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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

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Over the past two years, Operation Rainfall has gone from grassroots fan campaign to video game website. While we can rest on where we are today, sometimes, it’s good to switch things up a little. Today, we’re going to detail the various small and somewhat bigger changes.

Mainstream Games Become Equal on oprainfall

We love us some niche gaming goodness, but at the same time, we also like video games in general, which include games that stand outside the realm of niche. Operation Rainfall has always been about wanting equal treatment of the games we like rather than having them pushed aside. Continuing to ignore mainstream games would sort of go against what we stand for. By remaining a niche-only site, we also restrict the variety of topics we can actually talk about, and even some of the games we do talk about aren’t technically niche. (I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy.) We’re going to loosen up our self-imposed restrictions to allow for a more diverse range of games we can talk about.

So does this mean there’s going to be less niche news?

No. Think of this more as in addition to what we already do as opposed to a complete replacement. For example, if we put out ten articles about niche games, we’ll strive to put out ten articles about mainstream games. I will say, though, that we probably won’t cover certain military shooters, so don’t think we’re about to unleash tons of articles detailing Call of Duty.

Games of the Past Reviews = Retro Reviews

Games of the Past reviews have always been a nice way to revisit games that have long since become old news. While we’re not going to stop doing those reviews, perhaps we can clean up the name so it’s not such a mouthful to say. From now on, Games of the Past reviews will simply be known as Retro Reviews.

On that note, we’re also redefining our own definition of what retro is and what will just be a plain review.

A game will qualify as a Retro Review if the game lands in the generation of the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube (and the DS and PSP handhelds) or earlier. Everything beyond that generation will simply be a plain review. This allows us to continue reviewing the games we want to review without going through the crisis of calling a not-really-that-old game retro.

YouTube Upgrade

We’ve had a YouTube channel for awhile now that has been manned by our own Chris Stollings. While his Operation Recap is a good start, we realize that perhaps we should be adding more original content. We’re working on producing new original content for your enjoyment.

But we would like to know what you would like to see. Leave a comment letting us know what kinds of videos you would like to see. We’ll be sure to look at the more reasonable requests!

  • davidvinc

    I would love to see some reviews or video reviews of the new Kemco RPGs or just mobile RPGs in general. You really don’t get more niche than that, and all other websites seem to ignore them entirely. I’m sure some are worth ignoring, but some others might actually be worth playing – but no one would know, since no one reviews them.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Let me pass this on to our review manager and see what we can do about this.

  • forweg

    Ok, this sounds pretty terrible to my tastes. Probably won’t visit this site much any more.

    But that aside, good luck with turning oprainfall into make a profitable business. 🙂

    • RagunaXL

      yeah, i’d have to agree. as I totally understand the nature of the biz, everything must grow to maintain success. I have continually been disappointed already in the lack of true ‘niche’ games. there is some news, a lot of it i’ll find elsewhere first. but hey, it’s been a good run. can’t say you didn’t try!
      gonna go watch some G4 now… OH, but…

  • multibottler0cket

    While I understand your reasoning to want to add mainstream news to the site, I have to say that I am against it. Obviously I won’t stop coming here and commenting as much as I already do, but if there’s going to be one part niche, one part mainstream, I’m basically going to have to scroll though the extra mass of articles to find what I’m looking for.

    Moreover, this will likely affect my facebook newsfeed negatively if the raw mass of posts is to roughly double, and add to that the fact that half of the posts will be doubled by other pages like Nintendo’s page, for example.

    The thing about mainstream news is that most of us here probably frequent sites like IGN or Kotaku already where we are (over) exposed to mainstream news, so it’s nice to have a place where we don’t have to sort through news about GTA V and The Last of US, for example.

    Of course, you already cover some mainstream news that is still within the realm of niche and RPG, like Pokémon, Zelda, or console launch news, which is a good thing, and I enjoy the covering of events like E3 and TGS, and I would like to see *some* more mainstream news for games like DKCTF which is sort of in the half mainstream half niche category in my opinion, being a game with strong retro gameplay elements, but I am really opposed to having to scroll though a bunch of what would likely be in my opinion almost dead weight.

    Like I said, I love this site and won’t stop coming to it because of this, but as someone passionate about the website I feel the need to voice my opinion in order to keep it as much as the site that I love as possible.

