Tom of XSEED Mysteriously Banned on NeoGAF

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

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Something odd appears to be happening on NeoGAF today — regular poster Tom Lipschultz of XSEED has been mysteriously banned, and we’re not sure of the reason. Some of our readers have pointed out the most recent thread he was involved in, a lengthy 30 page discussion on whether fanservice in video games bothers people. After looking at his posts, we could not find a solid reason why this happened. The discussion appeared to be pretty civil, nobody seemed to fly off the handle or do any trolling, and some posters seemed to agree as much as disagree with what he was saying.

We’re trying to look into this ourselves by contacting both parties — and we hope to provide you with an update on this bizarre situation as soon as we can.

About Joe Sigadel

Joe is the reporting manager for oprainfall, he is also a broadcaster on Twitch and loves showing off many of the games we report about on his channel. He has also been known to defended Senran Kagura from those who only want to accept it at face value.

  • Mark

    it’s NeoGAF, did you expect anything less?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      it surprise me some publishers even take the time to post there thread after thread after hate lately

  • Nanashrew

    He got banned for equating lolicon censorship with racia land sexual orientation issues and a host of other posts. While people point to that one single post he made that people agree with, everything after spiraled down showing their extremist views of art and censorship. Even those who were in support of that one post he made started feeling uncomfortable with everything he started talking about later.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      mhm sure thing more like its just the mods can’t take opinions of his well there Notice that every thread there when he post those same mods and some posters come there with that passive aggressive bs but can’t call them out or you get banned.

    • Nanashrew

      Nope. I’m not for censorship in things but it’s important to understand context and power behind things and if that is ignored then you don’t have an argument against censorship but battle any boogeyman that looks like it. Tom constantly ignored context and everything.

      I am for Lynlee’s fetish like bikini being altered but I’m not for the removal of Fatal Frame’s outfits. For Fatal Frame they could have upped the age, not possible with Lynlee who is a child genius and part of her profile and character. Tom is completely against Lynlee’s alterations. His opinions were often not well thought out and he always, always doubles down on them without much thought. That’s why a lot of people have had issues with him in past threads and have even debated him. It always leads to the same cycle though with him spiraling down and losing his supporters.

      SeanTSC on Gaf was in support of his posts but when Tom started talking about lolicon the way he did, the support was lost. No one is really coming to his support after those posts.

    • Firion Hope

      So you think censorship is okay only when it’s something you personally think is offensive? That kind of hypocrisy is worse than than full on puritans, at least they’re consistent. You don’t need to take context into account for fiction, literally anything should go as that’s part of freedom of expression.

      And god forbid he have strong views on it, it’s not like plenty of other people there don’t have strong views on “muhsoggyknees” and stuff that’s offensive. He was banned because his opinion was different from the hiveminds and he didn’t walk on eggshells soft enough, nothing more and nothing less.

    • Nanashrew

      So you’re for Lynlee’s fetish outfit when she’s a 13 year old girl? I’m against Capcom editing out Mika’s buttslap in SFV as well but also that wasn’t censorship since no real party was against it and it’s all assumption of people. Again, that’s what I call chasing boogey men. It’s not about puritan stuff. I love smut but know when restraint is needed.

      Tom spoke earnestly in every post and I do respect that but his opinions and his reaching left a lot to be desired for actual debate.

    • Firion Hope

      Yes I am against it, completely. To the point its put me off potentially getting the game. Who gives a shit what age a fictional character is? It literally means nothing, they could say she’s actually 1000 years old if they wanted and by nature of fiction it would be true. But because it doesn’t meet arbitrary decided (some places it’s 13, some 16, some 18, some 20, none based on science) laws made to protect real kids (which fictional characters don’t need because they can’t be exploited) it’s wrong? I call bs, it simply offends people because they can’t adjust to a different view from their own.

      Not to mention it was just a bikini. Real kids wear stuff skimpier than that nowadays, hell my friend from a beach town says it’s a daily thing. There were people being agressive assholes compared to tom, but because they had the “right” opinions they get away scot free.

    • Nanashrew

      To give the nature of extremes, Marie Rose in DOA5 and DOAX is more covered up and wearing what a normal young girl would wear. Young girls wear bikinis, yes, but they don’t wear anything with crotch windows and underboob.

