the intended content for full price.

      Why would i buy the japanese version when its nintendo who ordered this kinda degradetion to happen so why would i support a company that doesen’t support me.
      Cosndiering a Free translation is 100 times better and true to its original form then some morons at nintendo treehouse crap butchering the game and getting paid for it.

      I won’t be hurting the developer considering its making games for japan and all i’m hurting is their U.S branch who made this butchering happen because off their ideological agenda.

      I don’t care if its not a legal means its the only means to protest these kinda practices and they all result from the pbulsiher ignoring its hardcore fanbase for the sake off casual gamers.

      I own a sony console and i won about 300 ps3 games bought day1 100 ps4 games and mostly all psvita games that have been released even had to import those that diden’t have a european release so i’d say i’m doing way more then i think you’d be doing. My psn profile registered a total off 428 games and that doesen’t even include the backlog i’m yet to play.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I don’t specifically buy altered games, so that really doesn’t apply to me. Actually, I’ve never met anyone that did apply to. I just buy good games that I enjoy, and that encourages developers to make more good games that I will enjoy.

      Nintendo’s not supposed to support you, unless you work for them. They make great games, and if you like them, you buy them so they’ll make more. That’s how the cycle works. If you claim to like a specific version of the game, but pirate it, even when you can buy the version you like, you aren’t supporting anything. You’re just hurting the developer who makes the games you claim to enjoy.

      If you want future Japanese versions of the game, but don’t care about the Western versions, buy the Japanese version to encourage future Japanese versions. If you can, but won’t, you aren’t a fan. You’re just someone who doesn’t want to pay, even to support something they claim they like.

      You called it a legal means. I was just correcting you. As for it being the only way to protest, you’re wrong. There’s a perfectly legal and legitimate way to protest: don’t get the game. That or, like I said, buy it from Japan. Either way, you aren’t giving NoA’s version a sale.

      I don’t usually question a person’s claim about their own life, but there weren’t 100 PS4 games day 1. Also, I’m curious as to how many of those games came from EA, whose customers you bashed earlier. As for me, I don’t have as many as you, but I do have about 120 games on my PS3, though that includes quite a few classics and indies, as well as dozens of games on my Wii U and 3DS.

    • Dgnfly

      Sorry but buying a butchered game just shows they need little effort cause half a games is just as suited for western audience cause that’s what nintendo keeps giving its not just this game there are more nintendo games that get censored.

      Ya i can see how much nintendo is doing for its fans with these kinda releases and ZERO third party support. there is a reason why nintendo has been failing for the most part since the end off the SNES era.

      Like i said i import physical copies off games that aren’t released here in europe so i’m doing more but i refuse to buy a game that is butchered just so ppl can push their own political agenda and that is what the ppl at Noa are doing even if i buy the japanese version they would still push that agenda which i don’t support.

      If i illegaly download it i get the game and at the same time nintendo won’t profit off me as a mindless drone. cause in the end i the consumer decide if the product is worth its price which it isen’t cause it’s a incomplete game not just that the translation is still bullshit unlike the Fan illegal version.

      Actually i don’t buy EA games day1 cause i don’t support the scamming with DLC so i buy those GOTY edition like i said i’m not a drone like you i buy if its good value so i mostly buy anime games from bandai namco or NIS america and other anime related game companies that actually listen to fans i do have to say that NIS america is also becoming like Nintendo of america and more bullshit translation and cut content so i barely buy their games anymore.

      During the ps3 era i bought nearly every game but seeing as most games nowadays are shit and aren’t even worth the price. i once thought about getting a nintendo console but i’m not supporting non-stop censorship off games so i will never own a nintendo console again with these kinda practices and i think most hardcore fans feel the same.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Saying Fates is half a game really isn’t accurate. The content that was removed was not the meat of the game. It wasn’t even something you had to do. It was more like the parsley they put on your dish at a restaurant; you wouldn’t miss it unless you knew it was supposed to be there, and even then you might not care.

      So it’s Nintendo’s fault that 3rd parties dropped the Wii U? Out of curiosity, is it also Sony’s fault that they dropped the Vita? And as for Nintendo failing since the SNES, they’ve continued to completely dominate the handheld market, and the Wii won last gen. The Wii U hasn’t done well, but 3 of their last four systems have done very well.

      You refuse to buy a game that’s “butchered”, but you also refuse to buy the version of it that isn’t “butchered” because you just don’t want to, even though doing so would support the version that isn’t “butchered”. Did I get that right?

