(Japan) Famitsu Reports Final Fantasy Development Progress

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

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Final Fantasy XIII Lightning

For those Square Enix fans who are just shaking with anticipation waiting for more Final Fantasy titles, Famitsu has some news to further whet their appetites. The latest issue of the popular Japanese gaming magazine tracks Square Enix’s progress on four upcoming Final Fantasy releases. It makes good use of percentages to demonstrate how far into development each project is.

Final Fantasy X HD 80%
Final Fantasy X-2 HD 65%
Final Fantasy VIII (PC) 80%
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 70%

While this does show that Square Enix is not taking any breaks from development—especially on Lightning Returns, the third title in the XIII series—there is one notable omission: Versus XIII. Unfortunately, fans of the long-delayed title will have to keep waiting for news on its progress.

Lightning Returns will be released fall 2013 in North America, Europe, and Japan for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The HD versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will be released 2013 in North America, Europe, and Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The HD version of Final Fantasy VIII will be released in Japan for the PC but currently has no announced release date.

How many of these games are you looking forward to? All of them, just one, or maybe none at all? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • There is never any Versus or Type 0 news -sadpanda- But I am looking forward to Lightning Returns and the HD remaster of X/X-2.

    • Jonah Rosen

      “and the HD remaster of X/X-2”


    • Erm, because I enjoy them.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Oh you poor, poor soul. 🙁

    • And the point of your comments were because? It is pretty obvious from the first post that if I’m looking forward to them that I’ve enjoyed the first releases. I’m not a ‘poor soul’ at all, I’m a very fortunate soul who is able to enjoy the vast majority of games I play. You’re the poor soul for missing out if you don’t like it.

    • Jonah Rosen

      No, I think I’m a fortunate soul for knowing the difference between crap and gold. Now if you excuse me, I have a GOOD game to go play, like Tales of Symphonia or Skies of Arcadia Legends.

    • Yes they are good games. I’ve completed them both too. But just because you don’t like the same games as other people doesn’t suddenly make their opinion invalid. ‘Crap and gold’ are subjective when it comes to games (or even books or movies). So long as people enjoy it what is the problem? >.<

    • Jonah Rosen

      The problem is that we’re never going to go back to the good games like in the days of Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII & IX unless people open their eyes and stop supporting crap like VIII, X, X-2, XI, XII, XIII, XIII-2, & XIV, therefore (hopefully) showing Square that these aren’t what we look for in good games.

      They should look at something like NAMCO’s Tales series if they want to know how to make good games again, as there has NEVER been a bad Tales game, the only bad desicion they ever made was putting Tales of Vesperia on the 360 and not releasing the PS3 version in North America & Europe, as well as not releasing half their games to North America & Europe in general. The battle system, while altered SLIGHTLY from game to game, has never been completely scrap for a battle system that didn’t work, and was orgasmic as fuck to play, and if there was a feature that didn’t gel well with the fans, it was scrapped in the new game. And there was never a protagonist character that you`d hate with a fiery passion, maybe slight dislike, but never utter hatred.

      And in a time of doom and gloom protagonists like Squall and early game Cloud, and whiny crybaby fuckup’s like Tidus, SEGA knew that making an optimistic protagonist in the form of Vyse for Skies of Arcadia was a golden idea. The battle system for this game was also pretty good and it worked, and if SEGA ever decide to make a Skies of Arcadia 2, I`m sure it`ll be the same battle system with a few tweaks here and there, with the same likable cast or maybe even a new, also likable cast.

    • I already said Tales and Skies of Arcadia are good, no need to justify them to me /sigh But I also like a lot of those FF games as well. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean other people don’t. There are plenty of other decent games available right now. Critising a game is fine, but go do it to someone who cares. Whining to me isn’t going to make Square change >.< I enjoy games you don't. Get over it.

    • Jonah Rosen

      You obviously misread if you think I was justifying them to you, what I was doing was stating MY opinion to what I think Square could learn from NAMCO to make a better game. For example:

      – Just keep the Active Time Battle system with minor adjustments every game, don`t go back to the boring and archaic as time itself turn-based battle system (FFX/X-2) or the ATB System overhauled with major adjustments nobody wants (FFXIII/XIII-2), like with the Tales series and it’s Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS).
      – Make characters like Llyod Irving and Yuri Lowell, NOT Squall and Tidus, Also, Villians like Dhaos, Mithos, Duke, Lambda, & Fodra Queen (Yes, a bonus chapter end-boss is more memorable) are more memorable than Ultimecia. Seymour, whatever his name was again from FFXIII, and that emotastic douche from FXIII-2
      – Make stories that don’t involve looking in an in-game encyclopedia to understand! I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy XIII!
      – Make stories that are actually enthralling and don’t introduce the big bad buttfuck out of nowhere. (Again, XIII)
      – Make the game more than ‘hold forward, tap X to “fight”, hold forward, fight “Boss”‘ wash, rinse, and repeat.
      – NO HALLWAYS!
      – Drop the ‘Hi-Res’ graphic for something a little more anime and colorful
      – LISTEN TO YOUR FUCKING FANBASE!! Seriously, this is IMO why the Tales Series has been seemingly gaining momentum and popularity while Square has been steadily losing momentum and popularity. Hideo Baba and the rest of the team working on the Tales series seems to give a crap about their fanbase (again, mostly in Japan, but HB has also gone to conventions outside of Japan and converse with the NA & EU community, too) while I don’t even know who’s in charge with the FF series anymore that’s how out of touch Square seems to be with it’s fanbase.

