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Waiting on those Black Friday sales? Why not get a head start with these sales on the PlayStation Network? Demon’s Souls, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Droplitz, Persona 3 FES, & Persona 2: Eternal Punishment are all currently on sale on PlayStation Network.

Demon’s Souls (2 week sale!)
Was $19.99, Now $13.39
[ Store Link (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/games/demon%27s-souls/cid=UP0005-NPUB30910_00-DEMONSSOULSDIGUS) ]

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Was $9.99, Now $4.99
[ Store Link (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/games/disgaea-hour-of-darkness/cid=UP9000-NPUD20666_00-0000000000000000) ]

Droplitz (2 week sale!)
Was $4.99, Now $0.99
[ Store Link (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/games/droplitz/cid=UP0005-NPUB30057_00-DROPLITZ00000000) ]

Persona 3 FES
Was $9.99, Now $4.99
[ Store Link (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/cid=UP9000-NPUD21621_00-0000000000000000) ]

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Was $9.99, Now $4.99
[ Store Link (https://store NULL.sonyentertainmentnetwork!/en-us/games/persona2-eternal-punishment-(ps3-psp-ps-vita)/cid=UP9000-NPUJ01158_00-0000000000000001) ]

SOURCE (https://www NULL.facebook


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