LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Shiness, Red Goddess, and More

Friday, May 30th, 2014

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Halfway There Goals $20,000 and Under Flexible Funding Goal Reached


LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: The Conjuring House | oprainfall

The Conjuring House

  • Goal: $190,000
  • Platforms:

From the Indiegogo page:

The conjuring House is a Paranormal Horror Experience with an “oppressive ambiance. The game takes place in an abandoned house and yet not .. Unoccupied, where players will encounter all kinds of evil paranormal activity, and confront the devil that haunts the house.

Scary, creepy, worrying are the words that define the game,fear and foreboding are the pillars on which “The Conjuring House” is based. The game’s goal is to maintain immersion, and explore the concept of fear within the player’s engagement with the game. inspired by the big hits of the cinema to provide the most terrifying paranormal experience.

Gameplay, lighting, sound effects and paranormal effects have been designed to offer complete immersion and the feeling of being constantly in danger, everything with high-definition graphics.

It will not help you to try to memorize the places where the danger and evil await you, because all events are generated randomly each new start giving the game an infinite dimension and will make your experience much more unique and memorable, you will need to be careful throughout the adventure and know how to be hiding when it necessary if you want to stay alive.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Fortis Rex | oprainfall

Fortis Rex Rise of the King

  • Goal: $3,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Indiegogo page:

Journey to an ancient world, full of mystery and wonder. You play the role of an unknown adventurer, who grew up in this ancient land, where a tyrannical Emperor rules over his kingdom with an iron fist. Demonic gates have sprung up, and its up to you to defeat the hellish armies and send them back from whence they came. At your disposal is a myriad of weapons and armor, and a gigantic troop tree, with neutral, Technological, Traditional, Imperial,  Entholmian Rebel, Viking, Imperial Rebel(Federation Of The Cross), and even some unknown troop upgrade trees. Join and support one of the numerous factions or carve your own path to become King, it’s your choice. You can even join guilds!

Roam the land helping(or harming) the inhabitants of Rex. The game world will respond to your actions, whether you choose to be the King or allow someone else to wear the Crown. Choose to do good or evil actions, and watch the game world respond to your own unique personality. In the world of Rex gunslingers and swordsmen travel the land, and compete with one another over resources and people. This is also another smaller war that is happening within Rex: the war between the ideal of traditionalism and modernism. The traditionalists seek to maintain the ancient ways, while the modernists seek to bring technology to the land. You can also join one of these factions as well, and become a supporter of either traditionalism or technology, but beware, your actions are always being watched and the game world will respond to who you support.

This is the third time around the crowdfunding block for Fortis Rex. The first time was for getting the necessary programs to create the game. The second was for models and keeping the studio open. This will be for getting additional people to help on the project.

Fradegar Island

  • Goal: $100,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Indiegogo Page:

In the near ages of the Realm of the Kings, when the central grounds of the great continent were not consolidated yet, a remote island becomes the most amazing commercial settlement of all times. The rarest and most beautiful jewels that you could ever imagine come from there. Every jewel from the island has a magic spark inside. Thus, any person wearing them gains the power to command certain arts, depending on the magic coming from the pieces of jewellery.

The uniqueness of the place was undeniable and soon enough, magicians and sorcerers from all around the world went on a pilgrimage to Fradegar which was quickly known as the capital of magic. The pilgrims built a great library and a tower to rule from Fradegar. Fhelestet, the old capital city, started its decline and accused magicians of stealing the power of the island.

The war was about to break out. Years of fights between both sides followed and finished only when the magic of the stones was released by one of the most powerful magicians. Fhelestet was wrecked and every magician of the island was killed. Mountains and rivers changed, forests disappeared… everything was gone. Nobody survived to that massacre and the island was abandoned.

Hundreds of years went by before anyone set foot on that island again. Legends about hidden treasures and countless gold thrived. Dozens of adventurous started their own quest to find fortune. However, no one of them came back from the journey. The island became cursed, home to pirates and all sorts of criminal activity. The imperial crown tried later to regain those prosperous days. Instead, the island became an imperial prison ruled by the Great Marshall.

