POLL RESULTS: The Next Final Fantasy HD Upgrade

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

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Final Fantasy X Poll

The poll question was : Which Final Fantasy game should get the next HD upgrade? We had quite the response from this poll. 1075 total people participated, making this the most participated poll in our history. I suppose it is not all that surprising, given how many Final Fantasy fans are out there. Nor are the poll results particularly surprising. Final Fantasy VII won with 342 votes (32%). Coming in second was Final Fantasy IX with 222 votes (21%). Third was the “other” category which had 209 votes (19%), fourth was Final Fantasy XII with 158 votes (15%). Last was Final Fantasy VIII with 144 votes (13%).

So Final Fantasy VII won; who didn’t see that coming? Fans have been begging for a FFVII remake for ages, though I think at this point it is obvious it is never going to happen. Yet still, people seem to be hanging on to hope. Though to be fair, the poll question was which game SHOULD get the next HD upgrade, not which game WILL get the next HD upgrade. Meaning, a lot of votes probably came down to which Final Fantasy game is your favorite. I would guess that the only game on our poll with a realistic chance of seeing an HD upgrade would be Final Fantasy XII. Since Square Enix are making HD versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, it seems XII would be the next logical step.

I am happy to see Final Fantasy IX take second place, as it is my favorite Final Fantasy game. I am curious to know which Final Fantasy games people voted for in the “other” category. Let me know in the comments below!

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  • XII. I really want to actually finish it, but I don’t foresee myself ever actually sitting down to play it. But if I could take it on my VITA….

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      You really should give it a go. That is, If you’re like me, and you love open-world rpgs. Final Fantasy XII really opens up, and actually relatively early in the game if you have the knowledge on how to open up the higher level areas.

      The story isn’t so great, and nor are the characters honestly, but I just really love exploring in the game and finding incredibly strong armor and weapons way before you’re supposed to have them.

    • im stuck on the part where you have to run away from the bounty hunters and cant fight them…hard for me to keep picking up the game when im stuck on a place like that

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      How come you’re stuck? You just have to keep running until you get to a certain point. Make sure you are holding down the flee triggers. Fighting them is pointless, you don’t get any good rewards or experience. It is possible to beat them if you level enough as I have done it, but not really worth it other than to say you did.

    • well each time i press the flee button for some reason, the camera keeps flipping back to the enemies and I need to keep quickly changing the camera around and i get caught in this obnoxious little trap where i keep pressing flee, but the enemies come right up to me and beat the tar out of me. doesnt help i couldnt find a save spot anywhere in that area. so i have to start all over again

    • first Vaan wasn’t meant to be the main character or even in the game this includes penelope. the real main character is the knight who was falsely accused of murdering the king. but because the testers could relate to him they decided to write vaan into the story. great game otherwise.

    • LOL

      DUMBASS, that game sucked dick

  • JohnathanK

    Sad people still won’t get over VII never being remade beyond what it is now, because IX is much more deserving.

    • i totally agree

    • matango

      I don’t get the obsession with FFVII. It was good for it’s time, but the story wasn’t exactly mindblowing either. It’s a classic, but not exactly legendary. :/

  • Didn’t get to vote but I would have voted maybe for VI but that would take a lot of time and effort since they would have to redo pretty much everything but I’ll take a remake maybe for the 3ds.

    As for the PS1 era games it probably would have been IX with XII being very close second.

  • sjblue

    They won’t remake FF 7 until their company is on the verge of bankruptcy so as to not go under,.

  • It is sad that the HD upscaling ports go as far as 10, and won’t go further because it is not as straight forward, while the forward ports go up until 5 because (???) They are afraid to mess up? It would take too long (BS) ?
    On the other hand FF1-4 have been redone so many times, not that I complain, just seems odd. I bet I will see another three versions of FF1 and 2, and FFXII in HD before I see 6,7,8 or 9.
    So the beautiful range of FF6-FF9 which includes the best games in the series (IMHO) won’t get touched at all.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It is unfortunate. I would buy all four games if they ever got upgraded, and I have no doubt millions of other would as well. But, they must have their reasons, and I’m sure cost is front-and-center. I can’t see how they couldn’t make a profit, but then, I’m not a game publisher.

    • honestly i would settle with FFVI having new HD hand drawn sprites like those of Rayman origins/legends. as the sprites currently are utter crap and don’t hold up well at all. well back to playing FFV complete for the PSP.

    • FFXI is a simple upscale. Any emulator can achieve the same task.