      The fact that you want the game at all puts you in the same boat as the people you’re calling “mindless drones”. They’re also getting the game because they want it. The only real difference is that they want to buy what they want, and support future production, whereas you just want to take it. And you seriously think you, as the consumer, get to decide the value of products? That’s ridiculous. You can’t walk into a store and decide something is worth exactly $0, and take it. The seller decides the price. You decide if you want to pay that price. If the item doesn’t sell, the seller might lower the price, but at no point do you get to change the price yourself, or take it because you disagree with the price.

      I say I buy good games that I like, and avoid broken games, and you respond by saying I’m a drone, and unlike me, you buy games you think are worth buying… I fail to see the difference.

      So right after claiming that you only buy games with value, you turn around and say that you bought pretty much everything on the PS3…

      Really, if you only buy games in their original forms, focusing on Japanese games, and completely avoid any company that “censors” anything, you won’t have much to play without just importing games straight from Japan.

    • Dgnfly

      We can keep this going forver but our points kinda stay the same i feel a butchered game isen’t even worth buying.
      and you on the other hand would buy a butchered game simply cause there might not be a next title.

      I want the game but i won’t stoop as low as you to support a butchered games like many off those mindless drones like you.

      Sorry buy i diden’t buy any ATLUS games for years neither any other company that feels it can scam its fans with shoddy releases. but there are more then enough publishers with a sense that they need fans.

      Also your last comment i actually buy games that aren’t butchered and i also buy japanese games if they don’t have massive dialogue. that’s why i know that the western version is butchered when bandai namco butchered the first Sword art online game with a made up translation ppl complained and refused to buy the game now Bandai namco does survey on how to do better tanslations instead off this game that has nothing but made up words by ppl who don’t know a damn thing about japanese and Ppl like you buying like mindless drones instead off taking a stand.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I’m not buying Fates to ensure a future Fire Emblem. I’m buying Fates because it’s a great game, even with the changes made during localization. My buying the game has the effect of increasing the probability of a sequel, but that’s not why I’m buying Fates.

      You already said you refuse to buy even the original, unaltered version. You just don’t want to pay for the game.

      You said that you avoid everything made by companies that “butcher” (meaning alter) their games, which means you avoid games from quite a few Japanese developers. If you mostly buy Japanese games, you either don’t have a ton to play, or you do indeed buy games from companies who change their games.

    • Dgnfly

      I won’t buy the unaltered version cause it has no english subs included or else i would buy it and sadly my japanese isen’t top notch. Actually there are japanese publishers that don’t butcher translations and there is also the asia version.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      As I originally mentioned, you could buy the original Japanese version, and then patch it with a fan translation (if there’s a patch). Even if you were to pirate it (still illegal) after buying the original, at least you would have supported the game the way you like it. If you have that option, and still refuse to buy it, pirating it instead, you’re not supporting anything, even though you claim to support the original version.

    • PanurgeJr

      The game isn’t butchered, and the sales figures say absolutely nothing about any mindlessness of the fanbase. Your comments, on the other hand, speak volumes about you. Starting, but far from ending, with the actual butchery of language that is “translation that has no meaning towards the … content”. Seriously, what does that even mean?

    • Sylveria Shini

      Not to defend their hissy fit, but that aspect of the comment is pretty self explanatory. Major aspects of character development were either cut or re-written an infused with dank memes and jokes that would struggle to qualify as juvenile. Paychi down below has a good video example of it. A conversation between two opposing faction ninjas speaking of their reputations and the ones internal conflict about what they do compared to the other’s complete numbness to it was replaced with a bunch of “…”. And that’s just the text, without mentioning the content that was cut, minor as it may be, the western regions still got an objectively lesser title.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      The game is still great, regardless of the minor changes that were made during localization. Believe it or not, some people are more interested in excellent gameplay and an interesting plot than playing a Japanese game exactly as it was in Japan. The reality, whether you accept it or not, is that most people don’t care about whether the game is purely the same or not.

    • Dgnfly

      How is changing the main words into something made up a great PLOT!!! and there is less gameplay cause if you’d know there is a whole lot more cut then just the petting minigame dialogue has been cut altered costumes have been cut and a lot more.

