Sega Says Phantasy Star Online 2 Western Release is Happening

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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Phantasy Star Online 2

For the sequel to the beloved Sega MMORPG on the SEGA Dreamcast (also GameCube and Xbox) based on the premiere JRPG series from SEGA’s early days, it’s been a vague public relations journey for the request of localization for Phantasy Star Online 2. It was very worrying to hear months ago that bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to western shelves was put on the back burner, but Sega’s twitter post in response to a fan question seemingly negates the foul cry with a confirmation that Phantasy Star Online 2 is only “delayed” and is still being worked on for a western release.

It’s pleasing news to hear, but Sega has not made a release date or any specific platform announcements for western regions public. So the wait for this highly anticipated MMORPG is still on. We here at oprainfall wish the best of luck for this game to hit North America and Europe as soon as possible.

Phantasy Star Online 2 was released in Japan on the PC July 4th of 2012 with releases for other platforms following it the past two years, such as the PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android. Stay tuned here at oprainfall for updates.

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  • Patrick Kueser
    • Billy Bass

      ^ That, I can not agree more. Its like stringing us along with a carrot the way the claim its coming, but no info, etc.

    • John Ellis

      I won’t take it for granted that it may still not happen, but they won’t gain anything by lying to us.

    • Michael Matsuhara

      So it’s like Soon™. Okay, that means it’s probably going to take several more years. I’ll say 2020. Good repeating year.

  • fighting_otaku

    i’ll believe it when i see it cause seriously it would be nice if they would say why its taking so long in the first place..

  • multibottler0cket

    Wouldn’t that be “based on the premiere JRPG series on the Sega *Master System*”, not Genesis?

    • Alan Van Dalsem

      only the first game came out on the Master System. Ps II, III, and IV where on the Megadrive/Genesis

    • multibottler0cket

      Yeah, I know. I thought that saying it was the “premiere” series on the Genesis meant that it started (or premiered) on the system, in which case it would be Master System. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t really know.

  • tyler

    This is the same thing theyve been tweeting for almost 3 years now

  • Alan Van Dalsem

    800~1000+ or more non-Japanese players are playing on the JP servers
    for the past TWO years (technically are not supposed to according to
    the Terms of Service), the majority of which may not switch to US/EU
    servers IF they ever set them up. Due to multiple characters paid for, a LOT
    spent on Arks Cash (needed to get “Premium” features and to play the
    virtual scratch card to win exclusive clothing and other items. Free
    players can buy them with in-game gold “Meseta” if they have saved up
    enough though). All that time and money invested into their characters
    (even though it’s “Free To Play”) it’s doubtful their all going to “jump
    ship” onto US/EU servers. The fan made English patches and story quest
    patches make the JP Game Cliet fully playable already.

    IF Sega was smart (IF, LOL hahahaha) they would just patch the JP
    Client with an official english language patch with english subtitles
    for the story quests & story event dialogue, switch a couple servers
    to crossplay “global US/EU servers” that are linked with JP servers,
    put up a basic English support page, clean simple and not to costly to
    due. The game doesn’t need a costly “localization” when hundreds or
    1000 or more people are already playing on the JP Game Client…
    AND a “localized” version would most likely be TWO YEARS behind in content and balance, and game improvement updates, unless the localized version contains content from EP 1~3 (Episode 3 content just got released over a week ago)
    I highly doubt we will ever see a US/EU “localized” release.

    • Spectral Shadow Walker

      If that’s the case, then they should offer some sort of server transfer service, sort of like League of Legends does.

    • Alan Van Dalsem

      technically people not living in Japan should *NOT* be allowed to be playing on the JP servers according to the Terms of Sevice. Players use certain methods to set up a “Sega ID” and to access the servers. But Sega of Japan isn’t actively IP banning non-JO IP’s. A DDoS fubar from May made the game servers unreachable by 98% of non-JP ISP’s (it’s a complicated technical thing) now a VPN or a proxy connection of somekind is need, but players can still access the game servers using those. For two years SoJ has sort of just “ignored” non-JP players, ever only banning hackers/script kiddie jerks screwing with shyt or mass banning Chinese Gold Farmers/RMT’ers (those that sell items and gold to players for real money)

    • Brandon Donnell Harris

      I made an account about a month ago I didnt use no jp address…just had a vpn and gmail thats all that was asked for personal information….what are you talkingabout?…anyways using a vpn + english patch was annoying…as alhtough so many people priase it the english patch leaves so much untranslated content out i sad forget it and went back to playing tera rising…..