One day, the Great Marshall went missing. In the attempt to figure out what had happened, the King sent messengers to Fradegar, but lost contact with them. Nobody had the courage to go there and discover the truth. Nobody… except for you, an elite spy of his majesty who decides to assign you a secret mission: to reveal the secret.

You’d better be careful…

Pilot Tycoon - Last Call for Funding | oprainfall

Pilot Tycoon

  • Goal: $3,500
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

From the Indiegogo page:

Pilot Tycoon is the new flight simulator adventure game for the mobile phone. Work your way to the top as a pilot by doing various story line missions in multiple pilot careers.

When i told other people about this game and the idea i sometimes heard ‘isn’t that just a Grand Theft Auto (Airplane) copy. Well I’m never gonna compare it in any way with that but it is what i actually miss with the current flight simulator games out there. Yes you will be able to buy properties and upgrade your airplanes, you will meet new contacts along your story missions and improve yourself being a pilot. This is definitely not a game where your only job is flying from A to B.

So its just one island? No you will be able to fly to different other areas and especially the military missions and airliners missions will take part in other areas. So does the space missions strange enough.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Project Chasers | oprainfall

Project Chasers

  • Goal: $220,000
  • Platforms: Steam, iOS, Android, Ouya, Xbox Live, PSN, Wii U

From the Indiegogo page:

Chasers project will focus new style gaming for all age’s! cool characters and stories that everyone will love, Children, Youth gamers and hardcore gamers. The project aims nostalgia of classic cartoon style inspired from the classic days TV Shows that we enjoyed Watching. This time the classics are alive and they have a magical skills and funny causes for making trouble.

We have started developing chasers with a unique game play in mind, in that way chasers is different because its main reason of developing is to bring something new and fun, not just Entertaining.

After we planned the goals of the gameplay, we have simply looked for funnier ways to play a game. We have examined many aspects that are the key of enjoyment in a multiplayer game, first of all there is the core of chasers which is speed versus skills, those together create new challenges that combines the tactical decisions in strategy RPG and the intuition needed for Fast arcade games.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion | oprainfall

Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion

  • Goal: $48,000
  • Platforms: PC

So – it’s like this: We’re a small group of friends/gamers that work for prominent (Fortune 500) IT companies as their codemonkeys. But we have a dream of breaking free of our grey corporate cages – bananas be damned!

It started with weekly tabletop role playing gaming sessions, complete with our 20-siders and plenty of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. We had an idea of creating our own science fiction RPG – and then, we grew up. Over the years, the world of Second Coming was fleshed out with a full “history” and the list of universal rules. Once the basic rules and story line were in place – the weekly gaming sessions started back up. It was like old times, except with the addition of babies in playpens, and toddlers running amok amongst the rolls of dice and bouts of laughter.

Well now we’ve grown up a little bit more. And Second Coming has evolved from a list of rules and damage formulas to a fully realized and published RPG book.  And with your help, we can bring the game that brought us months-long tabletop campaigns to a new reality as a video game for the masses.

The Annakazi Invasion is the first PC game release based on the capital ship and fleet battles that take place in the Second Coming RPG universe timeline. The game will have both online and offline capabilities. A single-player mode will provide a rich storyline that thrusts you into the action of the Annakazi Invasion, battling for the survival of humanity.  The multi-player pits you against your friends in the “historic” capital ship battles of the Annakazi Invasion timeline. Multi-player mode is as versatile as your team mates. Play as a team to locate, strategically subdue, infiltrate and capture the enemy ship’s command bridge – or utilize the “bury ‘em in bodies” tactic to war and try to annihilate the enemy.

You can also help the Annakazi Invasion by supporting it on Steam Greenlight.


