3D Space Harrier Shows Signs of Coming to the West

Whether your first memories of Space Harrier are from the Sega Genesis era, playing it at an old arcade in the eighties, or even spending countless hours playing it by going to the arcade in Shenmue, I’m sure news of the game being released as a “3D Classics” type title brought forth a wave of nostalgia.

3D Space Harrier logo

But, this game remained exclusive to Japan for quite some time, like so many others. I bring good tidings for games of the past this morning, as a rating for 3D Space Harrier has surfaced in Australia. This tends to lead to more ratings for the game popping up across the globe, which is good news for Sega fans!

If you were born after 1990, this one may have slipped under your early-gaming radar. Allow me a brief aside to convince you why this game may be worth your cash when it inevitably comes to the states/other regions:

3D Space Harrier 001  3D Space Harrier 002

Think Starfox (third person shooter, on-rails), but leave the Arwing behind in favor of a guy that likes to fly around. Heck, one of the versions of Space Harrier that got a ton of notoriety featured an apparatus that physically moved the player in the same way. While 3D Space Harrier cannot lift you up in the air, ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure the 3D visuals will make you “feel like you’re there”.

Hopefully Sega will continue to make 3D versions of their older games, and bring them all westward so everyone can feel old…I mean, play their amazing games.

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