(Japan) Atlus Teaser Site Unveils Persona 5 and Two More Persona Games

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

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Two months ago, Atlus launched a teaser site featuring naught but three crossed out boxes against a red background, the names of six Japanese cities, and a date and time – 20:00 on the 24th of November, which has just passed in Japan.

Less than a week ago, the site updated again, and the boxes were filled in with the teddies seen in Persona 4, confirming that this was indeed a new announcement for the series.

An official stream was set up for the announcement. It started with an old lady telling us, in Japanese, all about the trailer being shown across Japan that we weren’t seeing, because she was standing in front of the screen.

Persona Teddy Host

Next, one of the Teddies from previous Persona titles took over. I have no idea what he was saying, as I don’t speak Japanese.

Following the teddy were the announcements; what WERE they, you ask? Well…

Persona 5 Logo

It may have been the final announcement, but I’m telling it to you guys first. Persona 5 has been announced, and is being developed for the PlayStation 3. A trademark was registered for this a little while ago, so we knew this was going to happen some time soon. And now, some confirmation!

It will be out in Japan in the winter of next year, as can be seen in the image above. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer below! By the way, it’s in both Japanese and English, which I personally take to be a strong indication that it will come Westward.

Atlus have also announced a spin-off to the series, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth!

Shadow of the Labyrinth appears quite similar to the Etrian Odyssey games, and will even have the same director as Etrian Odyssey IV. It also has characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4, and they will be exploring a labyrinth. The game is being made for the 3DS, and will release in Japan on the 5th of June.

Persona Dancing All Night

That wasn’t all that was announced, by the way. Another game, this time for the Vita, was also confirmed. It shall be known as Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Dancing All Night is a “Sound Action” game featuring Narukami from Persona 4. It’s looking like it’s going to be some form of musical game featuring tracks from the Persona series. It takes place six months after Persona 4, with Rise having returned to her lifestyle as an idol.

Atlus are teaming up with Dingo to make this game, who have also worked on Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA.

Finally, a new trailer was shown for Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, which you can check out below:

So, who among you will be picking up these games if they make it to Western shores? Let us know in the comments below!


Thanks for translating, Japanator!

  • Thom

    Well, looks like I’m finally buying a PS3 now. 🙂

    • Violetwisp

      As am I friend, as am I

    • Sir Franku

      dooood same

  • Adam

    I love my PS3.

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    Haven’y played a Persona game, owing largely to my not owning a PS3/Vita, and the PS2 games being hard to find now. If the 3DS game comes Westward, it may well be my first time playing the series.

    And if anyone is worried about P5’s localisation, I’d say that the trailer being in both English and Japanese is a pretty strong indicator that it’ll make the leap to the West.

    • Violetwisp

      I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet all 4 of these games are coming at least to North America, if not physically then as downloads

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Europe would be nice too. 😛 If they came to NA, I wouldn’t be able to play Q since the 3DS is region-locked, so I need a EU release for that one.

    • Thom

      Atlus reprinted P3 and 4 (as they did for all of their PS2 SMT games) in the US and repriced them at around $20. Did they do something similar in Europe? Both games hold up extremely well over time, especially 4 in my mind.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I’m not sure; they don’t have a European branch, but the games are still priced relatively cheaply so I think something like that may have happened.

    • Violetwisp

      Yeah, I’m personally hoping for a global release like pokemon X and Y had, but Europe better get it, I feel guilty that you guys get shafted so often.

    • Pedro Rosas

      I expect 5,Q and P4U2 be physical. I question P4D (remember its SEGA we are talking about now but with Project Diva being a success outside of Japan I can expect it at least digital

    • Thanatos2k

      Ultimax might not. At least not as a full release.

    • Johnson Cameron

      I would advise playing Persona 4 Golden for Vita, it is really fun, there is so much to do and it actually is not too hard once you get the hang of things. The good news is though that Persona 4 Golden fixed the difficulty of Persona 4 for the PS2, As what i heard was the first two bosses in Persona 4 for PS2 were overpowered than usual.

      I know you may not have a Vita, but it is largely worth buying a Vita for. that game.

    • Pedro Rosas

      I would recommend you to buy a Vita, this way you can play all Persona games (1, 2, 3 on the PSP, Golden for Vita). If you really want to experience the PS2 version of P3 then you can buy it on the PSN and play it on your PS3

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Ha, I’d like to, but I’ll need to find a new job first, and trust me, I am looking REALLY hard. And honestly, a Wii U is higher on my priority list for X and online Monster Hunter.

      It IS on my list, but I have other priorities at the moment.

  • LeDom

    I’ll be picking up all of them except for Dancing All Night, as I do not own a Vita.
    So glad P5 will be on PS3, though I expected as much.
    And that Persona 4 the Ultimax trailer! Finally some Sho gameplay and…am I crazy or the silhouette at the end was Adachi?

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      One of my friends, who’s a crazy Persona fan, thought it was Adachi as well. So you may be right.

    • Seth Hoffman

      I had the same thought. That’s gonna be the shit!

    • Johnson Cameron

      Yes it is Adachi, if you look closely into where the shadow of his face is, you can make out his eyes a bit better.

    • Chris Tomashek

      I’m fairly certain that’s Adachi at the end of the trailer. Not only is his face (or what we can see of it) very similar, but his voice sounds very similar to the way he was in the anime.

  • Xaxal_Ravenguard

    Now I really need to play Persona 4.

    • Johnson Cameron

      Play Persona 4 golden on Vita, much easier to handle than the one on the PS2.

    • Xaxal_Ravenguard

      Was alwasy gunning for Golden. 🙂

    • Johnson Cameron

      Good lol, you will not regret it, so much extras, polish and goodies, it’s just worth it to not pass up.