    • Tanyl Pureheart

      Many of us have been waiting on PSO2 for a long time. But I don’t believe in you anymore. Especially after I saw what you did with Phantasy Star Universe. Separate Japanese servers for the PC version, then the English PC version has separate servers and the Xbox 360 ones. Japanese players in general seem to HATE on any US/EU players and generalize us and treat us all like cheaters and you SEGAC buy into this and exclude us. You are doing it now with PSO2. We cant play the Japanese version cause its region blocked. If we try to use methods to play the JP version we can get banned. Use the English patch we can get banned. Why region block us, why not offer the JP version in English also so we can just set the language to English? You don’t want us there Segac! Then the SEA version comes out and in all English, why does South-East Asia need it in English and yet you wont let English speaking players from US/EU play it? SEA is region blocked also, play it and get caught, banned! Then you string us along for 2+ years claiming the West will get it, yeah, when? How far behind will our version be? Probably like PSU, right? Where when our servers for PSO2 finally go down (assuming the West ever gets PSO2) we will never catch up to all the content of the JP version. Cause that’s what happened in PSU! JP PC version was far ahead of all of them and the last one around when the English PC & Xbox 360 servers went down and the JP PC PSU was still ahead of us. SEGAC doesn’t care about the west anymore. If that’s how your going to treat us why bother have a Sega of US/EU anymore, just close and keep your games then. Why should we ever give you our money anymore if this is how you treat us! Heck with you Sega! Sony with EQ, EQ2, and EQ Next is a JP company and their mmos don’t IP lock out a region! Neither does Square/Enix with FF11 or FF14, neither does Blizzard with WoW. You just don’t learn do you SEGAC!?

  • Dogi

    Game’s fully in English in both a fan translation and the official SEA version. Outside of anime tie-in seasonal outfits I don’t see whats holding it back aside from laziness

  • ernie

    So when is Yakuza 5, Ishin or zero coming to the us? or does Sega think we need another bad physic, poor camera angle sonic game?

  • Spectral Shadow Walker

    I’ll give it ’til this upcoming Feb.

  • Vamp898

    And im just sitting here, enjoying the Japanese Version.

    I have to say, it have advantages if you speak japanese if you want to consume japanese products from japan without having to wait for bad translations.

  • Axel Nexus

    as someone who’s been on the japanese servers,it’s been pretty well spread around that the developers really have no intention on pushing forward the localization
    and that fans would gladly pay themselves to have the work done.

  • Cody Maloney

    I’ll believe it, when I see it. Considering they are on the third expansion for the game already in Japan, and we have yet to see the game here in the US.

  • Thanatos2k

    Sega is such a joke about localizing their games these days.

  • SupaPhly

    I hate you so much sega

  • blunite

    Sounds like a broken record. Sega Japan told them to say that and forgot to truly update sega about what to tell us.

  • Anonymous

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I just have to say -something-.

    I love how people complain about how it isn’t coming to the West any sooner than it is. Personally, I don’t want to to come to the west all that badly, and there’s good reason for it.

    First of all, all the non-Japanese players who are on the JP servers are people who go out of their way to enter a Japanese environment in order to play the game they love. These people are all people who REALLY want to play the game, not just someone trying to find a new MMO to grind through.

    Second, everyone who has played the game knows that Sega JP does an extremely good job at advertising other games and planning events that happen live in-game. Quna concerts and really cool advertisements for other Japanese games on the giant monitors in the lobby. If these were to come to the west, they would need English concerts and some way to put up English advertisements that are actually cool. It wouldn’t make sense for a Japanese concert to be happening in a supposedly “100% English Localized” version of the game.

    Third, if anyone were to check the list of voices that are used in this game, Sega JP has lined up a large number of some of the best voice actors that Japan anime and tv show production can offer. Not only that, several of them voice multiple characters and provide extra player voices. I don’t believe that an English version of this game is even capable of bringing the same quality nor even the same quantity of voices here, not to mention finding the people who are willing to do the voices.