      Remaking PS1 and older would require completely rebuilding the game in a new engine, which is much, much more const intensive.

  • Final Fantasy VI, if only for the fully orchestral soundtrack that would likely come with.

    • madmofo145

      I just think VI would be the most interesting to flesh out. Imagine the different Magitek armors, the land of the espers, kefka’s tower, all done in either a standard HD game format, or done with handrawn 2d sprites and backgrounds. The game really has a world that would be amazing to see done with some modern tech.

  • Shulknameholderthing

    Interesting, interesting. I personally voted “Other”, for “I don’t give a damn about remakes, get back to Versus XIII”. I know that game being finished is even less likely than VII being remade, but you know.

  • ChaosLord121

    I really wish VII would just die already.

  • IX is way more deserving than VII. VII is overrated.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I think there is a certain nostalgia factor that comes into play. Final Fantasy IX seems to be a better game overall IMO. Though, I can imagine for those that played FFVII when it first came out, fell in love with it as it truly was revolutionary for its time.

    • Yeah, I would definitely have to agree. I’ve seen a lot of people who are fans of VII that say it was their first foray into the series. A lot of others, who started on earlier games, tend to prefer other entries. The funny thing is that there’s a wide spectrum of favorites in that group, no matter where they started.

      I started with 1, for instance, on the NES. I think I still have my cartridge around here somewhere in a roughneck. IX definitely made me think back to the pre-VII entries in the series, but was a modern update. I love the characters, the story, and even the minigames. IX is a game that is truly a joy every time I play it, so it’s firmly established itself as my favorite Final Fantasy.

  • 9 is my personal favorite and is Sakaguchi’s personal favorite. It just had so much passion and love put into it more so than I think other FF games ever got.

  • FF XII is one of the best imho – gameplay, design, sound, & exploration wise. I remember playing it w/ a component cable on my old giant Sony Trinitron and having a friend completely surprised that what they were seeing was PS2! the story’s not bad, certainly better in some respects than the water-soccer+daddy-issue laden FF-X which I played through simply because it’s all around outstanding game & blew me away as the 1st PS2 FF – the summons alone were amazing…. and Rikku, Auron, Lulu, not-so-much Tidus though…who’s kind of a douche :p

    • LOL

      Wow, you fucking fail so fucking hard….

  • See, the real problem here is that people don’t understand that Final Fantasy VI needs to be done with the Agni’s Philosophy engine.

    And that VII is overrated and died due to fandom abuse.

  • Final Fantasy VI, (FFIII on SNES) the music from the opera scene and the music from Shadow’s theme are two of my favorite songs from that game. Could that alone warrant enough for a HD remake?

  • I Hope This Upcoming HD Collection Have Crossbuy With PS3

  • knew 9 wouldn’t beat 7, but happy it beat da rest.

  • spyrox

    Hironobu sakaguchi once said in an interview that he wont remake FFVII until he creates a game that he thinks surpasses it in greatness. im really looking forward to the day this happens

  • I voted “other”, I’d love to see FF VI in an HD world, fleshed out, with a full orchestral accompaniment. 6 and 10 are my personal favorites, so I’m excited for 10 being in HD, but I think a full on remake of many FF games would be really interesting to see. Also, remake like the Resident Evil Remake, where there is slightly improved gameplay but it’s largely kept the same, not like a remake that takes away the feeling of the original and plays totally differently.

  • smacd

    FF7 was a lot of RPG player’s first, and its hard to think poorly of your first even if it was objectively not particularly anything good. However I would go for FF9 and FF6 over it any day, since they are far better games.

  • InfernalDinosaur

    12. I feel like the ps1 games look fine.

    • LOL

      You fucking fail, 12 sucked Donkey Dick

    • Alright, wise guy, what’s your vote?

  • Hiro Masamune

    FFVII in HD would look terrible with the current in game models the game uses.
    FFXII would look gorgeous but i’m not a fan of that game.

    • dbclick

      I’ve played VII in “HD” if you will (at around 1080p) using the recent re-release of the PC version. 3D rendered elements are in HD, whereas the pre-rendered backgrounds are still the low res PS1 backgrounds. It does make battles look nicer (sans the background textures) and some of the 3D elements in the pre-rendered fields are easier to distinguish, but they would no doubt have to redo all of the models (including backgrounds and CG cutscenes) to do a true HD remake.

  • AlephZero

    As for me, I’m pretty old school. I would like FFVI to be remade as it is my favorite one (though I wouldn’t be against FFIV, but it’s already been released on DS).
    What’s more, I really don’t wish to see another release of FFXII. I finished it and, how I hated it !

