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Tecmo Koei has confirmed that Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland will be releasing in the West on the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. Rumors have been going around the net for weeks about this possibly happening, and it seems they have panned out.

Here are some new features of the game from the press release:

  • “Enhanced 3D character models:
  • “New field map modelling creates more rich and vibrant scenery”
  • “New chapters featuring Totori and Meruru who return from the previous Arland trilogies “Atelier Meruru Plus” and “Atelier Totori Plus”, brimming with new content and illustrations”
  • “Additional Content, including playable characters, maps, bosses, costumes and more”
  • “Improved Synthesis system and new Assignment system”
  • “Expanded Item Crafting”
  • “New battle system with advanced battle features and skill execution between characters
  • New Time Capsule system allows players to bury items in Atelier Rorona and retrieve them in Atelier Meruru Plus, and Atelier Totori Plus”
  • “Over 30 different Endings: Interactions with character and decisions made to complete missions with affect the ending offering extremely high replay value”
  • “Data saving and sharing between PlayStation®3 and PS®Vita versions”

The game will release in North America on  June 24th and in Europe on June 20th.  While there will be a physical release for the PlayStation 3, like the other Atelier Plus games, this one will be digital only on the Vita.

You can check out the full press release from Tecmo Koei America for more information.

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