Campaign Hub: First Promotional Image From Fatal Frame 5 Released

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Word is traveling around the ‘net thanks to 4gamer (a Japanese gaming site), NeoGAF and Beyond the Camera’s Lens: along with promotion for the Fatal Frame movie that’s coming out in Japan September 26th, 2014, a promotional teaser image of Fatal Frame 5 was also released. The picture shows the four women that were featured in Fatal Frame 1 through 4 with a shadowy view of what could possibly be the new protagonist to be featured in Fatal Frame 5. It doesn’t show gameplay, but it does lead to speculation on the story like no one’s business. It looks extremely interesting, and definitely generates buzz for the game.

Personally, as a huge fan of this franchise, I think the possibilities of where the story will go and what it will entail are beyond exciting and lend themselves to some interesting discussions. We will be keeping afoot of any news about the game, and as always, we encourage you to join Operation Zero‘s Official Facebook page.

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