  • dbclick

    Looks like I’m in the minority of the commenters here, but I think VII is a great game. Between VII and IX, I think VII has the better plot overall, but IX takes the cake between the two when it comes to character development. I personally voted for VII because it could actually be a better game if remade correctly, whereas IX would just be a fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

    Although VI would be interesting to see remade, it would probably have to be done as a remake similar to the FFIII and FFIV 3D remakes as opposed to a complete “3D” world since so many of the dungeons and towns depend so heavily on the overhead perspective. (The World is Square, after all).

    • smacd

      ” I personally voted for VII because it could actually be a better game
      if remade correctly, whereas IX would just be a fresh coat of paint, so
      to speak.”

      So what you’re saying is that they’d basically have to fix FF7 for it to be better, because FF9 is already good and would only need a graphical upgrade.

    • dbclick

      I’m saying that I think VII could possibly be a better game than IX if both were remade correctly. It’s no secret that VII was rushed out the door before they could polish off everything. XI is much more polished and and has a far superior localization.

      You can’t easily change the plot and story pacing for a remake (which is where I think XI falters in comparison to VII), but you can improve dialog and character development. I don’t personally view one as unilaterally better than the other – I look at the strong and weak points of each.

    • Keep in mind, we’re talking about an HD upgrade here – not necessarily a remake. I love FFVII, too, I consider it one of the best… But I do not trust Square Enix to remake it without taking away the charm of the original.

    • dbclick

      True enough, I was making the assumption that a proper HD upgrade to VII would include the above. It would be tough to have FFVII look worse than Crisis Core and I doubt after that PS3 tech demo that the fans will accept anything less. Not only that, I believe they’ve lost the source code and BG models for VII, so they would have to redo everything anyway.

      I wholeheartedly agree that they’d need the right team to do it properly – just look at how far away more recent depictions of Cloud have been from the original (possibly sans Crisis Core). They could potentially contract out Sakaguchi – he’s a good foil for Nomura and Kitase. (If this is pie in the sky, we might as well make it a good pie.)

      If we’re talking a strict HD upscale, then the only one that really makes sense is XII, since it’s already in 3D (and widescreen to boot). A strict HD upscale to the PS1 games wouldn’t do much for them – you’d probably have to redo the models and textures, then add facial motion and voice acting as a start (blasphemous, I know). The dialog would have to be redone to sound good with voice acting.

  • matango

    Frankly, I don’t want to see an HD version of either game. I would like to see a spin-off game starring either Paine, Team Braska, or Team Laguna.

  • RagunaXL

    I agree with many of the comments here. XII was the first thing that popped in my mind when they announced that FFX HD would be on vita. It’s a long road ahead in this ‘console cycle.’ The demo in DQ VIII was really cool but I moved out and took the gamecube with me a year before FFXII came out. never had a chance to play it either. But I was always intrigued by it. Read the reviews, watched the X-Play review several times on DVR, lol

    • dbclick

      Despite all the flak it gets from certain fans, XII is actually a very good game. It is very different from prior entries in the series in some respects (hence the flak). Despite appearances, the battle system is somewhat similar to X-2 except enemies are on the field instead of a separate battle screen and you have less control over swapping characters. You can eventually assign up to 12 small AI triggers to your party. It plays somewhat like Xenoblade except you get more direct control of your party. The story isn’t quite as good as in VI-X, IMO, but it’s certainly no slouch. The primary characters Vaan and Penelo feel tacked on (because they were), but some of the others are good (Balthier and Basch come to mind and Ashe and Fran have their moments). The localization quality is amazing.

      You should give it a shot if you can get a copy. I sunk over 100 hours in and I usually don’t do that in a Final Fantasy (in large part due to hunts and other sidequests).

  • LightningFarron19

    FF12 does NOT need a HD upgrade. If anything, FF8 or FF9 need it more if FF7 is out of the question.

    FF12 already has good graphics, so it can stay as it is for quite some time. FF8 and FF9 need this now. They need graphical updates otherwise they will be lost as just PS1 games forever.

  • Kenny

    FFXII beat FFVIII? LOL, i guese there so many peoples haven’t play VIII yet…

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It’s an older game, FF XII is fresher in people’s minds. Another factor that may have influenced the vote is that XII is more likely to see an HD upgrade IMO.

      Personally I enjoyed both XII and VIII equally and am fine with either one topping the other.