    I think that if you do go through with this (which evidently you are), there should be additional filters added to the main newsfeed. Like with Wii U, 3DS, PS3/4, etc. Maybe each category could have a sub filter to view either all news, or only what would traditionally have been on the site. Two options like All, and Niche, or something like that would be nice.

    Lastly, I’d like to say thank you all for your dedication and for all your hard work! You’re all philanthropists <3

    • Thanks so much for your feedback and your compliment(s). We’re going to bounce around the idea of extending categories for niche and non-niche news; hopefully you’ll like what we come up with!

    • multibottler0cket

      No problem, you deserve them! Thanks for listening 🙂

  • Lamesy Watercorn

    I won’t expound much energy hating on the mainstream stuff, as it’s redundant but not detrimental in my eyes. I WILL, however, ask you guys to tread carefully in terms of increasing your video content. I’m a reader, plus I always listen to music on my comp; so basically anything that’s posted as video-only format will not get a click from me. It really irks me when “news” websites post videos instead of articles. I like to consume information at my own pace and discretion, while video pretty much force-feeds.

    • Steve Baltimore

      There will be no decrease in written content on the site. There will just be more video content as well.

  • RagunaXL

    so, yesterday I read this and felt, well, bummed. about the entire mainstream thing. And I may have been snippy below. For that, I am sorry. I will enjoy the games I like on this site as much as the next guy. There will just be more OPrainfall for everyone.
    But, in sake of hardcoreness, or nichefullness, if you will. When it comes to Retro Reviews. There is one RPG that no one, I mean nooooone has ever covered, X-Play, Classic Game Room, IGN, Random ‘Let’s Play’ Dude on Youtube. It’s as if the game doesn’t exist on the internet. Metal Dungeon for the original Xbox.
    All I’ve ever seen is the opening video and I’m dying to know a little more about this game.

  • Johnson Cameron

    Mainstream is not a good idea really, to be covering on Operation Rainfall, the site was really founded on games that do not get the coverage it deserves and it is about bringing recognition to certain companies, titles, and especially towards kickstarters which could help bring more niche titles to the west.

    One suggestion i would like to make is, to cover more indie games on GOG and/or Steam platform, or even those types of news in general The reason why i say this, is because Steam/GOG is a platform that not a lot of console of people know about and it really is a shame to, because it is full of a ton of niche yet mainstream titles due to how many games are funded and brought onto the PC platform that are popular to the point they are then ported to consoles a few years or less.

    But if you do go mainstream, please let it only be for the titles that are still not that covered that much anymore that have fallen out of the mainstream a slight bit, i know these might be horrible examples but i think people will understand it when i say it.

    Coverage should be on Final Fantasy series,Beyond two souls etc those types of games that are still willing to take risks that are no longer getting covered for that(when they rightfully should) and are not the ones that have a ton of coverage already like Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield. Technically the First Person shooter genre and the sandbox genre like it is stated above.

    As for the youtube channel, it would be beneficial to be doing review only style videos for now, until everything else sets up otherwise it will be taking on too much on at once.

    I hope you guys take my feedback and understand that i fear seeing the same articles over and over again from the mainstream sites on this one. It would kind of lose the meaning and the original reasoning Operation Rainfall was founded on in the first place.

    • Andy Na

      Thank you for stating your feedback as they are always appreciated. As stated in the article and comments by the staff, Oprainfall has taken interest for mainstream games to only further extend our love for writing about video games while continuing to remain true to our niche gaming roots. That said, articles for niche games won’t be downsized, and articles for games we consider “mainstream” will only be like additional content for you guys to check out and hopefully be interested in playing because we love you guys, and we want to deliver you the most possible content each day. We wholeheartedly understand your concerns as we take on new steps, which is why we take absolute scrutiny in everything we cover to make sure we don’t lose sight of our identity and are just in it for the love of all things gaming.

      We are still in talks about what to do for our Youtube channel, and video reviews are definitely one of the things that has our attention. We also plan to deliver more fresh, informative, and entertaining content for you guys, so definitely stay tuned for that 😀

  • ScienceNonfiction

    As a moderator and a dedicated user on the oprainfall forums, I’d really like to see the forums get more attention!

    • Crystal Baltimore

      Is there anything in particular you would like us to do with them? We are always open to ideas. 🙂