      You say most ppl don’t care about it. i doubt it more ppl are pirating the fan translation don’t forget that majority 3DS fanbase pirates their stuff only casual gamers don’t know how to do that but that actual hardcore fanbase will be going for pirated version. same goes for nintendo Wii in general its nothing but 1 butchered joke full off casual gamer if it was released on palystation hardly anybody would have bought it but its fanbase isen’t big regardless off sales.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Translations often end up “making up” new dialogue because the foreign dialogue didn’t make sense in the new culture/language. And if the game still follows the same plot, as I understand it does, the great plot would still be great.

      I like how you said there’s less gameplay, and then listed costumes as an example. Costumes aren’t gameplay. You don’t play a costume. Also, if costumes were removed, they were likely replaced, which means the same amount of content.

      First of all, that doesn’t do a good job of explaining the game’s success. If most people are pirating it, and the game is still selling better than ever before, it must have become hugely popular. And second, hardcore fans don’t pirate. Pirates are far worse than casuals, because unlike casuals, they steal from the developer they claim to appreciate. They want the game, but encourage and commit actions that make its sequel less likely. If they were really hardcore fans, they’d support the game. Otherwise, they’re probably just casual fans, who want the game, but not enough to pay for it, or to support the developer.

    • Dgnfly

      Your obviously not educated in actual translation Xseed do a actual translation all the time cause they have competatent translators instead off nintendo who have ppl with Zero skill for actual translation the damn video that was posted as a comparison shows it.

      The only reason you keep saying its great is most likely cause you need to justify your purchase like so many nintendo fans do these days.

      The succes is like most off the time with these kinda games like i stated ppl are retarded cause they would buy crap if you sold it in a nice enough wrapper. hell EA keeps selling the same game so does COD but they both are mostly broken nowadays on launch.

      Sorry but 300.000 isen’t a great succes when you whole 3DS base is about 58.8M so those are a whole lot off pirated 3DS handhelds. your logic is pretty Fup considering its the Hardcore fanbase that is playing games on Ps4 with sales like 37.2M consoles and launched later then wiiU. nintendo which has an install base off 12.7M and launched before ps4.

      Casual gamers mostly play handheld consoles but barely buy games so they invest a whole lot less into gaming then ppl like me. we stand for something instead off ppl like you who would sell out just for the sake off feeling good.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      There are many things that make sense in Japanese but not in English. It is the job of the localization team to change things to make sense.

      I don’t need to justify my purchase to anyone but myself. If I enjoy the games I buy enough to have payed what I payed for them, I’m happy. Generally, that happens most often with Nintendo’s games.

      One of the reasons I love Nintendo is that they never release broken games, unlike so many of the big 3rd parties.

      You seem to be misunderstanding that number. 300k is how many copies were sold in the U.S. in 3 days, where about 17 million 3DS systems have been sold. It has sold over 500k copies in Japan, not counting eshop purchases, and it hasn’t launched in Europe yet. That’s still not a huge number for gaming in general, but it’s very high for a JRPG that used to be considered niche.

      “considering its the Hardcore fanbase that is playing games on Ps4”
      Wait, didn’t you just say that games from EA, and CoD, were broken games bought by people who don’t know anything about games? Care to guess what 4 of the top 5 best selling PS4 games are? Almost 1/3rd of all PS4 owners bought Black Ops 3.

      Casual gamers do tend to invest less into gaming, which is part of the reason they’re considered casual. That doesn’t matter here, though. Not only is Fire Emblem not a casual franchise, but the 3DS has tons of non-casual games. On top of that, many 3DS owners also own a console, which means they’d be investing more into gaming than people like you, who only play on consoles, and pirate.

      “ppl like you who would sell out just for the sake off feeling good.”
      Are you seriously saying that there’s something wrong with buying a game just because you enjoy it? Why do you buy games, exactly? To punish yourself?

    • Dgnfly

      Actually there are more then enough skilled translators but it seems they are better when they do it for free. or else like with nintendo now SJW and Feminist inject their propoganda into with made up words and lines into games.

      Kinda like with funimation translator using his propaganda about gamergate in the anime prison school.

      (I don’t need to justify my purchase to anyone but myself)
      True but don’t expect everybody to accept a butchered game there are more then enough gamers with a sense off integrity.
      same as with ppl who want japanese dub the only way they got change is by not buying english dub only and it works.

      Nintendo doesen’t release broken games i call censorship a broken game. also its kinda hard to make a broken game when its a kids game and not realistic or big scale like third party games are.

      Your wrong that 17 million is for europe 27,044M is U.S sales and 23,805M for japan.