      EDIT: Also, making her 1000 years old would go against her character. It’s a rock and a hard place. You choose the alteration or mess with her story and who she is as a character since she’s a child genius.

    • Firion Hope

      Nah I saw it, that’s still within the realm of what some real kids nowadays wear

    • Dogi

      She’s not a 13 year old girl. She is a fictional video game character.

    • Vanadise

      I, for one, don’t live in a world where a bikini is a “fetish outfit.” And even if it was:
      1) I am capable of deciding for myself whether I want to look at it or not.
      2) I don’t want companies to decide they’re the arbiters of morality and control what I’m allowed to see based on my nationality.
      3) If you find yourself sexually attracted to a 3D model of a 13 year old girl, that’s your own problem to deal with. You shouldn’t get to decide what I’m allowed to see because you’re afraid of being aroused.

      It’s funny how you say Tom’s opinions are “without much thought” even though he has repeatedly written long, thoughtful posts patiently explaining himself, and you say he’s “losing his supporters” even though he’s widely respected and many people are considering NeoGAF banning him, of all people, to be just another strong indicator of how far NeoGAF has gone down the drain.

    • disqus_bJmMo9hhNJ

      It’s not a fetish outfit, that’s what 13 year old girls wear to the beach and this is a Fantasy RPG. I don’t get why you would sexualize her and think the game should adhere to your burden as a result. I want the game to adhere to the source material as closely as possible and I am not fine with paying full price for a game with content removed because you have a deviant mind and subscribe to a culture that encourages you to see pixels through the lens of sexualization and to think that this game will have any bearing on real life issues. It seems you got duped by the sex-negative police and bought their propaganda.

    • Ackbar

      “Fetish outfit”

      What, is this the roaring 20s again? Bikinis are fetish outfits?

    • Sylveria Shini

      She’s wearing a swimsuit… girls her age wear bikinis. Go to a beach or pool or just a really hot city in summer time.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Yes its nice to try and spin it to where it fits you and the mods needs sorry but no. I might not agree with all that he says and his extreme stand on alot of things but what happen was just the mods being trash an can’t take someones opinion to that fits their own. Be alot more believable if it wasn’t the SAME posters in question always trying to go after him but here we are.

      Once again Gaf being the laughing shit fest it has been lately. Can’t wait for posters there to spin anyone who disagree with what happen in a negative way par for the course tho

    • Nanashrew

      I’m a gaffer and never go after him but took issues with some of the things he was saying in the thread. I even agreed with a couple of things and had small talk about designs.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      If that’s the case a decent debate and disagreement over things is fine. Tho judging buy a lot of the twitter responses I am seeing alot of the people are falling to the normal only GGers are upset bullshit spin of this and like i said I’ve seen this happen a number of times so it looks like someone just had a axe to grind.

    • Dreanas

      “fetish like bikini”
      do you honestly believe the stuff you write?

    • Derp Minos

      So you’re a censorship apologist? Neither outfit needed to be censored. Also Lyn doesn’t look like a child, even less a loli. I tell you that as a lolicon as I don’t find her to be an attractive character. Neither outfit should had been censored either way.

    • Nathan Brooks

      Nope. I still completely support him. Its a fictional animated character. I still don’t think her bikini thing should be censored. shes not real. it hurts absolutely nobody outside of some people being uncomfortable.
      Regardless, having an unpopular opinion is still not a valid reason for being banned.

    • Miragos

      Any good reason why lolicon *should* be censored?
      Anime-like children don’t look and act like real children.
      Like most anime characters they are idealizations, in this case mostly of child-like characteristics that attribute to “moeness”.
      No real children are involved whatsoever. As long as it doesn’t involve real children in any way, I don’t have a problem with it.
      And saying that by consuming lolicon themes in games, you become a pedophile is like saying that you become a shooter from playing FPSs:
      It doesn’t work this way.

      I think that this kind of censorship loses sight of the actual problem with “art” depicting minors:
      The process of creation. For example, fine art using nude minors as models was once fine several decades ago, but in order to protect the children involved, it’s now illegal. And that’s for the best, mostly because the children involved couldn’t truly consent due to immaturity. Children are easily manipulated after all.
      But lolicon doesn’t have a process of creation with any direct impact on real children. The consumer can’t (directly or indirectly) abuse the depicted characters in any way.