    Lastly, there are music tracks from all the old games that Sega has owned in the game for purchase for your MyRoom. Many of these songs are from games that have never seen the light of day in the West, and there are tons of them. Unless Sega NA is willing to take on finding as many memorable games as Sega JP does, it is hardly likely that they will be able to build even close to a similar repertoire.

    To recap, Sega knows this game will not be as great in the west, and it is currently their only major MMO they own. If this game were to be brought over, years of translation-to-voice-acting work will need to be done, Sega NA will have to create more commercials that are actually interesting to look at, events equal to the Japanese game’s content will have to be done (and we all know that localized games NEVER, EVER have events as good as the original), and finding the voice actors to do the characters of this game is near impossible.

    If you think bringing the game over with just text-translation is enough for the mainstream western market, you are (likely) dead-wrong, as many people complain about Japanese voices to begin with.

    Sega has more than enough reasons to avoid bringing it to the West, at least, for now. Many people are not understanding the scale of what must be done for a localized version of the game, thinking it’s only a translation issue. What makes PSO2 amazing is how much effort Sega JP does to make it one of the best free-to-play MMOs of the market today, and Sega NA will never be able to compare because they do not have enough material to make it work- and theres far more than what’s just been said here.

    • ManAmongMen

      Hey, you know you’re talking to people who have no issues with the Yakuza franchise which REVOLVES around Japanese idioms, ideals, and trends, right? Yakuza 2 and on was available only in Japanese Dub, but that didn’t drop any sales or dishearten any fans. (What DID was the poor timeline and sudden disappearance of the beloved Dragon of Dojima, whom made a swift return… but that’s not relevant.) Addressing the ‘Quna Concerts’: it’s Sega of North America’s job to work on something like that, and they obviously haven’t done sh*t about PSO2, so what would it matter anyways? Take it out or something, if they can’t get advertising rights, but don’t use it as an excuse to shelf the game for everyone else.
      Also, I can’t get any client downloader to work, as well as sketchy and non-updated torrent files of the game keeping me from even playing the game now. Be a pal and give us a site or torrent, would you? Y’know, instead of hating on others for not ‘loving’ the game enough.
      On that last note as well, people who don’t really appreciate the time and effort it takes into making a world-wide game like this, in other words: aren’t avid gamers, don’t deserve to even have their views addressed. Why should anyone care if idiots whine about not having the characters speak in their native language? The game should come first, the crybabies can get their language patch later, but both you and SEGA failed to see this.

      In MY conclusion, you’re defending the wrong group of people for all the wrong reasons. Localization is more difficult than we think, sure, but this is ridiculous. Like what someone else said/posted: just take the Japan version and slap on the fan-made patch, whilst obviously having a team work on correcting translation issues. If you look at other mmorpg’s out there, the first/native version is always the more updated(obviously) and using that as a base you have all the time in the world to fix and tweak the update before release in other localized servers. Yet nothing has been done in the slightest to get the game out there. At the very least there should have already been a beta server for the west, getting all issues dealt with, and in the end the lame, unappreciative ‘non-lovers’ can get their voice-over patch in the final release; f*uck ’em. And again I state that advertisement rights is NOT a valid reason to shelf a game. Two, going on three, years of no-show is simply ridiculous.

  • James Justicar

    Yet they waste money on releasing games like akibas trip instead. Insults our intelligence. “What you want our best selling game huh? O well have a game where you zap girls clothes off instead you fucking yanks” Pisses me off so much I wanna sue them. Its the same thing as painting the mona lisa then saying only the people from the local region can look at it… its fucking pathetic.

    • Jeff Neuenschwander

      How is that relevant to Sega? How is this even relevant to this article? Acquire, a GungHo subsidiary, was the Akiba’s Trip developer and Japanese publisher and XSEED, a Marvelous subsidiary, was the localizer.

    • Other guy

      lol, was thinking the same. Akiba’s Trip has XSEED’s logo, not, SEGA, and it wasn’t all that bad of a game. A bit repetitive, but each class of girl had a strategy to go with them, so it wasn’t simply ‘zapping’. Could have built up the story more, but meh.

      Again, all irrelevant to SEGA, SEA, or PSO2. Only relevance is… Mona Lisa…?

    • James Justicar

      SEGA has the rights to games thatll never be localized RUINING consoles like the Vita. I bought it for pso 2 waited 3 years playing mediocre games and then just sold the fucking thing. First time the gaming industry has outright lied to me about a game id never be able to play