      Yes they are broken games but like i said in the main comment ppl are kinda retarded these days so they will buy any game regardless wether its broken because off the stupid logic that if we don’t buy it, it might disappear.
      Also COD is actually in decline with sales.

      Sorry but like i said fire emblem isen’t really niche when its a handheld that hardly has any killer games you said ATLUS games but all they are is repetition not actually ground breaking and the persona games are just non-stop repeats.

      There is seriously something wrong when ppl buy a games at full price when its cut to pieces and then act high and might that you bought a butchered game and feel its not bad to censor stuff. I don’t buy games that are censored neither do i buy em if they are anime games with english dub only like i said i i refuse to buy half a game or bullshit translations like certain games that have those kinda things but i won’t sell myself out just for the sake off playing those games.

      Hell i would buy a nintendo console if nintendo would kick out those Fake ass translators it hired that brought about this kinda butchering but i won’t stoop so low as to buying a game or console that support butchering off japanese games and then pretend its localization.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      What SJW injections are you referring to? I thought you were arguing that things were removed, not added.

      Mentioning western political situations in an anime is pretty awkward. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, but I mostly stick with subbed anime.

      I find it ironic that you’d claim gamers who buy games altered in localization lack integrity, while encouraging piracy… Either way, the fact that Fates is selling well shows that a lot of people don’t care about the alterations.

      I think you’re forgetting about Xenoblade Chronicles X, which looks great, and has a bigger world than most open world games. The next Zelda’s also supposed to be a big open world game, and I highly doubt it will be glitchy. Nintendo puts a lot of polish into their games, whether they’re big and complex, or small and simple.

      VGChartz puts U.S. 3DS sales at just under 17 million.

      My point was that the PS4, which you claim is the hardcore system, is where most of those sales come from. And even if CoD’s sales are declining overall, BO3 is still the best selling game on the PS4 and Xbox One, and it just came out 4 months ago. Those are your so-called hardcore players.

      Do you understand what niche means? It doesn’t have to do with the system the game’s on. It generally refers to a game with a small audience. Fire Emblem has always been fairly niche in the West, especially in Europe. Since Awakening, that’s been changing.

      You can say that about Atlus if you want, but among niche gamers, they’re pretty big. There are a lot of people who consider the Persona games among the best games ever made.

      Full price is relative. I have two memberships that give me 20% off new games, so that’s my full price. Some countries pay more from the start. My point is, referring to the price isn’t a very good point in this case. Other than that, I wouldn’t call a person a sell-out for buying a game they want, even though something they didn’t want was removed.

    • Dgnfly

      With SJW i mean this bitch that make these kidna censorship happen cause she is a SJW and feminist who feel the content that was removed made her wanna jump into a safe space or else she might get a trigger warning.

      Hell even 1 moron workign at Nintendo wanted to make sure games like senran kagura woulden’t be published by the publishers he has worked for before. so nintendo is full off those nutjobs that feel everything they don’t like needs censoring that’s why a lot off dialogue was cut.

      check this article about the naime prison school and that some retarded SJW felt it need to lie about what gamergate was truly about.

      As long as ppl buy altered and butchered version these kinda ppl can keep going with it if the only way we can get the actual content is too pirate we might as well do that as a choice nintendo made by butchering it.

      Xenoblade Chronicles X was aslo butchered.

      Also there were side quest cut from the game cause off those dumb reason that they were too japanese.

      VGChartz puts U.S. 3DS sales at just under 17 million? actualyl it shows its above 17 million. the one below it is europe.

      Doesn’t even matter with the COD considering ps4 still has 3rd partty support and nintendo had a fight with EA so they completely stopped supporting Nintendo.

      I know what niche is but considering 3DS barely has any games that actually can hold their own because off franchise are rare and only nintendo games are selling cause they are the only ones making I.P nowadays for their console or handheld.

      Persona games are great on consoles but the handheld version aren’t all that blockbuster worthy even the shin megami tenshi series on ps2 were better.

      Sorry but i feel if they cut content then the price should be cut also the same do i feel with EA nowadays they sell you half the game for the same price as a full game.
      You become a sellout cause your actions make it that such thing can happen constantly not just with this game.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Senran Kagura did release on the 3DS, twice.

      I didn’t doubt your comment about the anime. Gamergate is all-too-often spun to mean something it doesn’t. It’s just especially weird to have that appear in an anime.