      And I’m pointing this out not as my opinion alone, (some of it is, but not all of it.) but also as the opinion of a lot of people I know IRL and online, as well as people I don’t really know but have talked to online. If a large portion of a franchise community is telling you to stop and you don’t listen, there’s something wrong with you!

    • Jonah Rosen

      Also, I now apologize for giving you shit, as I was bored as hell last night and thought to troll/tease the fuck out of someone, and decided to keep it up this morning. Yes, you’re obviously allowed to like your own things and I’m allowed to dislike those things if I choose to. I don’t really like the way Final Fantasy is going and want it to return to roots, or at least make it look like they care again and not just because they’re going “Oh hey, people are still buying Final Fantasy, let’s just shit out another entry in the franchise and go on with our day.” Also, I REALLY only hate final fantasy X because Tidus sounds too whiny, which I heard is mostly the english dubs fault, Jecht is an irresponsible prick of a father which reminds me of my useless deadbeat of a father, (so it’s more of an emotional detraction), and because I can’t take Seymour seriously with that hair. X-2 is because it took a half-decent character, and made her shameless eye-candy, which explains half the game to me. “Final Fantasy X-2; Less game than X, but more shameless eye-candy and fan-service.”

  • Androzz


  • Sassafras

    I am not too fond of remakes. I don’t see the hype. Unless they were madefor an archaic console which PS2 hardly qualifies as. I can sort of see VIII, but still–not so much.

    • we are getting the International versions so we in america actually have something new to do on the games

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      Yeah a whole 1 or 2 new sidequests.. my god the amount of extra content that I will be paying full price for just makes me quiver with desire.

    • Fishfriedcat

      Watch those edges, bro.

  • derp

    Yaaay… 70% done with a game nobody waaants. Woooo…

    • Ray Laboy

      Speak for yourself.

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      He speaking for all those with taste and actual knowledge of good game design.

    • Jonah Rosen

      While I LOATHED XIII terribly, I thought XIII-2 was not half-bad. Sure, the story sucked so much cock that it would’ve chocked to death and back if it were a person, but the gameplay improved everything bad about XIII. Like no more game overs if the leader died, you can actually gain money from battles again (!!), and that it wasn’t “The hallway” anymore. If anything, I hope they fix it even more, hopefully in the story this time. 😉

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      I have to be honest, I haven’t gotten to XIII-2 yet, but It’s sitting on my shelf and after I beat a couple other games I will be there. It can’t POSSIBLY be worse, that’s kind of my feeling on it, and at least I know about the b.s. to be continued thing first so it won’t be as big of a slap in the face. It has actual MAPS, that’s a start… either way even if XIII-2 IS better (which I can’t see how it wouldn’t be x.x) there still didn’t need to be a third one…

    • Jonah Rosen

      Well it’s more that there’s a third entry because plot demands it. Can’t have the story end on a cliffhanger lest we piss off the fans of the sub-series–all two-and-a-half of them

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      True.. but they could have just.. you know… actually given FFXIII-2 an ending instead of milking it to dust.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I agree with this, but what are you going to do about it. (Aside from having a lot of people yelling at Square, threatening not to buy this or other games until they get their shit together.)

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      Oh the damage is done and the game does have to come out now, there’s no denying that, and I agree with what you are saying as well, my point is just that they need to get their ducks in a row sooner rather than later. The reason they have to keep making these ports is because their REAL projects aren’t making any money x.x even they have to realize how stupid they are being.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Yeah, they need to re-analyze their earlier, more successful titles, as well as speak to the fans about what they liked about the older games, then try to recreate that charm without completely ripping off any of said older titles while pouring their hearts into the game and treating it like their last. And then hope they don’t fuck it up.

    • Ray Laboy

      Lol, nothing like that elitist self entitlement, Nothing makes you better than the next gamer, kick off your high heels and quit assuming -your- gaming taste is the way to go, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Claiming XIII and XIII-2 could have “poor” game design choices is strictly an opinion and not fact, because there are millions of people who feel different than you do.

      Go cry about a FFVII remake.

