UPDATE: Suikoden II Rating Removed From ESRB Website

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UPDATE: It appears as if Suikoden II has had its rating removed from the ESRB website.

Make of this what you will. If you ask me, the fact that it appeared in the first place means it could still be coming, but I could very much be mistaken. I guess time will tell.

Thanks RPGSite (https://twitter NULL.com/RPGSite/status/458739113437319168/photo/1).

Suikoden II - ESRB

Well, this is interesting.

Suikoden II has been spotted on the ESRB rating board, with Sony Computer Entertainment America listed as the ones who lodged the rating, as can be seen in the image above.

The listing is for PlayStation 3, which suggests a release on the PlayStation Network may be imminent. I stress my use of the word MAY; this is not a confirmation, but it may be a hint that Sony are considering it, and that it could possibly happen.

Suikoden II released on the PlayStation 1 in Japan and North America in 1999, and shortly after the turn of the millennia in Europe.

So, what do all of you make of this listing? Is it getting a re-release, do you reckon, and if so, will you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!

Suikoden II - Box

Thanks for the heads-up Siliconera (http://www NULL.siliconera NULL.com/postgallery/?p_gal=393362|1).

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