  • Goal: $12,000
  • Platforms: Mobile, Facebook

From the Indiegogo page:

SharkPuncher is a super fun and interactive multiplayer smartphone racing game in which players compete to see who can punch the most sharks.

After hearing a story about a kayaker out-paddling a shark, Micah wondered why the kayaker didn’t just turn around and punch the shark in the nose. Then, the idea for Shark Puncher was born.

After many pivots, we have finally decided to stick to a racing style game where players can challenge their friends to beat their times. We also want to add in a real-time racing feature so 4 friends can all play each other at the same time.

There’s a BIG twist:

We will donate 25% of profits from Shark Puncher to Plan International USA (, which SEVN – the company making Shark Puncher – has elected to support. Plan’s strategy emphasizes community engagement and ownership as the means to address the needs of children around the world, and their community- based development programs focus on eight technical areas: Education, Economic Security, Water and Sanitation, Health, Sexual Health (including HIV), Emergencies, Protection, and Child Participation. The partnership will enable a goal to help eradicate malaria through education and safe practices in villages, starting in Togo and spreading throughout the rest of the world.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Super Adventure Mega Quest | oprainfall

Super Adventure Mega Quest

  • Goal: $8,000
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows, and Mac OS; possible console releases through stretch goals

From the Indiegogo page:

We started this journey with a simple dream. To create a love song to the history of video games by combining the graphics of every generation. We also wanted to offer console quality controls on touch screen devices, without the use of a D-Pad.

The title says it all. Super Adventure Mega Quest combines elements from numerous classic titles into one vision. With our new control scheme we’ve dubbed ‘D-Padless’, you can finally experience perfect platforming on a touch screen device.


In a far away world, not unlike our own, lied a happy planet. It was filled with creatures who all lived in harmony. Unless they were eating each other.

Suddenly and without warning, a dark being who hated all things, de-pixalated the world. Reducing it to a monochrome nightmare.

Unable to cope with their low resolution, the animals of the forest began to revolt. It was then, when things looked their darkest, that a hero named Leonardo came to the rescue.

By spreading love around the land, he knew he could slowly return the pixels to the planet. Now his quest begins to track down the evil one who cannot be named! Whose name is Bill.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Vanguard Princess | oprainfall

Vanguard Princess Netplay DLC

  • Goal: $10,000
  • Platform: Steam

From the Indiegogo page:

Vanguard Princess is eigoMANGA’s first game release. The game is a classic 2D fighting game for the PC that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. The game is created by Tomoaki Sugeno.

We’re all excited that players all over the globe are playing Vanguard Princess on Steam.

  • Vanguard Princess launched on Steam in March of 2014 and is actively played by Steam gamers in approximately 131 countries.
  • There is an absolute need for a netplay component to this game. Indie developers and hobbyists have been trying to create a solid one for years.
  • The current netplay applications developed for Vanguard Princess (Lunaport and MSTP) are too complicated for average gamers, doesn’t have a dedicated server, and doesn’t work for Steam.
  • We have set up an Indiegogo campaign that will reward the developers who create solid a Netplay application that will work on the Steam version of Vanguard Princess.

Willy Dope’s ‘Dope Game’

  • Goal: $4,000
  • Platforms: Mobile

From the Indiegogo page:

We need to get $4,000. Why? Because we are designing a BRAND NEW game from scratch. It contains elements of past video games and combines them into one “Dope” experience.

  • a majority of the funds will be paid to our app developer, he has worked on a number of very popular games currently selling in the app store.
  • perks for your donations include: free merch (cds, stickers, t-shirts, hats), appearance in Par-City music videos, a chance to spend the day with Par-City, an on-stage VIP experience with Par-City during a performance, and much much more!!! – VERY SOON, we will have a donation structure, to let you know what you’re getting for your exact donation!
  • no matter what we raise, we intend to put ALL funds towards the creation of ‘Dope Game,’ the video game app.
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Halfway There Goals $20,000 and Under Flexible Funding Goal Reached

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