      That being said, in Japanese media child-like “moe” attributes (general cuteness, large eyes and heads etc.) aren’t exactly restricted to children. In games and anime, the difference between lolis and grown-ups is often just height. And even that isn’t necessarily bound to age. Then, there are also ethnic and cultural differences to take into account: Japanese people *are* smaller than Americans. (But a Western consumer probably automatically converts a Japanese anime character’s height to a height based on their own environment, probably adding about 4 inches.)

    • Go2hell66

      ok what, not really sure what happened but just from reading what you posted i think a ban might have been a bit much.

    • Brandt Mackay

      That’s NeoFAG for ya.

  • Wolfe

    Neogaf being Neogaf.

  • Max

    Why even bother with neogaf?

  • JoeSislack


    Ain’t nothing mysterious about that. He dared to question their groupthink and was summarily ejected from their special club.

  • So glad I don’t waste my time over there!

  • Proteus

    Anti-loli SJW censorship nutjobs got triggered is what happened. 😛

  • Dogi

    It’s almost like neogaf is a shitty forum. Oh wait

  • Jinxzero

    Neo fag being neo fag. Its the worst site ever what did you expect.

    • Qmish

      escapistmagazine forums are worse. when gaf bans for nonsense, escapistsmag bans for nothing

  • luckgandor

    No surprise here. Freedom of expression simply isn’t welcome on that board. Tom is one of the nicest people ever, and GAF honestly does not deserve his presence.

    • Qmish

      gaf has some cool guys who create great threads with ton of content and share knowledge; that why i still read it

  • The Prince of Thieves

    Neogaf is a garbage site for garbage people so who the fuck cares?
    Totalitarian hugbox sites are a relic, neogaf was losing relevance 10 years ago and I have no idea why it still has this rep of being ‘where the industry posts’. ‘The industry’ posts on fucking twitter.

    Old Man Murray has more lasting relevance to games culture than neogaf.

  • Leon

    Was he posting in favor of Fan Service? If so then I can see why he was banned. Neogaf has some of the buggest SJWs and the Mods are the majority of SJWs.

    • ffboi7

      Agreed and very true.

  • dikbutt

    NeoFag is trash, and has been for years now.

  • Anon_Amous

    Neogaf has and continues to be a major joke. It takes hugbox to a whole new yet uncharted realm of existence.

  • Ackbar

    Neogaf is like the Soviet Bloc. Anything you do that moderators remotely dislike receives a sentencing to the gulag. Also expressing opinions that aren’t in line with the site itself gets you sent to the gulag. Why people still frequent that cesspool of filth, I do not know.

  • Bob

    It’s NeoGAF, you get banned for sneezing.

  • MusouTensei

    NaziGAF will be NaziGAF, Tom is anti censorship so of course those censorship loving marxists banned him, they probably were just waiting for a good oppertunity to do so.
    Burn it to the ground I say.

  • ffboi7

    The mods on Neogaf are very ban happy. If they don’t agree with what you say or it’s against what they believe in then you will immediately get banned. Also if another member gets butthurt they will report you to get you banned. On Neogaf you have to agree with what everyone is agreeing on or they will report and ban you.

  • LePatriote1980

    Neogaf, the fascist SJW police. What a bunch of idiots.

  • mahdrills

    It’s true this is standard fare for neogaf, and we might start to wonder why we should even bother. I think it’s still important that people speak out. It’s important that people hear differing ideas (even if they don’t agree) and I admire Tom for speaking to his own experiences and ideas even though he probably knew the environment there wasn’t going to be welcoming.

    • Brandt Mackay

      That’s what happens when you upset the NeoFAG mods.

  • Fighunter

    Because the mods there fucking hate him.
    For years he’s been posting anti-censorship and pro-fanservice material which seriously pissed off mods, but they couldn’t ban him cause he’s an industry professional. Of particular note is admin Stumpopkapow, who is an owner of known yellow journalism tabloid Kotaku, and who more often than not turns most posts by Tom into personal affronts against the guy. The guy had a grudge and it’s clear he settled it.
    I’m glad the Tom is free from that trash.