      You say that like you need the content, but you don’t. This is a game we’re talking about, not lifesaving medicine. If you don’t like the way the localization was handled, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to pirate the game. At the very least, you should support the original from Japan, especially since you’re already big on importing.

      The changes made in Xenoblade Chronicles X were mostly about costumes, which are only a small part of the game. The game itself is still awesome.

      Weird. When I look at the weekly charts for the U.S. on VGChartz, it puts the total 3DS sales at 16,894,810, with Europe at 15,714,953.

    • Dgnfly

      (Weren’t you saying that EA makes broken games that only ignorant/stupid gamers buy?)

      True i said, that but even if i feel so doesen’t mean the fact that ppl buy the console they are on because off it. sadly there is no cure for stupidity cause now they are just paying double for a game and the rest off the gamers that want a compelte game now are stuck with it kinda how we are stuck with a butchered version of Fates.

      ”The you forgot games part”
      They also got Butchered by nintendo of america cause the original publishes have zero faith in nintendo to drive the market even those publishers know that nintendo is a failed system but the handhelds are popular in japan and are low cost to create. those games would ahve been better if they were published by their original publishers cause they listen to their fans.

      Take your senran kagura comment it only got spared butchering cause fans demanded it from Marvelous games they unsubbed a line that talked about touching their boobs in the psvita version ppl decided not to buy so they listened and woulden’t do any form off censorship anymore.
      unlike nintendo marvelous published their own games so they keep true to its form but when nintendo does it with the army off SJW and Feminists you can guess what will happen to any game they release is butchered for ridiculous reasons.

      My gripe with ATLUS is their english dub bias. i got into a fight with their Pr guy once on playstation europe blog cause i’m one off those no japanese dub no buy and i stick by that and i’m not alone a lot more european fans want japanese dub with correct translations.

      Any form off censorship is bad your destroying the original vision and nintendo is doing it now cause off a stupid delusion that casual gamers will start buying WiiU. there is no real valid reason for their censorship off their games non-stop and unless we make a stand it will go on forever and sales speak louder then words.

      On the principle of the thing i woulden’t even buy it at a cheaper rate knowing that the translation is made up and the game was cut for a political correct excuse that ppl might get a trigger warning.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Capcom published Monster Hunter (except in Europe, apparently), and Square is publishing the Dragon Quest games. As far as I know, none of those games have been altered. The Bravely Default games were published by Nintendo in the West, but any changes are the responsibility of Square and Nintendo together, since Square not only gave up publishing, but allowed their games to be changed. They could have released the games themselves easily, with no changes, but chose not to. I don’t know of any changes made to the Level 5 games.

      To be fair, Senran Kagura is extremely niche, and tries to appeal to a very specific audience. Taking away those types of features would be like taking away the fatalities in Mortal Kombat. That isn’t the case with games like Fates, Bravely Default, and Xenoblade, in which the removed/altered content was never meant to be a selling point.

      I get where you’re coming from there. While I don’t usually care as much in video games (I usually don’t like trying to read subs while playing), I almost always prefer subbed anime to English dubbed.

      I don’t think Nintendo was trying to appeal to casuals by making the changes they made to Fates, Xenoblade, etc. Those really aren’t casual games. I think they were just trying to avoid negative attention.

      I never heard anyone give that excuse. If Nintendo was worried about trigger warnings, the characters in Animal Crossing wouldn’t clap for you.

  • Superr Mann

    Wish they put out more special editions though

    • David S

      Nintendo pulls the same tactic with Amiibos. Short the supply and create a feeling that if you don’t get yours now, you never will. It’s very clever marketing, as it ensures the lease amount of leftover inventory, and a huge boost in interest due to hype/panic buying. The effect has long term down sides, as people will eventually get tired and frustrated at always having to rush a purchase, or dealing with scalpers. And the general public will eventually catch on to the tactic, and not be too pleased. Being manipulated is usually seen negativity, so who know how long hey will be able to keep it up.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I’m not really into Amiibo figures, but from what I’ve seen on Amazon, Nintendo is doing a lot better with keeping them in stock. Many of them even seem to have too much stock, lowering the price. While it’s possible that Nintendo was practicing the annoying policy you described, I honestly think, at least at the beginning, that even they were taken by surprise by the popularity of Amiibo.