  • Blog Re: Games

    Getting all four of them, hands down.

    While some may feel that Persona 4 is being milked to death, I must say, I like the new Atlus strategy of making partnerships with proven studios to make spin-offs in other genres. I wish big Western (and some Japanese) publishers had that much sense. Capcom and Konami did it, but for ‘regular’ entries of beloved franchises (DmC, Castlevania), and that’s not the same thing, specially for more close-minded fans.

    • Johnson Cameron

      When you put it that way, i kind of hope they make a Persona 3 Darkness(something like Persona 4 golden), as that game kind of had some issues.

      Anyways, you are right though, it’s good to have some spinoff games, i did not see the dance game coming from a mile away at all whatsoever.

    • Thanatos2k

      I think of it like the phase Square Enix went through, when they realized that instead of throwing all the characters and worlds out with every new game, they could re-use their existing IP to make stuff people wanted.

      Square botched it up somewhere down the line when all the new stuff they made started sucking so they became unable to make anything new and clung desperately to their existing IP, but I have faith Atlus won’t go down that same path.

    • Thom

      I agree. I think Atlus is doing a good thing here, and yeah I wish Capcom and Konami would follow suit.

      That said, I would have no problem with buying Persona 4: The Breakfast Cereal if they made it.

  • Pedro Rosas

    It seems that there is no reason to buy a PS4 yet (unless backwards compatibility)
    The 3DS is getting a really sweet deal with PQ and the Vita is getting more eye candy material (CURSE YOU SEGA!)

  • Vallen

    Picking up P5 and the 3DS game for sure! Not certain about arena 2 because I suck in hardcore 2D fighters

    • Blog Re: Games

      I also do suck at these, to the level I can’t consistently throw a Hadouken in Street Fighter – I can only play Mortal Kombat relatively decently because it doesn’t use the diagonals.

      And still I do have P4 Arena and it’s quite enjoyable. Of course I NEVER play online, but it’s built in a way newcomers can get through the story and arcade modes with very little practice. There’s even a feature where you can get a combo if you smash the same button and connect each basic strike a certain number of times. The tutorial is one of the best I’ve seen in such games too.

      The story mode was clearly built for Persona fans, not fighting ones. At times you get to spend more than 30 minutes just reading stuff and (very occasionally) watching small animations, just to fight ONE ROUND and then get back to the long reading. And you need to finish it with several (all?) characters to get the full scope of what’s happening.

    • Thom

      Wait, this is interesting. I’ve been avoiding this game all along since it seems like a spin-off cash in on a popular series with only a hint of pretense at why Yosuke is fighting Chie and soforth. So there’s really a decent story? I actually may check it out if that’s the case. I used to be good at fighting games, back around Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2, but not so much now.

      Actually the P4 dancing game may not be that bad if it’s also story-driven and not just a collection of dancing mini-games. I’m a JRPG fan first and foremost but I also really love the P3 and P4 stories.

    • Blog Re: Games

      Well, if you do like old-school 2D fighting games you should already grab the game for that reason alone, as it was considered the best of its genre last year by quite a few publications. Even if you still see it as a way of milking P4, there’s no denying its quality as a fighting game – and if you’re to buy a great fighting game, getting one with characters you love is a great bonus, right? I would call it a win-win situation, cash grab or not.

      About the story: I won’t swear by its *quality*, specially compared to the main Persona games, since your mileage may vary. I liked it, but I didn’t had any expectations about it beforehand, so maybe it’s best to approach it that way. Suffice to say, their reason to fight is not a trifle matter and echoes stuff from Persona 4 with very few wild liberties. Without giving to much away, this all happens inside the TV, as the Midnight Channel is back.

      I think it’s safe to say it’s at least elaborate – and IIRC it was written/curated by the Persona team itself. It’s also very long; I have 15+ hours on it alone, and I didn’t get 100% on Story Mode yet (still need to finish the 2nd part of some characters’ stories).

      Also, there IS stuff in there that MAY end up being considered canon. For instance, in the dancing game, Rise is back into the showbiz, and that was already mentioned in Persona 4 Arena, actually. Also, you get to know what Mitsuru, Akihiko and Aegis started doing after school, and it even sheds some light on the creation process of the anti-shadow units like Aegis through a new character.

    • Anhinck

      I agree with the other comment here- I’m not terribly good at fighting titles AT ALL, but I still really enjoy P4A. I would give it a shot at least!

  • Nik Olas

    I was just planning on buying a PS3 and now I have a great reason. This also will back up my decision to buy a 2DS soon. I’ll probably buy all of them. still need to get arena.

  • Chris Omahen

    So, this is what comes of SEGA buying ATLUS? A Project DIVA-esque spinoff of P4? Can’t say I can complain. I do enjoy rhythm games. I’m glad that ATLUS seems to be continuing as normal. 🙂

  • Chris Tomashek

    I’m really curious about Q, it looks awesome and would be great to see the casts of P3 and P4 all together like that. P4 Arena is probably my favorite fighting game so I’ll definitely pick up the sequel as well. Glad to see our predictions were correct and they decided to port it to consoles.

    I will probably pass on the rhythm game since that’s not a genre I’m particularly crazy about. Who knows, though, the fact that it’s Persona music might be enough to change my mind after I learn more about the game.

    And of course, Persona 5…I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this! Can’t wait to find out more about that one!

    Now to wait for the (hopefully) imminent localization announcements…

  • Thanatos2k

    Hot damn, this is the best gaming news this year. And thank god they didn’t coward out and move the main series to a handheld.

  • Jose Coronado

    So epicly happy right now, glad i have all the systems i can enjoy my Atlus games.
    So happy!!!! so HAPPY!
    i want all of these games