CAMPAIGN HUB: Natsume Passes on Localizing Medabots 7

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Responding to a comment from a fan on Facebook hoping for a Medarot 7 announcement at E3, the company responded with a disheartening reply:

"It doesn't look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one."

“It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.”


Not exactly the response we were hoping for, especially after the company expressed interest in the game … The reply isn’t all negative, saying that there’s a chance for future games in the series to receive a localization. Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic on the chances of that coming true. MedaBots 7 (known as Medarot 7 in Japan) was a very special case in that it was a 15th Anniversary title that ignored the events of the previous unlocalized entry, Medarot DS. I don’t think we’ll get another chance to see a game where that will be the case, nor do I expect Metabee and Rokusho, two recognizable faces for western audiences to be the mascots for a potential Medarot 8.

Don’t worry, while our campaign for the past two years may have fallen upon deaf ears at Natsume, Project Rising Beetle will trek onwards looking at opportunities at other publishers, and of course covering all the latest news on the series from Japan. But I won’t lie, it hurts to have these last two years go nowhere.

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