Soul Calibur II HD Online Revealed

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

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Soul Calibur II HD Online | oprainfall

Namco Bandai has revealed an HD update to Soul Calibur II, entitled Soul Calibur II HD Online at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Soul Calibur series is a weapon-based fighting game with emphasis placed on the 3D space. Players could evade sideways, and try and gain the upper hand on their opponents by moving around the plain instead of just back and forward. The series also includes “Guard Impact,” timing a block perfectly to knock their opponent’s attack away and gaining a precious opportunity to strike back. Soul Calibur II also included many game modes, including a pretty robust single player mode called “Weapon Master.” This included unique challenges like playing hot potato with a bomb, and passing it to an enemy by striking them. This mode was the method for unlocking characters and weapons in the original release, and returns in the HD remake.

The original Soul Calibur II released in 2003 for Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2, with special characters for each version – Todd McFarlane’s Spawn on the Xbox, The Legend of Zelda’s Link for GameCube, and Heihachi Mishima from Tekken on the PlayStation 2, as well as a McFarlane original character, Necrid, on all three systems. Of these characters, only Heihachi has been confirmed for the HD update, and Namco Bandai had no comment when fans asked about these other characters.

A short trailer was also included with the announcement:

Soul Calibur II HD Online will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this Fall.


Previous entries in the Soul Calibur series are available on Amazon:

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  • Joshua J. Slone

    The second time Wii U misses out on the HD version of a Namco game that showed up on GameCube.

    • DiscontinU Wii U

      That’s a good thing, a VERY good thing indeed.

  • multibottler0cket

    Why no Wii U version? 🙁

    • DiscontinU Wii U

      Because Wii U is the worst Nintendo console ever besides Gamecube.

    • multibottler0cket

      Nah, it’s got so much potential, especially for JRPGs! And GameCube is awesome, it’s got FFCC, ToS, and FE Path of Radiance!

  • Yeah this is pretty annoying.

    It’s hilarious though because the Nintendo Gamecube version of Soul Calibur II was actually the best selling version across all the consoles (namely because a certain Hylian hero was in the game).

    There is no reason the game can’t come to the Wii U, it certainly can handle the game, so the fact that it gets the shaft is annoying.

    Almost as annoying as the fact that another Namco Gamecube title also passed up on the Wii U…. which is the Tales of Symphonia HD collection….. 2 games made for Nintendo systems. There is no reason for it not to come to the Wii U, other then they are simply holding out. I mean consider this Dawn of the New World sold more on the Wii then Tales of Vesperia sold on the XBox. Not to mention Tales of Symphonia was probably one of the Tales series most successful entries, and it was on the Gamecube.

    The other sort of irking detail to this…. Namco is working with NIntendo in partnership to create the newest Super Smash Bros.

    You’d think they’d be more supportive of the system considering they are helping create a huge franchise title for the Wii U.

    Oh well… what can you do. Namco you disappoint me, you better not mess up Super Smash Bros.

    • Brad Williams

      The PS2 and GCN versions were pretty close, to a point that the difference in sales is negligible. In the end, worldwide, the Gamecube version may have beat the PS2 version by a few thousand units. The PS2 version out-performed the GCN version in Japan, and they were pretty neck-and-neck in Europe, with the US going more heavily in for the GCN version. If Link hadn’t been in the game? I guarantee the Gamecube version would have been in last, or at least close with Xbox.

    • multibottler0cket

      Except that there were about 25 million GameCubes and about 150 million PS2s by the end of their lifetimes, so per capita it did exceptionally well on GameCube.

    • Brad Williams

      Doesn’t invalidate my comment… it only sold as well as it did because of Link.

    • Technically this is nothing more then a guess, and at the end of the day the fact still remains… the Gamecube version was still the most successful version, even if it was by a few thousand units.

      Also at the end of the day Link was in it, and that may be a reason it was successful, but that would be like saying how many people bought it for their XBox as a Spawn fan, or how many people bought it for their PS2 because they loved Tekken. If those characters weren’t in the game, would they have still picked it up? If they didn’t have their special guest character they would’ve had lower sales as well.

      The Soul Calibur series has always enjoyed relying on outside characters to help promote it.

      Beside the point, re-releasing the game on eShop should be a no brainer, with or with out Link. Especially when the company has, and is currently working close with Nintendo already.

    • multibottler0cket

      I know, it really bothers me! Can’t they be more like CapCom and help a brother out from time to time?

  • James Best

    If you’d like to see a Wii U version for this game, why not sign this petition?

    • Ibi Salmon

      You can count me in!

    • DiscontinU Wii U

      A futile effort, almost as futile as Dark Souls 2 on Wii U. I will say this, The Wii U Petition for a New Sailor Moon game is the worst petition ever. Nintendo needs to give up or they’ll fall worse then Sega

    • multibottler0cket


  • Coarse

    No Wii U version with Link, no buy.