    • David S

      I’ll agree that they my have been initially surprised, but no business of their size wouldn’t be able to recognize the pattern that seemed to happen with every new amibo release, and adjust supply to meet the demand if they wanted to. I think it’s more likely they are using it as a marketing tactic, and it will be effective until more people come to the same conclusion I have.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      They might have, but like I said, they do seem to be doing much better. They’ve been re-releasing rare amiibo, and putting out plenty of stock for new ones, even to the point of having price drops (that’s when I start to consider a few).

  • MusouTensei

    Sad times are ahead of us, expect more censorship from Nintendo in the future, fuck them and the mainstream, my support is over.

    • Wolfe

      I’m with ya.

    • David S

      I’m out as well. Havn’t purchased a single Nintendo product since since before Fatal Frame. As it stands, NoA has lost over $500 in sales from me since Novemeber, as I was finally going to buy a New 3DS for Fire Emblem, plus the all the releases they screwed up. Triforce Heros is the first Zelda title I’ve not played. They made my choice to pass on them quite easy.

    • Dgnfly

      wauw you held out longer then i did. i stopped buying nintendo when the Wii Got released and they kicked their hardcore in the face just for casual gamers. and now they doing it nonstop.

    • David S

      My faith in them was eroding since way before that, but It really kicked in after Bravely Default and FEA. The recent back to back butchery of so many localizations in such a short time frame just finally cemented it for me. Bayonetta gave me hope, so I held out a while longer. I guess seeing so much censorship immediately following such an un-molested game release made it feel more slimy somehow.
      It’s really too bad too. The Gamecube and Wii era’s saw some of the cleanest localizations for Nintendo, only to be follow up by this 90’s era,moral panic crap. Such a letdown.

    • Dgnfly

      Bayonetta 2 the only game on wiiU i wanna play badly but not worth a whole console. i am however kidna suprised that nintendo actually censored non-stop even in the old era.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’d imagine the two versions help with the sales numbers, but that’s still impressive nonetheless. I’m glad to see Fire Emblem gaining popularity. Maybe Nintendo will think it worthwhile to make another console game at this rate.

    • David S

      Initial sales numbers are fairly meaningless, as they affected by hype, multiple game versions and marketing. And FEF was heavily marked to and there was much hype from all the new fans FEA generated. What will really be telling it the long term sales (the 10 week sales). Sadly, I still think it will be a long term success financially. It doesn’t change my opinion that NoA did a horrid job on the localization, and this franchise deserved much better treatment then it received.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      That’s true, but I think hitting almost half of the previous game’s total in a weekend is a pretty good sign. In Japan, Fates has already matched Awakening, and I think that’s without eshop sales, which might be higher for Fates (if they did the same buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion in Japan).

      I don’t consider that a sad thing, because it means we’ll almost certainly be getting more Fire Emblem games in the future. Even if you hate the localization, localization only has the chance to get better if we get future games.

    • David S

      It also means they will be localized in the same disrespectful, watered down way. I doubt success with this sloppy, juvenile feeling interpretation will make them suddenly switch it up and start translating it more faithfully, or to suddenly think removing content and altering entire characters isn’t perfectly acceptable. Long term success just means we’ll get more of the same, and I don’t find that appealing. For me, it’s no different than it not being localized at all, so I see no up side.

      The best outcome I can see is that it will have weak follow on sales after all the initial hype orders fade. Weak long term sales might tell them that people feel negatively about their localization choices once the actual content of the game is known. That may make them rethink how they treat the game and do a better job. I still don’t think this is the likely outcome, but there it is.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Localization could improve if Nintendo thought the games were a big enough deal to put more effort into them, which would come from sales. At the very least, I’d much prefer a game with a few localization issues to no localization at all.

      I really don’t think that’s what they would get from that. Unless Nintendo gets concrete proof that those reduced sales were from people boycotting the game over localization, they’d just assume the game wasn’t marketed well enough, or that the franchise isn’t strong, or one of various other reasons, and they might be right. That’s the problem with boycotting a game for a specific reason. Not only do you have to make a big impact on the sales, but you have to make a loud enough noise to show what the reason was.

    • David S

      This is one of the most hyped 3DS games ever, I don’t see how it could get to be a bigger deal. You can spin whatever fanciful outcome suits you, but NoA is a business, and the only thing that motivates a business to change is damage to the bottom line. If FEF sell well, which it likely will, then they have no reason to alter the way they do things, and if another FE game is made an localized, it will receive the same treatment. You can look at it in a more rosy light if you like, but Nintendo has long since burned through any ‘benefit of the doubt’ I would give them.