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Bandai Namco’s Youtube channel unveiled (https://www a new Dark Souls II trailer yesterday, and it is surprisingly encouraging! A montage of clips from the first Dark Souls mixes with new footage from the upcoming sequel while a gruffly-voiced narrator delivers the most motivational speech to grace the infamously brutal Souls series. “This isn’t about death,” he asserts, “this is about what you learn from death.” So while players can still expect to die over and over, at least there can be solace knowing the whole affair builds character.

In addition to this sentimental message the trailer also offers some short glimpses of new areas in Dark Souls II, each one more picturesque than the last. A cute little hut in a shadowy overgrown forest, a comfy coffin in an underground crypt, a subterranean field with only a few beams of light to guide the way, and a lonely castle surrounded by hundreds of menacing dragons.  Truly the kingdom of Drangleic is this spring’s hot destination to get away and unwind from the stress of everyday.

Dark Souls II is set for a March 11th release in North America, a March 13th release in Japan, and finally a March 14th release in PAL markets. Submit Button

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