Silicon Studio Acknowledges Western Fans


Through the official twitter account for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, they have stated that they have heard our pleas for the game to be localized! But we still don’t have confirmation. With this and the recent supposed “confirmation” on GameFAQs, our hopes are higher than ever. Here is a translation of their official tweet:

“I have access to Twitter for the first time in a long time: @ BDFF_OFFICIAL. The voice of foreign visitors, arrived perfectly! I accessed Twitter after a long absence. A voice of the foreign one arrives properly! ※ I use translation software.”

Like we said earlier, this isn’t a confirmation, but we are really excited for the possibility!

About BDFFLocalize

Our mission is simple: to show Square Enix that those in the regions other than Japan want the game, "Bravely Default Flying Fairy" to come to their shores. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD