STAFF PICKS: Top 10 Most Wanted Hyrule Warriors Characters

Friday, June 27th, 2014

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Dynasty Warriors franchise, it’s that each game is made up of a huge cast of characters for fans to play as. It’s my great hope that the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, along the same vein as Tecmo Koei’s series of action games, will follow this tradition. There’s a lot of inspiration to draw from, too, especially considering that the characters that have been revealed so far show that the game favors no particular timeline in the Zelda franchise. With just about any character up for grabs, let’s take a look at the top 10 most wanted characters for Hyrule Warriors as chosen by oprainfall.

Warning: spoilers for 10+ year old games are discussed here — you have been warned.

Hyrule Warriors | Nabooru

#10 – Nabooru

Initially, this might seem like an odd choice, since Nabooru never actually showed her fighting prowess in Ocarina of Time, but, hey, being the leader of the Gerudo forces has to mean something, right? Much like her swift and ferocious lieutenants who guarded the prisoners of Gerudo Valley, I imagine Nabooru would wield dual sabers; laying waste to enemy forces with quick spinning strikes and jump attacks. Given the nature of her home, I also envision Nabooru using her super move to create an impromptu sandstorm to damage and disorient foes, allowing her to set up for even more lethal attacks.

Hyrule Warriors | Dark Link

#9 – Dark Link

I guess it was inevitable that Link’s rival/alter ego would make the list. Initially, I have a hard time imagining how Dark Link might play differently from the franchise’s hero, aside from simply being a version of the same character on the bad guys’ side. I think inspiration here can be drawn from the (in)famous battle with the shadowy villain in OoT. Here, Dark Link used his sword exclusively in his duel against Link, and had the ability to teleport away and counter certain attacks. These skills would serve Dark Link well in Hyrule Warriors. Because of his focus on swordplay, Dark Link would have more powerful attacks than his heroic counterpart, though at the cost of item-based attacks either being weaker or completely ineffectual. Teleporting would allow Dark Link to easily get around more powerful opponents, while counterattacks would make him a real force in the hands of a skilled player. As I see it, Dark Link could easily stand apart from Link, and avoid the dreaded “clone” status.

Hyrule Warriors | Tetra

#8 – Tetra

Not much is known about the combat abilities of Princess Zelda’s swashbuckling alter ego from Wind Waker, aside from the fact that she’s quick on her feet. Because of this, I see Tetra using a quick weapon, like a single dagger or a saber, which would allow her to avoid sacrificing speed. Her fast hit-and-run tactics would also be complemented by her ability to call in a barrage of cannon balls from her crew off screen. Plus, a wisecracking pirate might be just what Hyrule Warriors would need to keep from taking itself too seriously.

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Tyler is a lifelong gamer, getting his start on the Intellivision when he was three years old. After receiving his English degree, he discovered all those jokes about getting a job in his field were true. As Head Editor with oprainfall, Tyler is able to bridge his two passions; playing and talking about video games at any given opportunity, and being a total grammar nazi the rest of the time.

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  • MusubiKazesaru

    Really? No Groose?

  • James Best

    But what about Tingle?

  • Josh S.

    NO TINGLE! Blasphemy 😉 JK great list. Needs more Ravio, though. Some very creative movesets, too. Though I do find it interesting to note all the revealed characters thus far are ladies…

  • Coarse

    Gotta have Groose, and the “It’s dangerous to go alone” old man.

  • Mabase

    Pretty good picks here. Aside from what’s already been said in the comments, I’d like to see the oracles Din, Nayru, and Farore. Also Twinrova, Onyx, and Malon.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Seems like Lana is supposed to be a representation of Nayru. Lana = Lanayru = Nayru. Plus the barrier magic resembles Nayru’s Love.

    • Mabase

      I was referring to the oracles, not the goddesses.

  • Lola

    No Ghirahim? He was an epic villain for sure

    • Vinicius

      And Demise.

  • Grem

    Just a question since I have never seen an answer: Why do sites split up pages, reviews, countdowns into separate pages? For example this one split up the countdown, but IGN splits reviews and other places split articles. I don’t get it. 🙁

    On the topic though, I’d like Tingle.

    • Infophile

      My best guess is that is has to do with ad revenue: More page views = more revenue. My backup guess is that it might be to help keep people engaged in it – it’s a lot easier to lose focus in a single, long article than four pieces of an article, I’d guess.

  • Tyler Lubben

    Don’t worry, everyone. All of these guys WERE in the running. I actually had some fun ideas for Tingle and the Old Man, but alas, they’ll have to go unrecognized. And I am SHOCKED that Groose didn’t even make the top 10.

  • Justin Graham

    No Marin? No Malon? It seems silly that Dark Link was picked for this list over more original and impactful characters than Link’s shadow boxing match from Zelda II.

  • Lord Ackercocke

    Was Ganondorf already listed as being a playable character? No one has mentioned him

    • doubleO7

      His inclusion was teased at the end of the E3 trailer, but he hasn’t been officially announced or shown off at all yet.

  • forgot

    What about Happy Mask Salesman? He would be one of those weird characters who ironically is the strongest thanks to crazy dark overpowered magic :p

  • multibottler0cket

    EEEEWWWWW! You used the gross spelling of ‘through’ !

    Seriously though, I would like to see Ralph! Though I’m not really into the Warriors games, so I probably won’t get this one…

  • Joseph Deitemeyer

    So after 2 years, 7 out of 10 of these characters made it into the game, with 1 as a costume.