UPDATE: oprainfall is Looking for Volunteers, Do You Want to Join Us?

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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UPDATE: -02/10/13 8:00 AM
Thanks to all of those that applied. We got quite the response and it seems we have enough applications at this time. However, we ARE still looking for Japanese translators.

Everybody that applied before now, will be contacted shortly. We did not get much of a response for chat room mods, so we’ll likely delay the reopening of the chat room. For everything else it seems we are good. However, you may still apply. Just send us an email expressing your interest and you will be put at the top of the list for when we look for volunteers the next time. We’ll probably do so right before E3, so maybe in May. Thanks Everybody!


oprainfall is searching for volunteers to fill various openings we have for our website. Specifically, we are looking for REPORTERS, AUTHORS, EDITORS, GRAPHIC ARTISTS, FORUMS AND CHAT ROOM MODS and TRANSLATORS. Volunteers will receive training in whichever position you have signed up for. We ask that you give at minimum an hour of your time each week, but the ideal candidate would give three to four hours of their time in a week.

If you ever wanted to work with a website, this is your chance! Gain some work experience that you can add to your resume. These are strictly volunteer positions; however, we do offer other perks such as an incentive program with cash rewards! If you are interested in joining us, check out the job descriptions below and then send us an e-mail at staff@operationrainfall.com.


Have you ever wanted to write your own video game related articles that thousands upon thousands of people will see? You’re in the right place. Go get a name for yourself!

Requirements: Anybody can apply to be an Author. If applying, please forward to us a sample of writing for our review. Anything will do; a short story, blogging, even an old high school or college essay. oprainfall Authors are expected to write a minimum of two news articles per week which should take about an hour of your time.


Do you spend all day browsing video game websites and forums, looking for the latest news? Why not do that AND do something productive while you are at it?! Reporters look for news that we can use around the internet and share it with us. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Requirements: Anybody can apply to be a reporter. Reporters will need to report at minimum three RELEVANT news items per week, which should take about an hour of your time. Relevancy is key; if your news does not get picked up by an author, it will not count. Reporters will be given access to our RSS Feed as well as other Press Resources to help them find relevant niche video game news.


Are you the type of person that just hates seeing typos in articles? We hear you, we see it all the time ourselves at those “other” sites, and it drives us crazy! Why not help oprainfall avoid the same mistakes by volunteering as an editor?

Requirements: A college degree is preferred, but not necessary. Anyone wanting to be an editor at oprainfall will need to show they have previous editing experience and a firm grasp of the English language. Editors will need to edit and publish at minimum four articles a week, which should take about an hour of your time.


Are you a graphic artist or designer that loves to share your art on the internet and would love to have an audience that will see your work? Why not put your talents to use with us at oprainfall? We are looking for artists that can create custom images for articles, or can create backgrounds for social media.

Requirements: If applying please forward to us some samples of your best work. We ask that you spend at least an hour each week making custom images that our Authors request for articles, or on designing backgrounds for our use.


So let me guess, you spend all day in forums and chat rooms and have always wondered what it is exactly that moderators do. How does one become a moderator anyway? Well, it’s pretty simple with oprainfall; just apply!

Requirements: Anybody can apply to be a forums moderator as long as you have extensive forums experience. Just know your way around forums, you’ll learn as you go. Mostly we want you to have a consistent presence in the forums but there are other duties as well which will be detailed if you apply. For our chat room, you must have extensive experience with IRC and have the time to have a consistent presence in the chat room.


Did you learn Japanese to play video games, but would love to use your knowledge of the language for a greater purpose? Why not help us translate articles?!

Requirements: We are searching for JAPANESE translators. You will need to demonstrate to us that you are fluent in the Japanese language. Our translators will need to translate news as often as possible for our authors. We would like at least an hour of your time each week.

Thank you all for reading, and we look forward to working with you in the future! Apply by sending us an email to staff@operationrainfall.com

About Ryan Tyner

Ryan is an owner and manager of the oprainfall website, mostly managing changes needed for the website and maintenance. He also writes articles from time-to-time. His gaming interests include mostly RPGs; both Western and Japanese. Ryan has a graduate degree in psychology.

