(Japan) New Yakuza Announcement this Month

Yakuza Announcement | oprainfall

Just in case you needed your day ruined, Sega will be announcing a new entry in their popular open-world action series, Yakuza, on August 24. Not much is known about the upcoming project at this point, aside from the fact that it will feature an urban setting which would indicate that it will not be a spin-off like the Meiji Era title, Yakuza Restoration released last February. The new title will also be both a PlayStation 3 and PS4 title.

Of course, Yakuza has not been so popular that it’s been able to leave Japan, as we haven’t seen a new title localized in the West since the zombie-riffic expansion to Yakuza 4, Dead Souls, back in 2012. Despite the critical and commercial successes of the series since its debut in 2005, Sega chose to pass over the West on both Yakuza 5 and Restoration. It doesn’t seem too likely that we’ll be seeing this new title outside of Japan in the foreseeable future, either. But, hey, a guy can dream, right?


Previous entries in the Yakuza franchise are available on Amazon:

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