DEBUNKED: Dragon Quest VIII port News NOT True; Our Apologies

Dragon Quest VIII

We recently reported that Dragon Quest VIII was being ported to the Vita, but it turns out that is not the case.

The Japanese source we used was merely speculative, and did not indicate the game was GOING to be made. We actually did have the article translated for us by a member of the staff, but Japanese can be a tricky language and mistakes can happen.

So again, there is absolutely no truth to the article, and we apologize for jumping the gun. We do hope though that the game is ported to the Vita eventually.


Masato Furuya, a Japanese news reporter, has stated that a remake of Dragon Quest VIII will be coming to the PlayStation Vita. He stated that the same orchestra who worked on the soundtracks for the Final Fantasy X remake, Kingdom Hearts HD Remix and the Dragon Quest VII Remake has been working on the music for this project. Stay tuned as more information comes to light in the future!


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