Microsoft Hosting A Conference at This Year’s Gamescom

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

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E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference 1

Microsoft will be holding its own press conference at this year’s European trade show, Gamescom. Some developers have been notified about the one-hour press conference, but no further details, such as the date are currently known. Gamescom will run from August 21 through August 25 in Cologne, Germany. A Microsoft spokesperson stated:

“We’re excited to be back at Gamescom this year but we’re not announcing any further details on our plans at this time. Please stay tuned for more details!”

Many are saying that Microsoft will use this chance to regain its core, reiterate the machine’s core mechanics, and help ensure its foothold in Europe. At this time, this is all pure speculation, and there is plenty of that going around. Sony and Microsoft have both been reported (to CVG) as saying that they are targeting Europe as a “heightened priority region,” that, in many ways, is more important than Japan as part of their race to win the market. More can be read about that at CVG.

What would you like to see Microsoft focus on? Is there anything that they can say or do at this conference that will change your current view of the company? Do you think that they would be doing this if they had not recently alienated many of their core?


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    The message was loud and clear – Microsoft doesn’t care about any territories except the United States.

    Don’t pretend like no one heard you earlier, Microsoft.

    • Curious George

      The hate Microsoft is getting is honestly beginning to be absurd. Yes, they made some huge mistakes at E3, buuuuut and this is the key thing, those have been reversed. Now instead of praising the company for stepping back and listening to the consumers, they are insulted and attacked at every turn for having done it in the first place.

      I will admit I am picking up an Xbox One at launch, and sometime down the road I’ll have a PS4, and I currently have a WiiU. The fact is however that these two systems in actuality are remarkably close in terms of actual specs, and now with Microsoft’s reworking are more or less the same short of game differences.

      Now I will address that I think Sony has honestly the best game lineup with the PS3 right now for any of the major consoles and PS+ is fantastic, but that does not mean they don’t have errors. The PS4 dropped the camera attachment awhile back, ensuring a highly fragmented audience, and a lack of ability to compete with the Kinect 2.0, which make no mistake will actually prove to be something big a few years down the road. The Vita is a terribly undersupported product, surviving solely on the back catalogue of Sony titles and indie hits. They’ve proven in the past that they are incapable of running an online service as smoothly as Microsoft with a one month long offline period when they were hacked.

      The point here was not to attack Sony outright mind you, I’m a proud owner of a PS1, PS2, and PS3 as well as every major Sega, Nintendo, and Microsoft console since the 80s, but rather to point out that other companies make mistakes as well, and that when the company does try to do what the consumer wants and are still punished, something is in fact wrong

    • Xbox3shitty

      They’ve been making mistakes for a long, long time before E3. Have you been blind to the ads filling the console, their disgusting treatment of indie developers, and their ominous Windows 8 plans?

      They have not “reversed everything.” Not even close. The Kinect is still forced, they still charge for Gold, wall off things they shouldn’t, have no backwards compatibility, and make even the VOICE HEADSET your already have incompatible with their new console – you have to buy a new one! The console is still more focused on TV Sports TV Sports Sports Ads than games.

      Plus just because they Xbox180’d on a few reprehensible business practices does not mean they should be forgotten, nor forgiven.

      I can’t fathom a reason why anyone would buy their next console. Most games will be multiplatform, the only exclusive titles will be Dudebro shooters. And really, who would want that crap?

      I haven’t seen a single RPG in development for it.

    • Curious George

      Forgot to mention two ore things. The PS4 is also not backwards compatible, and by arguing most games are multiplatform anyways, you are actually directly addressing why one should not get a PS4 as well. If anything you’re indicating that we should all get a Wii U, which I have and love plenty, or will when Pikmin 3 comes out.

    • Xbox3shitty

      You act like just because Sony is doing something, it’s not a bad thing for Microsoft to also be doing it. Wrong. It’s bad that Sony’s doing it too. So what?

    • Curious George 2

      I’ll be honest, I had a response, but it seems to have deleted, and I really don’t feel like doing it all over again. But I will inform you that 90% of what you have up there is false. The Kinect can be turned off, Final Fantasy XIV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are both Xboxone Titles as well. Sports were an equally important part of both systems, and both manufacturers have always done their best to appeal to them., Sony is charging for online with the PS4. The Headset situation is actually being worked on so that you can use your old ones. Indie games you have a good point on, but Microsoft a week or two ago stopped charging for game patches and updates, which should help on that front, plus why would you buy a console for indie games, when Steam does the same thing but much better?

      My other comment appears to have saved itself on here, but yes I do apologize that this isn’t better formatted, I am unfortunately tired, and didn’t foresee the better written version being deleted. Either way I’m quite happy for both consoles to come out, and look forward to playing Last of Us on my PS3, Pikmin on my Wii U, and Dead Rising 3 on my Xbox One.

    • Xbox3shitty

      I don’t think you get it. I don’t want a Kinect. I don’t want to pay for it either. The reason the Xbone is $100 more is because of the shitty Kinect.

      I know Sony is charging for online, that doesn’t mean Microsoft is right for doing it too, doing it for longer, and charging more for it.

      Sony is not catering to the NFL, nor announcing exclusive idiocy about Sports. Don’t even try to suggest the companies are focusing on it in equal amounts.

      Microsoft forces indies to self publish and forces them into limited exclusivity agreements. Who cares if they charge for patches?

    • Curious George 3

      So now you’ve changed your argument from Microsoft is screwing over the consumer, to I just don’t plain like Microsoft after having it pointed out that Sony is doing all of the same things. Oh, and just because Sony didn’t advertise football, don’t you think for even a minute that that won’t be a huge part of their North American marketing down the road. It would be stupid and financially irresponsible for them not to do so, and Sony let me tell you is not doing well financially these last few years, considering almost every part of their infrastructure is hemorrhaging money.

      As for the Indie thing. You have a PC, go play Steam, and let me enjoy my Xbox One when it comes out. I was never trying to get you to buy one, I honestly just hate misinformation, and I’ve corrected everything you said that was wrong. I have yet to defend Microsoft on the Indie thing because they are just plain wrong, but the other stuff all fixed.

      One last thing, please explain why I am wrong on the things I accused Sony of a few paragraphs back so that we may have a discussion on them as well. You seemed to have ignored them for some reason.

    • Curious George 4

      Hey there, I know you stopped coming here, but I have more good news for you in this little article which explains how Microsoft is allowing Indie developers to do many of the same things they do on the PS4. I still personally think you might as well use steam for such things, but seeing as you made it the highlight of your case against Microsoft after other points were disproven, I’d figured I would come add to it.

      Also I’d still like to hit you up on that Sony discussion sometime if possible.