(Japan) Namco Bandai Teases a Mysterious New Game

Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Namco Bandai has a new mystery game, but they are only teasing us for now. This is slightly different from most of E3, which has been focused on showing demos and new trailers, as well as giving more information on titles that are to be released. However, most of the companies have been mysteriously announcing new games and titles throughout the week, including interview teasers and informers. Namco Bandai has joined in the hype and released a special teaser site. The site itself only states the following:

Namco Bandai's Mystery Game

Namco Bandai, what have you got up your sleeve?

The question, of course, is what in the world will this game be? What have Namco Bandai got up their sleeve for gamers? When will new information be teased? How about you, what do you think Namco Bandai will release for PlayStation 3? Let us know what is you think or what is is you want below.


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  • Jonah Rosen

    Calling it right now, new Tales game! (Na, just kidding. We already have The localization of Xillia & Xillia 2, plus Symphonia Chronicles being developed.)

    • John Pena

      I really hope those vita exclusives to come to the west, as I already imported them but I rather play them in English. Where did you hear that tales of xillia 2 was being localized, what is does the #jrpgvita thing mean, is sony bring more rpgs to the vita or what?

    • Jonah Rosen

      I think I heard that during the Tales festival that Hideo said something along the lines that Xillia 2 might be getting localized becuase of how many preorders that Xillia has. After all, Hideo did say that if Xillia gets enough sales that Xillia 2 will come out. Then again, I might be mixing it up with a lot of comments people have been making on Tales Union.

      Also, #jrpgvita is a thing Sony is doing on twitter where you put down what JRPGs you want for the Vita and they’ll look into the getting the popular choices localized. Basically, It’s Sony trying to get more Vita sales out by garnering to the JRPG fanbase.

      #jrpgvita Source: http://www.playstationeuphoria.com/general/sony-wants-to-hear-which-j-rpg-games-fans-want-to-see-localized-with-the-hashtag-jrpgvita-via-twitter.html

    • John Pena

      Awesome, as an rpg gamer and collector, and a big tales fan I want those games, going to voice my opinions for those localizations, thanks for the info, really appreciate it!!!!

    • Jonah Rosen

      You’re welcome, I’m just doing my part to spread the word so we can hopefully get more good titles like Tales of Innocence & Hearts R (and Phantasy Star Online 2) for the Vita.

    • a745

      The thing is, from experience in the past, a Tales game is never filed under the “bandaigames” channel URL. It’s usually under their bandainamcogames URL, their namco-ch URL or their tales-ch URL. They don’t use the namco-ch one anymore, so usually a Tales game is placed under the bandainamcogames URL. That said, I’m sorry to say but I highly doubt this is a Tales game.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I know, I was just saying this as a joke, if you couldn’t tell from the first post, (It’s like people only read what they want to read, I swear.) plus like I already said, We are already getting Xillia, maybe Xillia 2, Symphonia Chronicles, and if the #jrpgvita campaign that Sony is doing helps any, Innocence R & Hearts R. So I think I’m pretty good as far as Tales games are concerned.

  • I see Stars so I assume Gundam

  • HeroOfGames16

    Gundam or Super Robot Wars. If it’s Super Robot Wars, let it be OG (prequel, HD collection or what not). If it’s OG, please let it be localized.
    If it’s Gundam, it better be Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 4.

  • Merrick Egber

    Klonoa in Space?

  • Ryan McConnell

    well it probably isn’t but we can always hope, right?

    • Jonah Rosen

      My god, I would LOVE that! What I’d love even more would be to actually finish the Xenosaga as it was intended. (We only got arc 1 or 3, each of which would have KOS-MOS & chaos in some way.)

    • Forbsz

      But does Namco own the rights to Xenosaga if they do you could very well get a Xenosaga game on ps3 but not of the same quality because the company that made them is owned by Nintendo now and that’s why I thought it is impossible because wouldn’t monolith soft own the rights to Xenosaga ๐Ÿ™

    • Jonah Rosen

      From what I understand, NAMCO owns Xenosaga from when monolith was part of it, just like how Xenogears is property of Square from when the husband and wife that eventually created Monolith was part of them. (Which is why they abandonned the idea of Xenogears being the fifth episode of what would eventually become Xenosaga.)

    • Forbsz

      Yes! and then Monolith Soft could finish all these great games for the original fans of them! it’s exactly the same way I think but about rare/Microsoft and how they should sell Banjo Kazooie to Nintendo.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah, Banjo-Kazooie was the best when it was on the N64 and the 360 nuts & bolts game was a horrendous shell of what could have once been, just like with Rare itself. I really wished it did end up back with Nintendo and it can go back to the classic platforming collectathon with TEAMWORK-BASED MECHANICS that made the first two games in the series so damn great.

    • >> I think NAMCO should sell the franchise back to Monolith <> Though you do have a point that it wouldn’t be as good without the original creators <<
      Episode III was the best, and was created without the original staff.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Well I’m sorry to tell you this, but the world doesn’t run on what you want or don’t want. You think it would be terrible, I think it would be great. these are our opinions. So if there was a chance it happened, all I would have to say is to get over it. I would do the same if it didn’t happen. I can still dream though and I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to burst my bubble with your downer sentiment.

      Now go home and have some coffee with cream…or something! This used to be a happy place. *sigh* -_-

    • No, the rights to Xenosaga belong to Namco because Namco is the publisher of Xenosaga,

  • John Ellis

    Maybe they will make another DBZ so people will stop complaining.

  • Norbert Gespenst

    Xenosaga HD Collection
    I can’t think of many space or sci fi theme games that Namcobandai has