Bravely Default Series May Expand to New Platforms

Bravely Default | City

The Bravely series could see future releases on multiple platforms.

Bravely Default launched successfully in North America last month, and developer Silicon Studio is currently developing the sequel, Bravely Second. Silicon Studio president Takehiko Terada recently spoke with CVG about where the Bravely series will go from here.

“We may expand [to other platforms] in the future,” Terada says, “but we don’t have a clear plan yet. We’re talking about that, maybe using other devices, but we don’t have a clear plan.”

Terada says this may not be an easy process, as the visual style of the game was tailor-made to take advantage of the stereoscopic 3D screen on the Nintendo 3DS. “The scene is in 3D, but it’s not just regular 3D, it’s designed to be best seen in the stereo view. Even just a regular indoor scene is designed to have a feeling of depth.”

While Terada couldn’t divulge too much on whether the Bravely series will come to other platforms, he did have some interesting comments on how it differs from the Final Fantasy series, to which the Bravely series is frequently compared: “It’s not like a Final Fantasy where each game has a totally different story. It’s a sequel so we have some portions of the previous.”

Terada hopes the Bravely series will “continue with numerous titles.” In the future, he and Silicon Studio hope to make “a really realistic game, not like Bravely Default which is really cartoonish, but a more realistic game.”


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