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The conclusion to the Chrono Trigger Symphony series is complete with the release of Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3! This volume offers over 40 minutes of orchestrated music for your listening pleasure for $7.99. Those interested can purchase volume 3 at Loudr (http://www NULL.loudr iTunes (https://itunes

“The biggest challenge I faced was how to get through 300 hours of orchestrating a favourite soundtrack of mine without becoming sick of hearing it,” reflects orchestrator Blake Robinson. “But the opposite is true; I appreciate and enjoy the music more than ever. I hope that my passion for the game and its music shows in my work, and that you enjoy listening to the albums as much as I have orchestrating them.”

The full track listing for Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3:

01. “Singing Mountain”
02. “Tyrano Lair”
03. “Depths of the Night”
04. “Corridor of Time”
05. “Zeal Palace”
06. “Schala’s Theme”
07. “Sealed Door”
08. “Ocean Palace”
09. “Crono & Marle – A Distant Promise”
10. “Wings of Time”
11. “Black Omen”
12. “Determination”
13. “World Revolution”
14. “Final Battle”
15. “Festival of Stars”
16. “Epilogue – To Good Friends”
17. “Outskirts of Time”

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