February 2014 Club Nintendo Rewards Revealed

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Club Nintendo has revealed the game rewards for February, and one of them is a doozy.

February 2014 Club Nintendo Rewards

We have Donkey Kong Jr (NES version) for 3DS for 150 coins, Art Syle: PictoBits (a DSiWare puzzle game with NES homages) also for 150 coins, PunchOut!! (NES version) for Wii U for 200 coins, and Super Mario RPG for Wii for 200 coins.

That should be all I need to say. If you haven’t played Super Mario RPG, have a Wii or Wii U, and have the Club Nintendo coins (which is a lot of ifs, I know), buy this now. Super Mario RPG is still considered by many to be the best Mario RPG ever, and given how many high quality RPGs Mario has starred in, that’s saying something.

SOURCE  (https://club NULL.nintendo NULL.com/rewards NULL.do)

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