  • Is there a specific deadline as to when we can apply for the volunteer work? It may take me a couple days before i get everything together lol.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      No, we will be taking on volunteers in groups of 10 or so. We will probably be training people through out the month. We are always interested in new volunteers so you can always apply at a later date.

  • Is there an age limit or is it open to everybody? Also would be okay to write a review of a game oprainfall has already reviewed?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      There is no age limit. We do not accept reviews or let anybody review games until they have spent some time as an author, and then they can apply for our review team. We don’t post multiple reviews on games except for rare and special circumstances.

    • Good to hear…but what I meant was, it it okay to sumbit as game review you’ve written in the whole “If applying, please forward to us a sample of writing for our review. Anything will do; a short story, blogging, even an old high school or college essay” part?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Yeah you can submit pretty much anything as long as it was written by you. If it’s about video games, even better. So yeah, that works!

    • Great I’ll start writing now 😀

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      You can even submit something you have already written. You don’t need to make something new. Basically, we just want to make sure you can write well.

    • Well I actually though of something whilst listening to one of the newest podcast that would work on the site. So I think writing that would be easier…I completely understand what your saying though, but I don’t mind doing some work 🙂

  • When would training begin

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I’m going to train a group this coming Monday, February 11th. I am only taking on 10 people for this group, so if you want to be in the first group, apply right away. I will train the next 10 the following Monday. Training is Monday-Thursday and should only take 1-2 hours of your time each day.

  • Dont you need spanish translators? =(

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Hmm, not particularly no, because we really don’t get much news from Spanish sources that would need to be translated. I can’t really think of any time that we really needed a Spanish translator. However, you can still apply and if there ever does come a time when we need one, you would be at the top of the list.

  • Lightthrower

    I don’t think I have enough time on my hands to apply, but I wish the best to those who do apply. This is a great website and it consistently puts out better articles than Siliconera in my opinion. Best of luck to the staff and future volunteers.

  • I sent in a trial article as a writer. I like what you guys have done, and you guys hopefully see some of the insights I can provide in some of my comments here.

  • fjurbanski

    What kinds of pieces are you looking for when it comes to authors? Reviews? Opinion pieces? Or are you just looking for people to report the news?

    • Whatever you want, basically. Everyone will start just reporting news, but as you write more, you’ll be allowed to do editorials and reviews on top of news.

    • fjurbanski

      Ok, do you have a preferred length for submissions. Obviously you wouldn’t want to read 3 page submissions. I’m just wondering if you would want it to be very short (around 3-5 paragraphs), or if it doesn’t really matter.

    • Just double-checked with the boss, and there is no real preferred limit. Just send us whatever you think is appropriate, and gives us the greatest representation of your writing style. I hope to see you in the staff room!

    • fjurbanski

      Thank you. I’ve submitted my piece.

      Thanks again for this opportunity.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Doesn’t really matter. If we can tell you are a competent writer, then that is all we need.

  • I sent some old college papers from my film studies classes. I hope they have the necessary qualities you guys are seeking.

    I wish everybody luck, and I hope the guys at staff won’t stress too much from reading every entry under their limited time frames.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Yep that’s fine. Thanks!

  • neoragnadragon

    I sent in a email about some questions regarding one of the positions, hoping to get a reply to see if im capable or not for you guys and after i get my questions answered ill send you guys some examples ^^” if not at least it was worth a shot and good luck to those who get accepted =3 also on another note this is a great thing you guys are doing for those who really need this experience during this day and age.

  • Slickster

    I’m new here, so hello to everyone! Now my question. Would it be possible to start out as reporter and after a while, when one has become confident and more proficient in the language, to become or double as an author? Since there will be a newbie training, I suppose I don’t need to ask anything else right now. Ah yes, I hope you keep the layout and design, it’s tidy and gorgeous.

    • Of course! Writing articles will be part of your training though. But you can certainly just sign on as a reporter initially and move on to other things later. No worries!

    • Slickster

      Cool, I’ve sent you an application. Thanks for the reply!