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Looks as if Tron obtained some firearms.


Independent developer Super Icon Ltd. recently released a new trailer for their newest title Vektor Wars, which can be viewed below.  This developer is known for the critically acclaimed platformer Life of Pixel for the PlayStation Mobile.

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This new game, developed in the Unity engine, is a modern rendition of the 80s vector-style FPS games in bright, vivid colors and a unique 3D architecture.  In the game, you arrive just after the planet was invaded by Bezerkers, evil robots designed solely to search and destroy. So, naturally, it’s your job to save the planet and destroy all of the robots threatening it.

This game will feature arcade-style gameplay, focusing on skill and high scores, along with many varieties of weapons to choose from.  There will be tons of sci-fi easter eggs, secrets, and unique collectible items throughout the game as well.

Vektor Wars will release on PC, Mac, and Linux. No official word on a PS Vita release, but if enough support goes to the Indie developers over at Super Icon, a Vita release will be a likely possibility.

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