DmC: Devil May Cry Shipped 1 Million in January, Forecasts Lowered To 1.2 Million

Monday, February 4th, 2013

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DmC: Devil May Cry

After a hazy launch and delayed PC version, Capcom has stated that Ninja Theory’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise has shipped 1 million units this month on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At the same time, Capcom went back and revised DmC: Devil May Cry‘s sales forecast, lowering it from shipping 2 million units (which they originally announced back last year) by March 31st of this year to 1.2 million units.

The previous game in the franchise, Devil May Cry 4 shipped over 2 million units in its first week back in 2008, which is still the highest shipping number the franchise has seen. Also, Devil May Cry 4 went on to sell over 2.6 to 3 million copies world wide, the best selling title in the franchise to date.

The PC numbers for the game are unaccounted for, but for what we see now, it’s quite obvious that DmC: Devil May Cry may have nothing left to prove. But Capcom certainly didn’t turn the tables on the fans of the franchise who were dissatisfied with the changes to characters and the fluid stylistic combat system they grew to love since the first installment. Besides being barely marketed, it was poorly brought to the public by having one of the worst PR spokesmen speak out for the game. Instead of trying to convince others that their version of DMC had something to offer, while being different, they went with the approach to attack the said fanbase, which looks to have backfired on them. Delaying the PC version out of fear of piracy could have also attributed to lower numbers. Ninja Theory’s portfolio is quite mixed on the reception side, so this could have turned off many gamers from trying out their latest offering.

Another question that comes was the fact of Capcom having Ninja Theory making drastic changes to an already niche IP at all was such a good idea in the first place, especially so late in the current console generation life span. Changes can make or break a game.That’s why, to many companies, having the familiar “same old same old” agenda is just the safer bet since you would be appealing to the people who would still give the game the time of day regardless of how long its been since the last game or of previous games quality. It was indeed a risk from the start with no guarantees. The reboot was bringing back a series that hasn’t had a game come out in 5 years, so that didn’t help matters; so interest from non-DMC fans most likely have waned.

This is all just speculation and theorizing on my part. As for now, things are not looking too good for the reboot so far. So is the series going to die here? Will the said fans get a Devil May Cry 5? Or will Capcom give Ninja Theory another chance to have at a sequel to DmC? We will have to wait and see if the game can catch a break in the coming weeks.

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  • Guest

    It’s a bad sign when 1.2 Million is a bad sales number. Obviously this game cost too much money to make.

    Only a very small percentage of full-price retail games even manage to break the 1M mark, much less come close to Call of Duty numbers. If DMC is doing poorly at 1.2M, Capcom needs to find a new developer that can work efficiently and stay within budget.

    Although it does kinda make sense, they did hire a Western developer for this game, and Western developers (yes, both America and Europe) are generally more well known for wasting time and resources.

    • I can’t really say if resources were wasted or not, but it is worth noting that DmC was a no-show at numerous trade shows after its reveal. It’s also worth noting that Dante’s appearance is quite different from the skinny heroin-addict look that he had going on in the first released artwork. I have to wonder how much retooling the game underwent during the development phase.

  • Mizu D

    Well even a new IP such as Bayonetta managed to almost sell 2 million copies on both 360 and PS3, there is a reason to be concerned of.

    Despite having a user base of 140 million console plus PC for DMC5, they shipped 1 million only.

    Then you wonder why company pushing on mobile gaming to get that extra revenu like Square Enix, Konami and Bandai Namco.

  • John Ellis

    It’s a shame it didn’t sell more I’ve got it and it’s really fun and everyone I’ve spoken to who has played it likes it. If only the fans hadn’t of bad mouthed it. Why would you want a gaming series you like to fail in sales.

    • Goose

      There was a lot to badmouth. Capcom and NT basically bastardized everything that Dante ever stood for with this reboot. We don’t want the series to fail, but Capcom and NT really pissed off its already established fanbase with this ‘brave’ new perspective they had for this game.

    • John Ellis

      What are you talking about, I’ve played it and apart from looking slightly different and a more younger personalty he is basically the same unfunny big headed demon slayer he was in the original.

    • Yes and no. The thing is, this isn’t the same Dante in origin or in attitude. The original Dante could be over-the-top, melodramatic, snarky, and a cocky asshole, but his ridiculousness comes about from crazy scenes like his bizarre, theatrical back and forth with one of the bosses in DMC4 or the opening pizza fight in DMC3.

      In DmC, the new Dante’s “attitude” and “wit” manifests in a profane back-and-forth of “F*** you!”, which has none of the ridiculous attitude of the original Dante and all of the childishness of a junior high school.

      This is not to say that the new Dante doesn’t have his good points, but it’s also a fallacy to state that the two Dantes are the same.

    • Goose

      John it really seems like you have NEVER played any of the previous DMC games and just focused on the action (which is what DMC’s foundation is). Why would anyone think that a yelling match between a monster with both sides uttering nothing but ‘f*ck you’s’ is a clever, witty exchange of dialogue? Followed by a vomit. Absolutely disgusting. I do understand making brave leaps in business, but this was just massive leap into the wrong direction.

    • Renjick

      Have you READ the PR from NT and Capcom regarding this game? In order to sell the idea of this reboot they basically had to throw the original games under the bus and badmouth them. Yeeeaaah, great idea guys. And I’m pretty sure most DMC fans would not include this game as part of the original series. It is a reboot after all. If Capcom is stupid enough to see this as disinterest in the DMC franchise as a whole instead of the blatantly obvious disinterest in a western Ninja Theory developed version, then they deserve the bad sales. They’re dumbasses.

  • Estrius

    “Besides being barely marketed” It’s a joke? I saw ads for that game everywhere last month.
    Also, DMC never really was a niche IP.