The Downpour Podcast Episode 37

Monday, November 4th, 2013

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Welcome to another Monday and another episode of The Downpour Podcast!

You’ve not heard an episode of The Downpour Podcast quite like this one before. You asked, and we delivered: Episode 37 of The Downpour Podcast is dedicated to all things Final Fantasy. Join Randy, Jonathan and Jared as they sit down to discuss every main entry in the series. Things like the characteristics of what make a Final Fantasy game are discussed during the opening of the show, but after that—things get kind of heavy. There is a ton of passion to be had between these three; be sure to let us know what you think!

Jonathan has compiled show-notes for those who wish to hear their thoughts on individual games within the franchise, and for the most part spoilers are very light, but be advised going in that they can and will happen.

Do you have any requests you’d like to make of us, or any feedback to offer? As always, you can email or contact us via Twitter to sound off! Like what you hear? Stay tuned for Episode 38 of The Downpour Podcast coming your way November 18th, 2013.


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Show Notes

0:00:00 – 0:37:18 Introductions, General Questions (No spoilers regarding any specific game.)
0:37:19 – 0:41:33 Final Fantasy I, II, and III (not VI)
0:41:34 – 0:46:49 Final Fantasy IV, V
0:46:50 – 0:52:54 Final Fantasy VI
0:52:55 – 1:05:43 Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus)
1:05:44 – 1:17:55 Final Fantasy VIII
1:17:56 – 1:24:36 Final Fantasy IX
1:21:00 – 1:22:17 FFIX Spoilers (End of Disc 3-4)
1:24:37 – 1:31:46 Final Fantasy X & X-2
1:31:47 – 1:38:20 Final Fantasy XI & XII
1:38:21 – 1:47:15 Final Fantasy XIII (and its sequels)
1:47:16 – 1:51:04 Final Fantasy XIV
1:51:05 – 2:10:21 Final Fantasy XV, Fan Questions, and the future of Final Fantasy

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  • smacd

    It’s really too bad you guys are too young to remember the games as they came out. I played the 1,4,6 as they came out here, and I remember the advent of the internet and discovering 2,3,5 and the joys of emulation with translation patches. For the question on 5, there was originally a plan to release 5 as “Final Fantasy Extreme” before we got 6, but it was cancelled. It also did NOT originate the classes, 3 did (which was taken from Dragon Quest 3, much like a lot of other things FF “borrowed” from that series)

    I personally despise 7, its my least favorite by a wide margin. I do not hide my bias. I’ve disliked it since it came out, for being not a real Final Fantasy. It’s lasting legacy has been what I consider to be the downfall of the series. I have some disdain for FF fans who started with FF7 (I still consider them noobs to this day). I just can’t take the cast serious (why would i use a big sword when the guy next to me has a frakkin gatling gun grafted to his arm? why should I be afraid of some effeminate villain driven by mommy issues? the whole aerith death is treated like a huge event that had never happened before… but not only is it not new to RPGs to kill off a main character- both FF2 AND FF5 had already done it as well.) And Cloud, the beginning of the teenage whiney emo protagonist that has really ruined JRPGs. I disliked 8, 10 and 13 as well, for not being real Final Fantasy games, but the real beginning of the downfall was definitely 7. And Cloud, definitely worse than Tidus (not by much thought).

    Looking back on the series, I’ve always found that the last game of each console generation has always been the best. FF3, FF6, FF9, FF12, all of them have stood above the prior games of their respective generation. But it is just another point where Square has lost their track this generation, with the FF13 dynasty, and changing a side-game into a main series. I have little hope that FF15 will live up to the history (which wont even be in this generation, breaking the 3 per generation trend).

    I agree though, I do not count the MMOs, and I think that the biggest mistake they did was number them. Well, not as bad as giving a number to FF7 instead of having it as a spinoff game like it should have been.

    Did you miss anything by not playing 12? Absolutely. It was nothing like 7/8/10. Its a great game, one of the rare good games since the beginning of the downfall of the series in 1997. Too many haters who didn’t understand the plot or the gambit system, but its a great game. You should absolutely play it.

    As for the series, I’ve given up on it. With the exception of 9 and 12, every game in the last 15 years has been disappointing and destroying the franchise. 15 should have been a good game, but then they renumbered Versus, which was NOT a game I wanted and is very over-hyped. It doesn’t look like what we got out of every 3rd game in the setting or style. I’m done with it. Until they bring the classic semi-medieval setting back, I’m not interested.

    As for other round-tables, I’d like to hear Dragon Quest or maybe SMT. Having recently run through the series, Wild Arms, Suikoden, etc could be interesting as well.