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      I don’t want an FFVII remake, in fact, that’s what made FFXIII so bad in the first place, they were trying to cling to the graphical style of FFVII and the mixed gameplay of FFX and FFX-2. There IS no debate as to whether or not FFXIII has good game design because there IS no game design. You hold the analog stick forward to move (never changing direction) and you push ‘X’ in battle for the game to fight for you. it’s not a matter of taste it’s a matter of realizing that there IS no gameplay. I get more interactivity out of changing the channel on my TV.

    • Jonah Rosen

      You do realize that last comment lost you all credibility and instantly labels you as a hypocrite.

      “you shouldn’t mock this game if you don’t like it, now I’m going to mock you and this other game in the same sentence.”

      And yes, Claiming that XIII & XIII-2 have made poor design choices is an opinion, but when it’s a very strong opinion shared by a large portion of your fanbase, I think there’s a problem with that formula and it shouldn’t be visited upon again unless you’re willing to actually fix what’s wrong with it, because not fixing problems causes you to lose your fanbase, and losing your fanbase causes you to lose money, and losing money is BAD, mkay?

  • smacd

    I’ve never gotten the hype around Verses XIII. What exactly do we know about this game, other than it will be in development as long as DNF before it comes out? What little I know about it never warranted the hype other than it being Not-XIII.

    • you obviously have never seen the trailers for it

    • smacd

      I have, but they didn’t particularly interest me at the time.

      I just re-watched them, just to see if I missed anything. The game still doesn’t interest me, although I’m willing to give it a try if it ever comes out.

      The cutscenes look pretty impressive, but I expect as much from Square-Enix and I’m far more interested in gameplay than cutscenes. As for gameplay, based on the 2011 trailer I just re-watched, It looks somewhat like Kingdom Hearts with Parasite Eve’s modern-city style setting.

      I still don’t see the hype over 2 trailers with 9 minutes of mostly cutscene footage. But ok. I mean, like I said, I’d probably grab it if it ever comes out and I happen to get a PS3, but it still seems like the game is bound to fail in too many people’s eyes like DNF did. It just can’t live up to the hype of being the “franchise redeemer” that everyone has pinned on it.

  • chrispenwell

    I wish they’d just tell us how far along they are in development for Versus XIII.

  • Vallen

    OMFG, where the fuck is versus? I honestly would be happier if they already announced whether its still coming or canned. At least if they say its cancelled, we can all move on

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    More Final Fantasy Titles my ass… you mean 3 ports and the end of a trilogy no one wanted? And what about Versus XIII.. the game that has been in development for 7 Years! Screw you square…

  • Jonah Rosen

    Look Square, no one gives a fuck about FFX HD, FFX-2 HD, and especially FFVIII PC. (LR: FFXIII is ‘meh’ at best.) Just give us Final Fantasy Versus XIII already then be on your merry way to making a Final Fantasy title someone would actually give a fuck about, like in the good old days of FFIV-VI, plus maybe VII & IX.

  • RagunaXL

    wants lightning returns and versus xiii. would want X HD but I might have to stick with 3DS

  • It’s quite sad that the only new one that’s moved on is Lightning Returns. But, perhaps Versus isn’t quite dead yet. Perhaps E3 might surprise us with that.

  • Ookiiushi Desu

    X HD and VIII sound amazing!!!!!!! But x-2 and lightning returns are not only a waste of time, but also murderers of time. Just bad…

  • dbclick

    They’re obviously waiting to tell on bigger announcements when they’ve got more of the spotlight (a.k.a. E3). Let’s hope they deliver.

    I’m still holding out for Versus XIII (hopefully with a better name), and FFXV for next gen. I wouldn’t mind if they showed me enough on LR:FFXIII (i.e. FFXIII-3) to convince my it’ll be good – that’d be a pleasant surprise.

    At least with FFX/X-2 – HD it’ll be for a reasonable price on PS3.

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    Everyone here Realizes that the FFVIII game isn’t changed at all right? it’s the exactly the same as the original PC version except they may add trophy support… soooo the same thing as the FFVII pc re-release that came out last year. They are putting NO effort into the project whatsoever, it’s just a way for them to get more money to cover their asses

    • smacd

      The game may not be “changed”, but there are probably some compatibility and other under-the-hood work being done. Have you tried running the “original PC version” on a modern computer? I haven’t, but i wouldn’t be shocked if it had issues.

    • Xx_Kares_xX

      Well yeah, that’s true, but that still takes a group of ten programmers at the MOST a month right? And that’s being generous. Hell if they really wanted too they could take a pre-existing Playstation emulator and format it to work specifically for FFVIII, it’s not that hard of a project for a group of professional programmers to do.

    • -Majin-

      Don’t forget that FF7 had an option to just pay for level grinding! Because that made the game better, right?