Nintendo Unveils the Nintendo 2DS

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo have just revealed the Nintendo 2DS. Yes, a 2DS! No, your calendar app is not broken, and some random hooligan did not break into your house and change all your calendars from April 1 to August 28. It is functionally a 3DS, only without a stereoscopic display. It will play all 3DS games in 2D and be compatible with “more than 2,000” Nintendo DS titles. It can Streetpass. It can connect to the eShop. It can play games and apps downloaded from the eShop. It will even be able to take 3D pictures! You just won’t be able to see the picture in 3D until you move it onto a device that displays 3D pictures.

The only other major difference between the 3DS and the 2DS is the form factor. The 2DS does not fold in the middle. The last time Nintendo used a non-clamshell design for their handheld was in 2005 for the Game Boy Micro.

The system will be priced at $129.99 (USD) in North America, £109.99 in the UK, $149.95 (AUD) in Australia and $179.95 (NZD) in New Zealand. It will be released October 12th, 2013, worldwide.

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  • Ann

    This is actually good for people who don’t own a 3DS and cannot afford the current ones. Also perfect for people who cannot see 3D images and children who are not supposed to have the 3D on.

    • MisterHanten

      Well the 3ds gives you the option to turn off the 3d effect anyway so this new component they are displaying is rather pointless and irrelevant .

    • Games_Of_Legend

      Looks like it allows them to make a console that isnt as pricey at very least.

    • Doesn’t make sense

      Buy a used 3DS for less.

    • anonymouse

      A used 3DS is still more pricey than the 2DS—$159.99 at Gamestop.

  • Ghaerdon

    Yep, I have a friend that cannot see 3D. I feel sorry for him, but he doesn’t seem to care. This would be perfect for him.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It would probably be better for your friend to buy a used 3ds and just leave the 3d turned off. This looks incredibly awkward.

  • smacd

    At first the idea of non-clamshell really bugged me. Then, I thought about it and decided that despite being ugly, its actually a good idea with the 3DS. The problem with my XL, which I didn’t have with my DSLite, was that the screens aren’t the same size, so the bottom screen’s bezel has scratched up my top screen. I got a screen protector but not till after the damage was already done. Soon that protector will be destroyed and I’m considering another option like maybe some sort of cloth to put between the screens when I close it.

  • madmofo145

    In other articles on about this it was state that this would target the 7 and under crowd, ie those that aren’t recommended to use the 3d on the current 3DS. While it also acts as a lower price entry to the 3DS environment, I have doubts about how well it will sell, unless we see a holiday bundle or two.

  • Ross MacPherson

    I can’t help but notice the lack of stylus use… Otherwise I think this is a harmless addition to make the 3DS more accessible.

    • Ross MacPherson

      Nevermind… you can see the stylus cutout briefly at 0:12. Odd that they didn’t show the stylus briefly so people didn’t get confused.

  • That’s nice, now how about a revision with a second circle pad? I’d like to c-stick in smash without a bulky attachment.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    it’s a good idea, but a shitty design.

  • Saren

    The 3DS gives me headaches when the 3D is on, and I can’t even see the 3D. The main reason I have gotten a 3DS is because, I’m not willing to pay that much for something I can’t use 100%. This… might be an interesting device to watch…

  • Stealth

    brilliant move.

  • multibottler0cket

    It’s kind of cool. I would have gotten it if I didn’t have a Fire Emblem 3DS already. I was worried about the form in terms of button layout, but the video makes it look pretty comfortable. The only down side is that it’s a little harder to carry around, but it’s probably more durable, which is probably more important.

  • dbclick

    A cheaper 3DS targeted at young kids releasing on the same day as Pokémon X/Y. Hmm…

  • Ryan_oprainfall

    The Nintendo 3DS toddler edition. I’m sure it will sell well with the parents of young kiddos.

    It looks atrocious though.

  • keriaku

    Yeah, I don’t really get it. Having the clamshell design is one of the best parts of the Ds/3DS. It protects it and is the easiest sleep mode ever.

  • What in god’s name….

    The existance of this machine is utterly baffling to me. Everything about it just screams “Why?”

    Why are you giving up on the only differtiating feature between the DS and the 3DS? Are you officially calling your crappy 3D gimmick dead? Are you throwing all developers who actually wanted to try to do something with it under the bus now that it isn’t even a guaranteed feature of the console?

    Why did you create what clearly appears to be a tablet (look at the resting angle) yet doesn’t have a tablet-sized screen? Why are you removing the portability of a handheld console? The folding DS/3DS fit in a pocket. No way this thing will.

    Why now? And when is the 2DSXL coming out?

    • Coarse

      Methinks you’ll see why when Nintendo sells a bazillion of these things to people who just want to play Pokemon X & Y on something cheap.

    • Doesn’t make sense

      Buy a used 3DS. Prices have fallen far below the price of this monstrosity now that the 3DSXL came out.

    • Coarse

      I don’t need a used 3DS. I have one. It doesn’t matter what people SHOULD buy. People are GOING to buy the 2DS in large quantities, which is why Nintendo made it.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I had the same thought. To me it just feels like they’ve squeezed everything they can out of the 3D gimmick, and have decided to opt out of it.

      Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3DS game actually have the 3D affect gameplay outside of Metal Gear Solid.

      Why they took the hinge out, though, is beyond me…

  • RagunaXL

    this looks like something you’d see at fisherman’s wharf, presenting PSX VETA! no no, it looks more like a Speak & Spell 3D, oh no! wait… it’s 2D

  • Warboss Aohd

    well………at least it lookz like it’d hurt less ta hold (i have large hands with long fingers)

  • An Tran

    Brilliant move by Nintendo. I might end up getting a European one someday due to region-lock.

  • John Ellis

    I get why they removed the 3D to make it cheaper but why the retarded redesign.

  • James Best

    Why are so many people freaking out that Nintendo is releasing a cheaper alternative to the 3DS?